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121 Newark NJ

It's near jollibee, good if you are filipino, and close to Manhattan, and Diverse Jersey city.m

122 Versailles, Kentucky

Very small and unheard of, but it is my hometown and very beautiful. It will always have a special place in my heart.

123 Aledo, TX
124 Flint

Flint shouldn't even BE on the list, with it's high crime rate and lead water.

Why isn't Flint lower on the list. There a small city with a high crime rate.

125 Corpus Christi
126 Richmond

Richmond, VA

127 Austin

Austin is a beautiful city with live music everywhere, fantastic weather and nice peiple

Seriously, how does this not have any votes? It's probably my favorite city in Texas!

Austin is awesome because 1. It is weird. And 2. It's the capital of Texas

This is like the best Texas city. Houston is crappy because of the hurricanes.

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128 Detroit

Besides the ghettos and crime, Detroit has a rich history

Detroit isn't as bad as people say it is! - Turkeyasylum

Detroit has lots of murders.

I got killed there but it was good other than that - 4/10 ign trip advisor Expedia 420 blaze it 361 call of duty professional esports no scope montage 696969696969 I'm 3 years old call of duty psn gamer tag Ilikepu55y420

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129 Buffalo

I voted for Buffalo because that is where I am from. Its really not too bad but
I'm definitely biased

I love to live in Buffalo.

It's also near Niagara Falls

130 Arlington

The one in Virginia or Texas,maybe Texas because of the cowboys stadium

131 Akron
132 Minerva
133 Massillon
134 Twinsburg
135 Gainesville
136 Newark

Hey, if Dayton and Detroit are on the list Newark has to be.

Newark NJ of Newark DE?

137 Goldsboro
138 Atlantic City

It's such a beautiful city. Casinos, fine dining, miss America. All that is just from Atlantic city. No need for Vegas if u like the beach

139 Oahu V 2 Comments
140 Yakutat

Nice ice cubes and rocks in the water

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