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21 Cabanatuan City

The Cabanatuan city is one of the fastest developing city in the Philippines, It has many branches of banks, Supermarket, Malls, Universities and school, infrastructure and etc. Take note that Cabanatuan is a small city but It can compete to other cities in region 3 or even outside of region 3, It can almost compete to Naga City. The people live here are so lucky because its one of the most happy, peace, alive and wealth city in the province of Nueva ecija or even though in the Philippines. All of the different businessman have been build their business here, were all satisfied, because they got what they want. It simply means that the city is really competitive, because its gives the very good services from banks, malls and supermarkets, universities and schools, hotels and restaurants and many others. I'm very proud to be Novo ecijano of Cabanatuan!

Cabanatuan City is a small city, but it is one of the progressive city in Region 3.

Cabanatuan City is already reached the qualification of a highly urbanized city (HUC). Seemingly, agriculture industry has a big contribution on this matter yet the city is evidently lack in tourist destination.

One of the fastest growing city in central luzon in just 1 year (this 2015) two SM mall (SM city Cabanatuan) the largest SM mall in central luzon it has Skygarden a rooftop garden and Alfresco Foodcourt (SM Megacenter Cabanatuan) 1st SM mall in Cabantuan located at the heart of the city. Also this 2015 Waltermart Cabanatuan also opened... This last quarter of 2016 S&R membership shopping will open located behind Ne Pacific mall and Robinson Townville Cabanatuan... This 2017 Cabanatuan's 2nd Robinson mall (Robinson Place Cabanatuan) will starts its construction in the heart also of cabanatuan (old capitol building...near NEUST gen. tinio)
This 2016 the construction of 8storey building hospital will start. And the reconstruction of cabanatuan city central terminal that will now managed by SM will start also
Subdivision in Cabanatuan grow faster there are 2 Camella(Camella Cabanatuan & Camella Nueva Ecija and 2 Avida in the city also Lakewood that has ...more

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22 Marikina City

Marikina is noted as one of tourism and cultural hub of Metro Manila and one of the wealthiest local government units in the Philippines. Aside the traditional shoe and leather industry, many places in Marikina are now recognized for its eco-friendly points, balance of industry, people and nature. Among this, the residents satisfies the basic services and balance governance of the city. The city features typically many spacious parks, museums, tree-lined streets, bike-lanes, traffic signs, crossings, walkways, churches, antiquated houses and commercial establishments. Despite the latter, most of the city is classified as residential and industrial. The city also considered as one of the healthiest and livable cities within the Asia-Pacific, awarded Hall of Fame for its cleanest and greenest city, most awarded city in Metro Manila and most competitive city in the Philippines. The people of Marikina are amongst the most disciplined in the Philippines.

Disciplined people. Clean and safe environment. Organized livelihood.

Cleanest city. Most disciplined people in the Philippines. Less Corruption. Friendly and approachable police officers.

Marikina is vey clean, not only environmentaly but also in the way people live. There are many parks and many new health centers being constructed.

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23 Paranaque City

The BEST PLACE TO LIVE in the Philippines.
Having an urban living the same time less pollution, less traffic jam and a clean and Green City.
One of the fastest growing city in this part of the country.

The Fashion Capital of the Philippines, The City of Lights - HARRYTOPHER

Because there is city of dreams and it's a peaceful place to live

Entertainment City will rise soon rivaling that of las vegas and Macao

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24 Vigan City

It is one of the cleanest and greenest city in the Philippines and truly a child friendly city. No wonder this beautiful city is bowed by the tourists not only with its remarkable structures but also because of it's good people too.

Love the city, went to a private all boys high school back then on the late 50's. A US citizen come home (Sta. Catalina) every now & then & I am proud of the city as it progress. I applaud the city officials for keeping the city a nice place to live & visit.

It is a World Heritage Site in that it is one of the few Hispanic towns left in the Philippines, and is well known for its cobblestone streets, and a unique architecture that fuses Philippine and Oriental building designs and construction, with colonial European architecture.

