Top Ten Classic Metallica Songs

Metallica at its best. 80s Metallica will always be better. Songs like Enter Sandman and Nothing Else Matters.

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1 Master of Puppets

Now it is number 1..!
And yes master of puppets = Metallica!
One of the best songs ever to be made

I can't believe it's number 6!
It's their number 1 song, it's so classic and heck great!
Come on - this list is weird... :-O

AWESOME! If not first then second. Orion is amazing too

Definitely Metallica's best song and in my opinion the best metal song ever. Hard riffing, kick ass lyrics, and the best musicianship anyone could ever hope for. This definitely deserves the top spot.

2 One

This should definitely be in their top three. Come on people. VOTE. It is inspired by the movie/book johnny had a gun. Amazing and easy to play intro. Deep lyrics and classic Metallica solo. This song has it all. Definitely the most balanced Metallica song I have ever heard.

This, and a handful of others, the unforgiven II and sanitarium to name a few, are the best Metallica songs, and some of the best songs, ever. EVER.
The lyrics, the calm beginning, the kick ass ending, Metallica had done it yet again.

You guys know that this is ranked number 2 on Top 10 Metallica Songs? This deserves higher, and so does Fade To Black. But Battery is still awesome.

This song is about a soldier who has lost his arms legs and his entire face, leaving him unable to communicate or sense anything other than touch. His brain is left completely intact, a prisoner in his own body.

3 For Whom the Bell Tolls

Ernest Hemingway would be proud

Awesome song. Heavy and deep, it throws you in a heavy, dense and tense atmosphere. It is one of my all time metallica favorites.

The song that opened me to Metallica's finest songs! Anyone who said black album songs should be in the top 3 are idiots... Ride the Lightning and Master of Puppets will always be the best albums of Metallica and For Whom The Bell Tolls will always be in the top 3 of Metallica's songs

perfect harmony with the bells and the gods

4 Fade to Black

To me, Fade to Black is second to none. No other song comes close to it. It has the best intro, the best riffs, and the best solo. You get a feeling a immortality and power when listening to this song.

MY FAVOURITE GUITAR SOLO OF ALL TIME. Above Comfortably numb, stairway, november rain. Nothing beats the ending solo

This song should be Number 1 not because it's a powerhouse but, because it is full of meaning...

Just all around great. Everybody took everything and put into this one great masterpiece. - FONZIEjacket61

5 Orion

Their best instrumental song. RIP Cliff Burton.

Cliff Burton ended his music carrier with the most fantastic instrumental ever with him nailing the bass solos. at least you did not take yourself away from thrash metal roots and not replace it with modern hard rock like the rest of Metallica in the 90s ( But they are finding that way back with Death Magentic)

It is definitely the best song I've ever listened to: the riff is the greatest you can find in Metallica's songs, and Cliff solos are simply gorgeous! MoP and One are not the only songs which represent Metallica: Orion is the best.

I've listened to Metallica for 2 years now, and started discovering their older songs a while ago. This song is so good that once I start the song, I can't pause it or stop it.

6 Nothing Else Matters

The best song by Metallica Can't believe its not there even in the top ten...

Are you serious? This is the best Metallica song... After about 70 Metallica songs. I don't get why it is so popular. Favorite song of the posers I think... Welcome Home (Sanitarium) is as just as soft and way better than this crap.

I would like to listen to this song when till my last breath...

Nothing else matters, really

7 Enter Sandman

Only a Metallica virgin would pick this. Do you even know their best songs?

Really? I love this song! I get deep with this song dudes!

Even people who hate Metallica love it!

How can this be so far down?! This is definitely the most classic Metallica song and by far the most identifiable. - Popular_Burger

8 Creeping Death

Awesome song with and Awesome guitar solo and the lyrics make me shout with joy. The beauty of it is that it is so simple, I have only been playing guitar for about 6 months and I can already play most of it.

The description said 80s, but then talked about two of the biggest hits from the black album... My Faith in humanity is slowly fading day by day -_-

It was the first Metallica song I have first heard. It simply made me to love Metallica further...

They play this awesome live

9 The Four Horsemen

Metallica's nickname and one of their best songs

Why is it the best song off of kill em all isn't even in the top 10? Not one but two great solos in this song

This is the definition if 'classic' Metallica - gemcloben

10 ...And Justice for All

Very underrated one of their greatest songs. A lot of people should listen to it. To the people that haven't listened to it. It's tells you why Metallica is one of the greatest bands ever. It's heavy has a awesome intro. An epic guitar riff an awesome solo. It then has a slow guitar riff that has to be one of the greatest and then ends in the most epic way this song deserves to be at least 3 or 4

Oh come one, Master is really overrated! Ok, it is a great song, one of the best, I know, but come on, there are other fantastic songs! This one has everything you want! Please, don't vote One and Master only because they great, because in this way you aren't a true fan!

