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101 San Jose City

Most Generous city in North Luzon

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102 Tarlac City

Tarlac city has a very nice history

Home of Stars and Greatest Presidents in the Philippines.

It is a great city, very wonderful

Tarlac city has implemented the BCDA Metropolitan Green City project. It has good, scenic mountains. Like Mt. Pinatubo, Mt. Telakawa, Monasterio De Tarlac, Tibagan Hills, and more. And the home of the Philippine Political History, and once the Nation's Capital city in 1889.

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103 Iligan City

Iligan city is considered to be the best investment site in Northern Mindanao along with Cagayan de Oro City. In terms of Tourist attractions, the city has a lot of potentials that were not totally explored by the visitors. The peace and order situation are one of the best. Come and visit Iligan!

The Industrial City of the South... The home of the Majestic Maria Christina Falls... The City of Water Falls---Many different Beautiful Water Falls, each with their own character---Truly a nice place for everyone to visit!

Know as The City of Majestic Waterfalls in Philippines.

A Progressing urban city that is close to nature and rich in culture and history

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104 New Washington Aklan

The future yatch club capital of the Philippines

Hometown of jaime cardinal sin

105 Miag-ao City
106 Igbaras City

City of rich cultural heritage and tradition due to its festivities, wonder and the PEOPLE

107 Cabuyao

Place like no other

108 Portulin
109 Daet City
110 Malolos City

It's the home of the first Philippine Republic, the first Philippine Constitution was made here in Barasoain Church and became the capital of the country between 1898 to 1899 during the leadership of President Emilio Aguinaldo. Now, Malolos City is a home of many products and festivities. You can enjoy much in this spectacular city which is rich in history, national artist, great heroes and mouth watering foods!

Economy is rising... Close to Manila... Beautiful roads... Actions... Politically stable... Opportunities... Food... History...

This is where the Provincial Capitol of Bulacan is. A clean city with lots of business establishments and places to eat.

Why rate? because I live there!

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111 Ormoc City

Ormoc City is a medium size city on Leyte Island with additional benefits of having a moderate climate due protection of the surrounding mountain ranges and the large ocean harbor. They also have good medical facilities with another new hospital being built to add to the three already existing hospitals. The city has a new City Hall and Fire Station, with several new other infrastructure facilities being built to improve city services. There are several malls and fast food establishments within the community and numerous hotels to stay at while visiting the city. If you want to find big city services, then Cebu is a two hour fast ferry ride, to get to and shop in the very large malls.

Very relaxing place... It's a city of beautiful people governed by our ever dearest congresswoman, Lucy Torres- Gomez and beloved husband and soon to be our mayor come May, the very active and responsible, Richard Gomez...

We have the lake danao, the second largest geothermal power plant in the whole world. The sweetest pineapple in the Philippines.

The cleanest among other cities in the Philippines. Future Highly Urbanized City

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112 Valencia City

This is a fast growing city in the heart of mindanao and it has a lot to offer to everyone. Whether it is in the field of tourism, people, food, facilities and climate. Even though it is not the capital city of it's own province it is more industrialized and commercialized. SO COME AND LIVE IN THE OF THE GOLDEN HARVEST, THE VALENCIA CITY!

I visited last week the well known Lake Apo and I proved to myself that it is not debatable that it is one of the best and cleanest lake in the Philippines and it was a great experience riding a boat in the lake watching the beauty of the surrounding. You should not forget also our trumendous view for the spectacular Musuan Peak.

Yes it is... The only city in bukidnon who opened in trading and opportunity...

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113 Santa Rosa City

Wake up guys! Santa Rosa City is one of the most fastest growing city in the philippines it has SM, Robinson, Enchanted Kingdom, Nuvali and holds the SLEX of South Luzon Express Way and have the most largest techno park in laguna and it is called the Lion City of the South and has a great service and called the Makati of the South.

The investment hub in south Luzon. Gateway to tagaytay and the rest of CALABARZON.

With Industrial Park such as Technopark, Shopping Malls such as SM, Robinsons, Targey Mall, Laguna Mall, Nuvali, Paseo de Santa Rosa and Ayala Center. With the country's only theme park is locate here - Enchanted Kingdom.. With Universities such as De la Salle, Ateneo, Merriam College, UST, and Xavier University all in SANTA ROSA! The countries largest COCA COLA PLANT is here also.. A wakepark with is internationally recognized is also here.. The republ1c wakepark! And with a business district (by ayala) is booming here! SANTA ROSA is dubbed as the Silicon Valley of the Philippines and The NEXT MAKATI of the South!

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114 Antipolo City

The pilgrimage capital and the most populous city in luzon outside metro manila

This city is the best in terms of cleanliness and people's discipline

Its more fun here at antipolo city

Antipolo city ay mas malaki ng city sa Rizal

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115 Calapan City

It's a very clean city. Not only are the people disciplined they are also well-mannered and friendly. It's a relatively young city (15 years) but has shown tremendous potentials in different aspects proven by the many accolades it had garnered during the previous years.

When in Calapan you feel like you're in a city but in a forest as well. City in a forest, I know that puerto princesa has that monicker but I've been to puerto princesa and I can tell both that city and calapan has just the same ambiance. Clean streets, fresh air, green sceneries. It is the DISCIPLINE CITY!

Peaceful and loving city. Wherein you can find virgin beaches and forest. Feel the serenity of living and visiting Calapan City

As of the moment, one of the only two cities in the MIMAROPA Region together with Puerto Princesa City and is the administrative center of that region. It is also the growth center of Oriental Mindoro.

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116 Calamba City

The best place to live in, to visit and to invest in because it is the center of commerce, industry, history and environment protection in the CALABARZON rEGION.

The hometown of our NATIONAL HERO. A FIRST CLASS CITY. The 2nd RICHEST CITY in CALABARZON (according to the 2012 Commission on Audit Annual Report). It is also considered as one of the "NEXT WAVE CITIES" for outsourcing firms. As of December 2013, there are 83 BANKING OFFICES operating in the city according to PDIC (Philippine Deposit Insurance Company). It is also the TOP CITY in CALABARZON with total deposits amounting to more than 29.6 million pesos.

Calamba City is the Regional Center of CALABARZON. Also hailed as the Queen City of CALABARZON, Richest City in CALABARZON, Cradle of the National Hero and Resort Capital of the Philippines.

Calamba City is also home of the finest universities and colleges in Laguna.

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117 Muntinlupa

Yes. I love Muntinlupa city. When you are in this city, you would not believe that Philippines is a third world country. So beautiful place.

I live here and if you want to go to Metro Manila and you live in the province, this is one of the best places to go to! Or at least next to Makati City and Taguig! It's also one of the most business-friendly cities in the country!

Vote muntinlupa para pag taguyod

Emerald city of the Philippines

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118 Libmanan
119 San Pablo City V 2 Comments
120 Iriga City

Superstar, Nora Aunor's Hometown

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