One of the new 7wonder cities of the world

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25 Taguig City


The Philippines Premier City 2020

A global city (also called world city or sometimes alpha city or world center) is a city generally considered to be an important node in the global economic system.

No wonder, in every country, there can only be one called GLOBAL CITY and that is in the City of Taguig.

Taguig City's programs have been a great assistance to many of the citizens. While the Local Government pushes to improve the physical features of the city, they have provided much programs to help the citizens. They have eliminated the gap that separates people from being aided in their aspirations. Educational, health, employment assistance have been given closely and fairly as a chance for all. Good governance is a great factor in a city's improvement.

Taguig owns the Fort Bonifacio,which Makati also claims.But we are sure that Taguig owns it...Taguig also have the potential to be the best city in Philippines

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26 Pasig City

Pasig City is one of the most underrated and greenest cities in Metro Manila. It's a good place to live here although it has low lying areas. But the city government is doing flood control projects. It also has lower crime rates compared to other cities in Metro.

This city is similar to Makati, peaceful and beautiful. If I have a chance to pick where to live id still pick Pasig City.

Hey! Don't forgot Pasig, the third richest city in the Philippines..


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27 San Jose de Buenavista

Capital of Antique province

28 Tagaytay City

Tagaytay is a very best place to live in due to it's geographical location. A cool and clean city with breathtaking scenery. A lot of Condominium is on the rise. Peace and order is good. There are lot of good and first class restaurant and hotel in the city. Going to Batangas, Laguna and Metro Manila is very easy due to it's road network and it's FREE because it's a freeway. ( No Paid Tollway )

Best climate and sceneries.
Not as congested as baguio plus near metro manila

Tagatay has a mild climate, good hospitals, and many good restaurants, hotels, and golf courses. It is only one hour away from an international airport and Manila. The roads and infrastructure in general are well maintained. You can be at large malls in Damarinas and St. Rosa within 30 minutes. The bad: Because it is a tourist destination traffic is bad on the weekends, but during the week it easy to get around. Housing and property are expensive, but less than 15-20 minutes away, lower on the hill, land and home prices are cheaper. It is great place to live.

Not much traffic during weekdays, good climate, ideal for retirees like myself

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29 Malay City

Mother town of boracay

Richest town of visayas

Richest city of aklan province

30 Manila

Its nice in manila lots of things to do

I think manila to cause it is the main part of Philippines

31 Butuan City

The new investment haven in the Philippines. Located at the Northeastern part of Mindanao, Butuan has many qualities to boost of. It may not be the usual tourist destination, but it is rich with untapped resources. Butuan should be on the top of the mind of any investor owing to its vast track of land conducive to any investment. With the advent of public-private partnership, it is the first city of Japan that was visited first by acedemicians from Toyo University of Japan for P exploration. With the confidence put in by the Japanese investors, surely other investors from other countries would follow suit. Literally and figuratively, one can find a true gold in Butuan City.

Things are moving up in Butuan City. Highways leading to the City (East and West) are now 4 lanes, city roads are getting concreted, rehabilitated, and drainage systems are worked on. Being a pilot project of various Japan-funded Ps expect Butuan City to be among the premiere cities in the Philippines.

Butuan City is a complete mix of everything from exotic... To rustic to modern and euphoric. There is a surge of energy as it will embark on huge Private Public Partnership (P) developments aimed at attracting investments mainly from Japan.

Welcome to a city that has seen over 1,683 years of recorded history. It was the original site of the first Easter mass in Philippine soil. It was the site of the first formal hoisting of the Philippine flag in Mindanao. And it was the home of the “Balanghai” or Butuan Boats, the famous pre-historic native boats in Southeast Asia.

Butuan is situated in the northwestern part of the Caraga Region (Region 13). It is the seat of government of the region and serves as its trading center as well. The city’s strategic location makes it a natural gateway to the different prime destinations in the region.

