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81 Sorsogon City

Unlike to what the others said about their places, I would prefer to voice out that SORSOGON is really a place to be titled as a paradise... Yes, other places had advantages in terms of economy as well as commerce. Which my place, Sorsogon definitely don't have. Yet, As a full blooded Sorsoganon, whatever my place could be I am very grateful to the Almighty because he hone a creation to be really proud of. I do believe that the GENUINE BEAUTY of SORSOGON is the people itself with a very healthy HEART and MIND. That whatever circumstances came WE ARE STILL STRONGER, STANDING IN THE LINE OF A PROMISE THAT SORSOGANON WILL BOUNDED WITH A BRIDGE OF LOVE AND FAITH.

Absolutely SORSOGON is not as rich as compared to the other places in the country, But I will never ashamed to choose my province and thus, I am very proud to be a SORSOGANON...Come and visit our place, SORSOGON can offers you the genuine beauty of nature, the hospitality, faith and love of the people.

It has a promising future of economy if govern by good politician with a good heart

Its more FUN in Sorsogon

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82 Calbayog City

Calbayog was then one of the most, known and awesomely visited famous City of the country because then of corrupt officials the City was over pass by many towns, municipalities, cities of the country. But! The City is now and again standing with progress and so much to offer. As of 2012 they're rising FOUR Malls! In just a Year. Recognized by its spectacular natural resources, as called to be the City of Waterfalls, City of Haven and Paradise, and many more. Just a piece of advice visit and explore for you to experience.

It is a beautiful, friendly and clean city. It is where I always visit for it has many attractive and relaxing sights. You will be amazed of this place for there happy and hospitable people living there. We can witness no crimes there for they are really kind and nice. You won't regret going there for this is the best province I've ever visited in my entire life.

It is one of the cleanliest cities in the Philippines. And in top 3 on the most largest cities in the Philippines in terms of land area

Home of sarakiki festival

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83 Malaybalay City

Malaybalay City is a beauty in itself because of rhe cold climate, serene and laid back lifestyle. At the same time you can get practically everything you need. Close to Cagayan de Oro city if you think of changing your atmosphere into a faster gear from time to time but Malaybalay is best to reside in at the end of the day.

The South Summer Capital of the Philippines!

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84 Cavite City

A place to relax, and stroll down the city streets early in the morning before the sun comes up. Shop at the market place, or buy some fresh bread from the bakery. For major shopping, you have to go to Bacacor city, but it's a short ride by bus or car.

85 San Jose del Monte City

Balance urban and green planning. Most importantly with an average of 100meters above sea level, flood free city!

San Jose del Monte City awarded as the cleanest city and the richest city of Bulacan. The most promising city because its proximity to metro manila.

Flood free city, less pollution

City oif San Jose del Monte is so beautiful because the City of San Jose del Monte is a Flood Free City, there's a Sambuklod Festival, discipline people by the City Councils and the San Josenos are Environment Friendly.

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86 Tabuk City

Tabuk City, I most love it when it was still rural. Remembering its clean Chico River, Greens everywhere, not known of every single Filipinos because of its quiet characteristic.. Until it became City.

Tabuk City is best city, because it is where we can find beautiful scenery in the Philippines. It is the city where HOSPITALITY is still observed. :-)

Tabuk City Kalinga, the city of beautiful women! The city of proud indigenous people! The city of mountains! The city where I belong.

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87 Kidapawan City V 2 Comments
88 Gumaca City

Most progressive municipality and soon to be the capital city of Southern Quezon

89 San Juan City

San Juan is the Most Highly Urbanized City, Te Most Safest City in the Philippines, The 4th Highest Capita Income City in the Philippines and the 32nd Most Densest City in the world, San Juan Had the Firsts and Major Centers in Metro Manila.

San Juan May Be Small, But it has a big economic boom, One of the Most Safest City, Peaceful, and Liberated because no political crisis is disputed in san juan

San Juan is now one of the most dynamic cities in metro manila and the Philippines

90 Balanga City

Balanga City is known for its Italian inspired structures. We also have a vision to be a world class university town in which we offers a variety of quality and globally competitive education.

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91 Iba

Iba Zambales one of the cleanest sea and sweetest mango in earth

92 Sagada City

A place where you can find peace and harmony with the mountains. Enter and surpass the challenges to climb while enjoying the beautiful scenery inside the Sumaguing Cave. Also, don't forget to try out the Igorot recipe: 'Pinikpikan with etag (stew of chicken with smoked meat)'. After taking some rest from walking and climbing, you can visit the hanging coffins of Sagada which is indeed fascinating and a reminder of Igorot tribe's rich history. Not only that, if you still have the energy to go miles then Bomod-ok falls is the right place to visit. It's an hour trek but once you're there all your weariness will surely be gone. Going back to Sagada again soon!

93 Ligao City

Bakit pang one hundredth to? You should take into consideration Ligao's scenic views.. We have Kawa Kawa Natural Park for example.

Ligao city have a masaraga mountain and kawakawa natural park.

A city where sunflowers are very abundant. Ligao city yearly celebrates its "sunflower festival" which is every march. With this, the city was named as the sunflower city of southern luzon. You can find here the "hill without a hilltop" which is now the kawa kawa nature park. The name kawa kawa was derived from the word "kawa or kawali" because when you get at the top of the hill you can see that there is a most likely huge crater at the center which is very rare for a hill to have. To experience these stuffs? Come to ligao city & experience the "hidden gem of bicolandia".

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94 Bula City
95 Tawi Tawi City
96 San Carlos City, Pangasinan

A city that is located in Region 1 in Pangasinan has mostly equal urban and rural places and having only a total population of more than 180,000+ I think this is the safest most reliable good place to live in. You would be surprise to the result. Mostly all schools, parks, streets, etc. are safe. There is also only a few crime rate which is less than 0.10% based on the City hall of San Carlos mostly people who are killed or shot. One thing that is cool is that you can walk at night by your self! Not literally walk by yourself but you don't know who is driving at the roads most of the times and the people! Since I mentioned people! The whole neighborhood is friendly to! The place is a great place to have tourism and a really good place to live in like I said! One lack of the place is that the industries are not that much! But hopefully there are new building's rising up it malls to keep the place happy and entertained! If you would ask me, how really safe is this place. I would rate is ...more

97 Candon City V 2 Comments
98 Pagadian City

My hometown pagadian city is a small city but it is a modern city and it is one of the most fastest growing city in mindanao because of its good economic development it is also the regional center of zamboanga peninsula, its a 2nd class city in year 2015 it will be a 1st class city a highly urbanized city... Plss do vote pagadian city and visit :-)

Pagadian is a fast growing city in mindanao... It might be the next big thing

The home of the only inclined tricycles in the Philippines.

A city built on a hilly, rolling topography located in a beautiful natural bay (Yllana Bay).

Pagadian City is not just an ordinary city. It is famous for it's Inclined Tricycles because it is the FIRST one to have it.

The people here are great And there be much more greater if your friends with them. There kind, helpful, and generous in many ways. They are also all religious. Catholics, Protestants, even Muslims and other Religions are very well cooperative to each other. They don't fight like the ones you hear in the news.

But most of all.. Pagdian is one of the cities in the Philippines that are very well progressing to be a 1st Class City. They are very high-urabanized compared to the others and A very good Economic Development.

Pagadian City is the best City for me..

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99 Kiamba City
100 Navotas City

It is fish capital of the Philippines

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