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161 Gilbert, Arizona

Super safe and nice people.

162 Mesa, Arizona V 1 Comment
163 Scottsdale, Arizona
164 Maricopa, Arizona
165 Bloomfield Hills

One of the richest and safest in the US, despite being in Michigan! - bsadasiva16

166 Syracuse, NY

It should at least be in the Top 50.
Great weather for lovers of all four seasons, low crime, stable economy. A nice place to raise a family! - PolishGuy

167 Ogden, Utah
168 Bismarck
169 Frederick, MD

Beautiful city in central md. About an hour away from Baltimore and dc. The city is filled with parks, streams, bridges, trees, and historical buildings and sites. Very classy and remarkable.

170 Lincoln, Nebraska

I live here and the weather
Is great. No tornados even if it is in tornado Alley. Great sports food, and lots of fun museums.

171 Schenectady
172 Rochester, NY

Why does everyone hate Rochester? It should be towards the top because of the lilac festival, the garbage plate, park avenue, Cobbs hill, and the jazz festival.

WHAT?! 91?! This is the best city in NY!

173 Anaheim
174 Laurel, MT
175 Buford

Only 1 person lives There

176 Amherst, NY
177 Wheeling V 1 Comment
178 Paducah
179 Juneau
180 Camden

Seeing images of this city makes me want to throw up. My heart goes out to anyone that has to live there. Nobody deserves all of the horrible crime and the overall depressing vibe of this so-called city. - matty925

-Constant murders
-2nd most dangerous US city
-Gangs on every street
-Drug dealers on every corner
-Abandoned buildings & projects
-Poorest city in the United States


Best city ever. Even better than Pyongyang and Mogadishu #sarcasm

Uh, no
This place has a huge crime rate. - wrests

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