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121 Bogo City

Bogo City - the core of trade and commercial industry as well as religion and education in the northern Cebu.
- the fastest developing city as a new frontier for trade and development.
-the trading point for Cebu and its neighboing provinces.

Better than some cities in negros.. Bogo City is a progressive city.

Bogo City is fast developing city and soon a more progressive city. Well, it's my father's hometown. I like it, too.

The best city with the best people

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122 Masbate City

Masbate City which is considered as one of the most safest city due to good peace and order in the city. The people herein are most friendly

Masbate city, is the best city... I love masbate city

Masbate City is a no ordinary in the Philippines.

I love it, masbate city

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123 Binan City V 1 Comment
124 Borongan City

Untouched natural resources. The city of the rising sun! :-)

125 Tayabas City V 3 Comments
126 Bayugan City

The Fast growing City!

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127 Ozamiz City

Now, the best place to be is Ozamiz City because the number one priority of the government there is PEACE and ORDER. so, no worries. Ozamiz is now in the process of improving and progressing. I LOVE OZAMIZ!

Eventhough ozamiz have bad record... But now... Have more wow fun in ozamiz... Just try and visit... And I'm sure each of you become addict in my only true love city...

Ozamis is the best.. But there are killing I cannot understand whats happening... But also ozamis is the one of the wonderful cities in the philippines... There is cotta shrine built in 1665... That's all thank you

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128 Digos City

One of the Progressive city in Davao Del Sur, and people are giving their time to farming and minimal industrial and retail activity

Digos city is truly a filipino spot for thos who one to find there happiness... People in digos are jokers, lovable and caring.. Digos is aa city that known as the city of lion, in other words.. Digosenion are warrior.. There not afraid of danger, they only afraid or fear in god...

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129 Mindanao City
130 Baybay City

Located the most Beautiful, the greenest University in the country, Center of Excellence in agriculture, Research and Extension, Forestry and Education the Visayas State University.

A beautiful city! But it would be nicer if there will be major changes in the GOVERNMENT! It's been the same for decades and just a little bit of PROGRESS.

One of the best city in the Philippines. Weather issues is not a major problem..

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131 Tacurong City

City of Good Will and well preserve Baras Bird Sanctuary.
African Palm Oil Capital of the Philippines!

132 Danao City

I wish to live in Danao City but I'm scared of the religious and political conflict that goes around there.

133 Mabalacat City

Mabalacat City is nothing like than City of San Fernando and Angeles City. Its nice to live in Mabalat City because its peaceful city

The rising city! The city of FUTURE

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134 Cabuyao City
135 Bislig City

People are approachable most discipline, friendly, hospitable, clean air and no pollution. fresh sea-foods you can buy in lowest price. you can sleep without air-conditioning because in night cold air. then no cutting trees in the mountain well controlled by government people.

From the booming city by the bay Bislig City

Tinuy-an falls, enchanted river.. Lot of tourist spots
Like United States of america

Lots of tourist spots tinuy-an falls enchanted
River brittania islands surigao del sur is like United States of america

136 Belison
137 Palayan City V 1 Comment
138 Samal

This city is sorrounded by white beaches and considered as top destination in the philippines...T.V. /films were shoot here for several times because of its amazing nature... Just thtrow stone away from davao city.. This island city is also home of great festival... And expect to be the fast growing city when the bridge will rise... Soon 2017.

139 Marawi City

I love marawi,. marawi was the old city in mindanao. In the most educational place then, the place is freedom in loving... I love it

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140 San Pedro, Laguna

San pedro city laguna is the newest city in the Philippines, based on my survey City of san pedro is very rarely and so much popular than the other, San pedro city have a 27 barangay, The largest Barangay in San pedro city is San antonio who supervised By Kgg. Jun S. Ynion which is the said barangay have a lot of contributions when it becomes to Industries, Commercial and business proposals.. Among the other city in south Luzon. san Pedro City is also known as the "gateway'' to Metro Manila. According to Tourist and attractions san Pedro City Has a lot of land Marks who very easy to locate when it say attractions.

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