Cagayan de Oro City


It is the melting pot of mindanao. It is also the center of mindanao's biggest economy. It was named as the next makati city as what some giant companies has been telling about.. It's white water rafting challenge is one of the best in southeast Asia as identified by an online travel magazine.

The city on the rise and resilient to challenges of times. It is carving a figure of it's own evidenced by the advent of its infrastructure potentials and in drawing huge capital investments, less to mention its sustainability at par with the big urban jungles in the Philippines. Behold, our eyes should be kept open as the next wave makes it necessary for CDO to ponder.

Cagayan de Oro is considered as a melting pot in Mindanao. A growing metropolis to be classified as a first-class city. Cagayan de Oro serves as the regional center being the most populous highly-urbanized city in Northern Mindanao (Region noted for its accessibility, business growth and tourism attractions.
Cagayan de Oro is the "Melting Pot of Mindanao" because of its accessibility, business growth, attractions and most of its entire warm and hospitable people.

Cagayan de Oro is the most ideal transhipment hub in Mindanao for goods coming from Luzon and Visayas. Situated at the central part of Northern Mindanao, it is a gateway to all the cities in the island.
Considered one of the fastest growing cities in the country, the city is proximate to PHIVIDEC, the largest industrial estate in the country where several industries are located. The growth of adventure tourism in the region further enhanced the city as a favorite destination among both local and foreign travelers.

It is the White water rafting capital of the Philippines. You can also try the special adventure called the night whitewater rafting, the best way to experience it is when the moon is on its full bloom- The Full Moon. Don't be afraid of the werewolves and or vampire stories because we're not rich with that folklore rather be blessed because when the moon is on its fullness, the reflection of the river is on its vivid clearance. Extra-Ordinary exprience Only in Cagayan de Oro!

The friendly city, the golden city, the center of trade & industry, one of the biggest export sales in the country, and "aka" The Melting Pot Of Mindanao

It is the gateway of Northern Mindanao. The place is peaceful and there is no threat of any terrorist attacks. There are lot of opportunities and soon to be the most advance city in the country.

Cagayan de Or is also home to the first eco-friendly building in Mindanao. Primavera Residences is the only energy-saving and energy-producing building in Cagayan de Oro. The mixed-use condo building actually has received a number of awards internationally, and has been feature numerous times in local, national and international publications.

Nominated in the first ever new 7 wonder cities of the world. Placing 6th on the lst under southeast Asia and oceania category along with other 6 cities in the Philippines which is currently occupying the top 7 list.

Cagayan de Oro My Birthplace One of the Fastest Growing Metropolis in the Country Today. You can see developments everywhere from Downtown to Uptown, indeed CDO is a progressive City with lots of investments poured in by Locals and even National and International Companies. Truly, City of Golden Friendship and Opportunities.

Cagayan de Oro is the city that has a will to rise from any devastation it may comes. I love how the people works in this City, they are often, not most, united when it comes to helping others.

Cagayan de oro will be holding a major role in the Philippines once the constitutional reform in our country is fully realized. The supreme court will be transferred to the city of cagayan de oro and is the state capital of the state of northern mindanao along with the current members of region 10 plus the zamboangga peninsula and agusan provinces.

Cagayan de oro city is one of the best cities in the whole world not only the resources but also the friendliest people over there and has a golden heart.

Cagayan de Oro City is an independent city, it is not part of Misamis Oriental province. It is a highly urbanized city. The top local official is the city mayor, not a governor, the same with cities in metro manila the highest ranking official is the mayor, because we are Metro Cagayan. Governor is only in Misamis Oriental. Aside from private schools and colleges, Cagayan de Oro City has 4 big universities (1 State you and 3 private universities) one of which is the Ateneo de Cagayan (Xavier University) the oldest ateneo in Mindanao. Aside from high rise buildings, branches of international hotels and inn are also in the city such as; Luxe Hotel, N Hotel, Tune Hotel, Miami Inn and many others.

Cagayan de oro is the best city in terms of cleanliness and the best tourist spot as well as many shopping malls.

Indeed the best city I've ever been in the country. Clean, affordable but highly urbanized "Best Place to Live"

The Best City of Golden Friendship! There is so much places to go, and explore from nature adventures to Mall shopping, night life and of course the friendly and very hospitable nature of Kagay anons.. :D It is where my heart is.. Cagayan de Oro City

I vote this city as a major city because this the main city in northern mindanao. It is one of the most populous city in the country with over 602,088 inhabitants. It is also the youngest city in the Philippines. It even have the largest mall in mindanao the limketkai mall and the tallest limiketkai hotel 2. So enjoy the friendly malls in the city!

It has the best nightlife in Mindanao. It will host Mindanao's biggest outdoor party soon!

My home, the place where I belong! Currently, we are undergoing MAJOR progress, and we're becoming more progressive and accepting!

Honestly Cagayan de Oro City one of the BEST City in the Philippines. :))

Cagayan de oro city is identified as one of the top 3 pilot cities for key growth areas along with iloilo city and batangas by the USAID.

The first city in mindanao to declare independence from the Spanish colonies

Nobody wants to blow horns when driving, they are always willing to give way.

Certainly rising to fame with the addition of high rise buildings and the laguindingan international airport. Moreover,