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61 San Luis Obispo
62 Fairbanks

I don't know who disliked your comment man (I liked your comment so there would be 0 dislikes)

Nice warm weather in the summer

63 Williamsburg, KY
64 Waverly Hall, Georgia

There is very few murreders in this small town nice people and neighbors but bad schools in Ellerslie but great place to live

65 Coeur d'Alene
66 London, KY

London is a fun and friendly place

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67 Fort Collins
68 Des Moines

Not the biggest, but you don't get huge traffic and it doesn't take hours to get somewhere close like those huge cities. More peaceful

Such an underrated city, needs taller skyscrapers and more people. - JakePlaid

Go Des Moines. awesome city! - cfb

69 Hayden, ID
70 Sioux Falls, South Dakota
71 Bangor
72 Manhattan


Not to mention taxi-jams, and the fact that ITS IN New York

Maybe they mean Manhattan, KS.

73 Sacramento
74 Long Beach, CA

I love going to Long Beach!

75 Kansas City

It has to be way higher. Everyone is outdated. People magazine ranked kc the best city to live in during 4he 2014 world series cause the royals made it unlike the Yankees

76 Rochester, NY

Why does everyone hate Rochester? It should be towards the top because of the lilac festival, the garbage plate, park avenue, Cobbs hill, and the jazz festival.

WHAT?! 91?! This is the best city in NY!

77 Evansville
78 Corbin, KY
79 Orlando, Florida

This one is already on the list and higher

Really! No. 42! It is home to the greatest amusement park on earth

80 Norfolk, VA

You never know what the weather will be like. It's a surprise. And very in the middle of country and city.

Great militarily. Great beach and something always happening. Plus its in VA! - 3103460

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