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41 Urdaneta City

Next Centralized City

The City of Urdaneta is known as the Gateway to the North owing to its strategic location. All roads lead to the City when travelling to the cool pines of Baguio City, the historic sites of the Ilocos provinces, the beaches of Dagupan City, and the religious center that is Manaoag.

42 Silay City

The second heritage city in the philippines and one of the bustling cities of metro bacolod

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43 Talisay City
44 Laoag City

Laoag city is still the best city ever, the cleanest compared to some of the cities in the Philippines I went. Streets plans are well organized. Nothing compares, you better visit laoag city and see it for your self

Laoag city for me is still the best city I travelled a lot of places already but nothing compares to this sparkling gem of ilocandia the sunshine city of laoag. It is clean and the plan of the streets are well organized. It has so much things to offer from beatiful places to visit and good food to taste and the hospitality is awesome. Speak for yourself visit Laoag City now!

Laoag city is the best city for me in the philippines

Sunshine city of the north..peaceful and beautiful scenery..

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45 Lipa City

There are many jobs for the people, has medical facilities, malls for entertainment, has a booming economy.

Dubbed as the "little Rome" of the Philippines.

Lipa City is CALABARZON's 5th richest city with an income of over P850M. While the city experiences dramatic economic development, it still retains its agricultural heritage.

The city also serves as the religious center of the country as numerous churches, monasteries, convents and seminaries are located within the city.

The city also boasts modern educational and medical facilities accommodating not only the Lipeños but also the whole Southern Tagalog region.

The city was also recognized as an ICT hub twice.

Lipa City is situated 1,025 ft above sea level between Mountains which make its temperature cooler than average Philippine temperature. Lipa is known to have religious and family oriented people.

Lipa is now known to be the "city for all seasons". Actually, upon my observation, Lipa City is now colder than Tagaytay city, even if Tagaytay is higher than Lipa.

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46 Cauayan City

Its very very dirty place, a home of garbages and flies. and be thankful it's not included as the top 50.

Agro-Industrial Capital of Cagayan Valley

A 3rd class component city.

The Business Hub/ Center of the North.
The Rising Tiger of The north.
Sm City Cauayan ( first in the region 2)

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47 Caloocan

Caloocan I a highly successful cities now

Caloocan City is one of the oldest cities in Metro Manila but the city governance is sickening. It seems hopeless, kahit sinong maupo walang pagbabago. Hard core corruption, and the city it continuously rotting from inside.

Caloocan city beacause of recom echiveri and rey malonzo, they are all magnanakaw, I like those people very much

Poor Caloocan. A big city but repeatedly raped by its leaders for so many many years.

48 City of San Fernando Pampanga

"has the best mayor in the Philippines and 4th in the world"

What about being the Christmas capital of the Philippines?

You can really say that San Fernando the most livable city in Philippines!

Deserves higher position in this ranking

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49 San Fernando City, La Union

San Fernando City is the Provincial Capital of La Union and the Regional Center of the Ilocos Region. It is a fast-growing metropolis in the North with an active Trade and Commerce activities.

Center of regional transactions and health development, one of the fastest growing city in the Philippines.

One of the best city in region 1 and in the whole Philippines... Very clean and Very peaceful city!

Very clean city. The local people are very friendly.

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50 Cadiz City


Home of Dinagsa festival
Dried fish provider in the philippines
Home of philippine normal university
Has luxurious and beautiful beaches especially in cadiz viejo and lakawon islands
Charmin city of northern negros

51 Janiuay

My town n I'm proud that I came from this beautiful and peaceful town. Surong Janiuay..

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52 Municipality of Bayambang, Pangasinan - Philippines
53 Olongapo City

Yes Olongapo is a great city, It has it's up and down but people are all doing their best to make this city proud and great - Cerverus

You can't find here the city where you wanted to be. it has the most beautiful yet historical and outstanding sceneries and tourist spot in the Philippines.

I will make olongapo city proud, because it is the city of music ( music capital of the Philippines)

' I believe that olongapo city is a place where one should live. Small city but progressive. It's surrounded by water and mountains symbolizing its virgin beauty. Top spot especially its different theme parks inside sbma

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54 Santiago City



A city standing on its own feet without any help from a province. This is Santiago City in the Philippines, an independent city thriving in economic progress. Queen City of the North.

Home of the Tallest Mural in the Philippines.

-it has clean streets
-visitors and tourists are very much welcome regardless of the language.
-ybanag and ilocano are the dialects but everyone speaks more in tagalog, so it is not hard to communicate
-feels like manila - justme16

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55 Valenzuela City

Popularly known as the "Vibrant City", Valenzuela City emerging as one of the premiere business and industrial centers in Northern Metro Manila, Philippines

Emerging Commercial Center, Known as the Vibrant City, less crime rates, Awarded the politicians as the least corrupt form of government

The politicians in Valenzuela are not corrupt and the buildings and school are nice! The police are good.

Good governance, progressive and fast growing city around philippines, very safe to live.

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56 Surigao City

The new investment haven in the Philippines. Located at the Northeastern part of Mindanao, Surigao City has many qualities to boost of. It has rich untapped resources. Surigao should be on the top of the mind of any investor owing to its vast track of land conducive to any investment. Literally and figuratively, one can find a true gem in Surigao City.

The oldest town in Mindanao. One of the cleanliest city in the country of the year 2006 led by the mayor Casurra. A developing and progressive city which now led by a city mayor Nitoy Matugas!

People are very friendly. This quite city really catch my attention. I love the beaches. Surigao city is one of the leading supplier of nickel ore in the country.

Very clean and organized city

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57 Las Piñas City

No Bamboo organ in the world except in Las Pinas and awarded cleanest city of the Philippines

Las Pinas Because it has the historical and beautiful Bamboo Organ

Las Pinas of course because of its bamboo organ and cleanliness!

Clean from botton to top

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58 Dagupan City

Most proactive and humblest people in Northern Luzon. Proactive people is taking responsibility. They never blame the government, because they are response-able of their life. They use excellent language to communicate with each other to serve either the locals or tne needs of the tourist's as an indicator of how they see and respect themselves. Small but Excellent City to be proud of.

The Independent component city small but excellent improvements. One of the 12 metro of the Philippines. It is the Bangus Capital of the world should I say. A central of Commercial, Financial, Education, Medical, and more in north manila. It is the meeting place for everyone because a lots of things to do. Center of Fun, Enjoyments, and Momentum. For me this is the place of energetic people. Inspired city.

The first City in the province of Pangasinan. It is called the BANGUS capitAL of the Philippines. Center of Education and Medical Center north of Manila. It is one of the most progressive city of the province.

You can still see in the city the remnants of the HIstory.

Financial capital of the north

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59 Cotabato City

My city. 2nd oldest city in mindanao. the one and only STONE FORTRESS OF MINDANAO

My city. 2nd oldest city in mindanao. the one and only STONE FORTLESS OF MINDANAO.

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60 Tanauan City

The cradle of noble heroes.. Awarded as the best cities in calabarzon in efficient collection in real properties and awarded as the highest collection thereto...


The rising star of calabarzon region,

Also known as "the city of colors" and CRADLE OF NOBLE HEROES with it's great son Apolinario Mabini from brgy. Talaga and former ex president Jose P. Laurel. The city organizez their TANAUAN City TOURISM COUNCIL on 6barangays in the shoreline of Taal Lake... And the great view of it's own island "Napayong Island"

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