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181 San Juan

It may not be part of the 50 states, but it is surely one of the most beautiful cities in the U.S. it has the colonial charm of Charleston, with the modern tourist appeal of Honolulu. Clearly this is an underrated gem of America.

182 Hermantown, MN

Why wait for the summer? In Hermantown, people loves the nice weather in Hermantown.

I love the entire North shore of Lake Superior in Minnesota, though my favorite city would be Grand Marais. Highway 61, immortalized by the great Bob Dylan, is one of the most scenic highways in the world, it is SOOO gorgeous. And the ten thousand lakes and tall pine trees just add more and more to the beauty. Germantown is actually rural Duluth, and it is very pretty. Though cold in the winter, it is still pretty, especially in the woods.

183 Iowa City

Inexpensive, nice, small town just look out for tornadoes and republicans

184 Pickerington
185 Ocean City, NJ

This is a family friendly place to live or visit in south Jersey. OC is home to the amazing boardwalk and beautiful beaches and housing. It is very safe and a nice summer time fun place for kids and families. I live here and I love it. Come visit us! I think the coolest place has to be Miami, FL because of the glorious palm trees, beaches, weather, and cool visit attractions. I have been dying to go there, but haven't yet (I am 11).

186 Manassas, Virginia

It has the manassas battlefield where the first and second battle of bull run took place.

187 Myrtle Beach

Plus, this should be higher

Lot's of golf courses, piers everywhere, Mryrtle Waves, Seafood, endless beaches!

188 Jackson NJ

It has six flags great adventure, and is close to NYC and Philly

189 Bakersfield, CA
190 Little Rock
191 Santa Ana
192 Salem
193 Chula Vista
194 West Palm Beach
195 Miami Beach
196 Troy
197 Thousand Oaks
198 Gresham

Subhurb of Portland. It's always cropped out of Portlands tourist photos and there's a reason why: it's literally too dirty to show. Only good thing about it is its proximity to the beautiful Gorge. Hope Gresham doesn't expand to that region! Bleh!

199 El Paso
200 Plano
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