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32 Angeles City

City of angels. I like the way we celebrate 'Fiestang Kuliat' wherin its highlight of the celebration is through 'Tigtigan Terakan keng dalan' or the famous street party. We have our historical places preserved. We have this famous hot-air balloon festival. Most of the people of Angeles City are highly educated, competent, fashionable, confident and friendly. Angeles City has also produced famous celebrities, beauty queens and world class achievers. Some of them are the following:
Paeng Nepomuceno (Bowling)
Efren Bata Reyes (Billiards)
Allan Pineda aka Apl de Ap (Music)
Ed Pamintuan (World Mayor)
Dennis Rodman (Basketball)
Donald David Geisler (Taekwondo)
Baron Geisler (Showbiz)
Donita Rose (MTV Asia/Showbiz)
Jacklyn Jose (Showbiz)
Antonette and Tom Taus (Showbiz)
Melanie Marquez (Pageant)
Jennifer Lopez aka JLO (Hollywood, was born in Clark Air Base)
Vanessa Minillo (Hollywood)
Lea Salonga (Broadway)
Abigail Arenas (Pageant)
Carla ...more

Angeles city the best city in world

-The best City in Pampanga.
-Ranked 1st city in Central Luzon.
-Ranked 6th Nationwide.

One of the rising city that has a big potential to meet world class standard

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33 Pasay City

Because there's so many amusement park and there's resort world that place play with to many places MALL OF Asia

Its the best city in metro all the airports are situated here;-) so could you imagine without pasay? ;-)

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34 Oton City

Was made the first capital of iloilo


Richest town of iloilo province

Oton is a city of wonder striving always for excellence
Excellent in mind and sports

35 Pototan City

Christmas capital of western visayas

The town that gives value to happiness of a child in Christmas times..

36 Lapu-Lapu City

Cebu City is the queen city of the south, but Lapu-lapu city is city of hero, because Lapu-lapu is the first hero in Philippines who came from this island

It is the only island city in the Philippines and so populous and great

Shangrila is a great place to stay. Affordable and yet worth it. Its one of the best hotels in cebu lapu-lapu. It is an asset of the philippines.

Thank for lapu lapu city I'm live in lapu lapu city is beautiful lapu lapu city more hotel and beaches

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37 Kabankalan City

A very progressive city in the region. A city where u can find several tourist attraction. A peaceful city.

Second most significant and progressive city in the province of negros occidental
Best performing city in region VI


Situated in southern part of negros
One of the largest cities in negros
The top performing city in western visayas

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38 Lucena City

Restaurants in every corner, banks every where, oil mills scattered all over the city,..

The only 1st highly urbanized city in CALABARZON region... And the capital city of the QUEZON province... Belongs to the 25 most competitive cities of the Philippines.. According to the 2007 census, it has a population of 236, 390 people in 45, 902 households...

The largest southernmost city of Luzon

Largest CBD (Central Business District) in Calabarzon Region - city123

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39 Mandaue City
40 Tagbilaran City

When I say tagbilaran, simplicity is the adjective in my mind. Sweet and loving people are just few characters of tagbilaranon. Being the 1st class city, it serves as the center of trade, commerce and industry, education,
Politics and culture in the whole province of Bohol.. It is also the lobby of the grand hospitality and tourism industry of the province. Popularly known as THE CITY OF PEACE AND FRIENDSHIP...


Tagbilaran is everything you want your paradise to be. Just and it shall be handed unto you. You want sun, sand, sea, history, right smack in the middle of a city? All checked and available. You want safety, world-class hotels with service second to none and personnel speaking near perfect English? They're all in Tagbilaran You want a clean environment with none of the cacaphony of the city? Tagbilaran has pockets and pockets of those, but, if you want the nightlife, Tagbilaran has those delicious places too. You want or need more than you deserved? Then your go to place is Tagbilaran! Quality so fine and prices so low, it is almost a crime to take your vacation there!

Tagbilaran City is one of the best cities in the Philippines because it has a very low crime rate. The people are friendly and fiestas especially in the month of May is always a reason for Bohokanos living in other places and visitors to have a vacation in this city where shopping malls are just so accessible. Its very easy to work, study and transact business in Tagbilaran City because it is virtually traffic-free! Tagbilaran City is accessible to tourists as it has many ports and an airport. Life is easy and comfortable in Tagbilaran City!

Many ports, hotels, airports, mall, many foriegn

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