One of best on...And Justice

Not underrated as songs like To Live Is To Die, but it's not loved by fans like more known songs, like Master, One, Fade and Seek. But the style of this song kicks ***, and I love too much it.

The Contenders

11 Welcome Home (Sanitarium)

Something about this song really just amazes me. It's put together perfectly and is, by far, one of my favorite Metallica songs. - metalhead79

best lyrics metallica has and one of the best lyrics ever! just read them and think about them for a bit and you'll see it's incredible!

The description said classic 80s songs like enter sandman and nothing else matters -_-

12 The Call of Ktulu

I think that this is one of the best Metallica's songs, and I suppose it should be in the first 10 positions.
Why? Because, despite it is an instrumental song, it can give lots of sensations, and it's like the Lovercraft's novels (the song is inspirated to them).

13 Seek & Destroy

This should be at least top 10!

Why is this down so low!

The song is about killing people could it get any better!?

Rememeber when Iggy did Search and Destroy? Metallica are crap.

14 Ride the Lightning

Very underrated song! Maybe people should give it a listen cause they obviously can't remember how great this song is.

This is one of the best heavy metal songs of all time. Very heavy, amazing vocals, nice bass and one of the most underrated legendary guitar solos I have ever listened to.

Best Metallica song... Nothing more to say

Every time Metallica plays it at a concert the crowd says RIDE THE LIGHTNING!

15 Battery

very fast and also I like the guitar lick and loved the solo - Micho75

Just like very fast part of Kirk. BUT IT MUST BE FIRST!
- loboto

Battery is powerhouse of energy, so is the song! - TheMasterofLife

Woah woah woah!

16 Blackened

The solo in Blackened (the fast one) is my fav piece of music ever, the main riff is my fav riff and the chorus is one of my 5 or so favorites, overall, my all-time fav song.

The Fire Scream, The Lyrics, The riff, this is by far the best song of metallica ever made also with fade to black and for whom the bell tolls

How can this masterpiece be here? There's the energy, in this song!

17 The Frayed Ends of Sanity

So heavy, one of the best of the "and justice"

18 To Live is to Die

One of my favorites from Metallica off of the And Justice for All album

Very powerful and dark song - Silverstone95

19 Dyers Eve

Metallica's heaviest song and one of their best. The drumming and guitar solo are the stars of this song

Their fastest song, with insane drumming

My favourite Metallica song ever. amazing drumming, amazing guitars, awesome singing. Metallica at its best

20 The Thing that Should Not Be

Leper and Damage is higher than this!? Come on this is the best track on the best album ever!

This is easily one of Metallica's greatest songs.

However, this list is automatically bull, seeing as how Seek & Destroy isn't #2 and Orion isn't #1.

21 Damage, Inc.

This Is The Fastest Metallica Song Ever!

22 The God that Failed
23 The Unforgiven

Great song! This song should be int the first 10...

24 Hit the Lights
25 Sad but True
26 Disposable Heroes

There is no way this song should be this low... This is my favorite Hammet solo. Not the fastest, not the most technical, but it just sounds so good! Such an underrated song, obviously, as this one needs WAY more votes...

This song deserves to be in the first place: it is absolutely perfect, and such an underrated song. Stop making Master of Puppets or One seem the only masterpieces by Metallica.

This song is really underrated, but it is definitely better than other Metallica songs!

Best song from their - head & shoulders above - best album

27 Bleeding Me
28 Leper Messiah

Huge critic to cristian church. A MASTERPIECE.

29 Fight Fire with Fire

Why this is not up in the top ten along with Ride the Lightning and the call of Ktulu, well, I am not sure.

One of Metallica's best after Seek and destroy, trapped under ice, all nightmare long, and ride the lightning. - kity21

awesome 1st chorus. Love the intro as well

Best opening song besides battery!

30 My Friend of Misery
31 King Nothing
32 No Remorse
33 Motorbreath
34 The Unforgiven II
35 The Shortest Straw
36 Whiplash

Fast, great melodic, Metallica

- egillaxelsson

Should be higher - EzzyEsbourne

37 Wherever I May Roam

This is one of their best songs, but it isn't appreciated as it should be. It should be in top 10.

38 Astronomy

I love this song! I know it's a cover, but I think this is one of my personal favorite songs Metallica has ever done.

39 Until It Sleeps
40 2 x 4
41 Hero of the Day

Love it. S&M version is great too!

42 Harvester of Sorrow

The best intro of any Metallica song and just keeps rocking from there.

Deserves top 10 at least

43 Turn the Page

I really like this song it can be heard in all situations

44 Am I Evil?

Why yes... Yes I am!

45 Mama Said

Love this song

46 The Memory Remains
47 Trapped Under Ice
48 Carpe Diem Baby
49 Don't Tread On Me

It's not popular on the black album because of Enter Sandman.

50 Fuel
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