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61 Fairbanks

I don't know who disliked your comment man (I liked your comment so there would be 0 dislikes)

Nice warm weather in the summer

62 Williamsburg, KY
63 Ogden, Utah
64 Waverly Hall, Georgia

There is very few murreders in this small town nice people and neighbors but bad schools in Ellerslie but great place to live

65 Jacksonville, Florida

Quite possibly the most underrated city of all time. Why? Well, Jacksonville is hands down one of the best cities in the whole country. Great place to live, as long as you don't go to the north side. Local attractions are great, and it's surprisingly affordable! Biggest city in the whole country land area-wise, and there are a lot of good schools here. Depending on which spot you choose to move in Jacksonville, there is little crime! A lot of people think Miami is the biggest city in Florida, when in fact, Jacksonville has almost DOUBLE the residents of Miami.

I hate how this city is so beaten down, when it really has a lot to offer.

I live in Florida and in spite of this of this city being the biggest in Florida, it's kinda suprisingly interesting that no one thinks or talks about this city much when they think of Florida. I mean it may not have as much to offer as Miami, Orlando, Tampa, or even
St Petersburg, but Jacksonville has a lot of history and sightseeing. It's a perfect city to begin a Florida vacation. It's also a perfect city to take a long drive in as it's the most widest in the Continental United States. This also used to be one of the popular US cities back in the 30s and 40s before Florida's population boom. I do hope this city one day will get the respect it truly deserves back.

Really underrated. Out of all the cities in Florida, this city definitely needs more respect. Come on people. Out of most of the cities in Florida nowadays, this is one of the safer ones and as the biggest city in Florida, that's kinda shocking. Also, as being pretty much the widest city in the continental US, YOU WOULD THINK THIS CITY WOULD BE MORE NOTICABLE.😡

66 Coeur d'Alene
67 London, KY

London is a fun and friendly place

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68 Fort Collins
69 Saint Petersburg
70 Little Rock
71 Hayden, ID
72 Sioux Falls, South Dakota
73 Toledo

I just love Toledo! Our zoo is packed with a wide variety of animals, the people are friendly, and I've never been robbed or anything like that! I've lived in the Toledo area all of my life and I'd never leave for the world! Please vote or visit Toledo because I KNOW you'll never regret it!

The Toledo zoo is one of the biggest in the country

My dad was from toledo.

74 Bangor
75 Manhattan


Not to mention taxi-jams, and the fact that ITS IN New York

Maybe they mean Manhattan, KS.

76 Sacramento
77 Long Beach, CA

I love going to Long Beach!

78 Des Moines

Not the biggest, but you don't get huge traffic and it doesn't take hours to get somewhere close like those huge cities. More peaceful

Such an underrated city, needs taller skyscrapers and more people. - JakePlaid

Go Des Moines. awesome city! - cfb

79 Rochester, NY

Why does everyone hate Rochester? It should be towards the top because of the lilac festival, the garbage plate, park avenue, Cobbs hill, and the jazz festival.

WHAT?! 91?! This is the best city in NY!

80 Evansville
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