Top Ten Comedy Movies of the 2000s

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1 Anchorman - The Legend of Ron Burgundy Anchorman - The Legend of Ron Burgundy Product Image

This movie has more memorable and original quotes than any comedy movie made in the 21st century. I say that with no exageration.

Classic in every way

It's kind of a big deal.

I'm Ron Burgundy

Go **** yourself San Diego

2 The Hangover The Hangover Product Image

The movie is kinda boring the first quarter hour but necessary, after that: non stop laugh, my stomach and jaw hurt so badly after the movie.

Of course it has to be one, This movie was so God Damn funny!

This movie should be number 1!... What is it doing down here?!

Yep. I laught non-Stop. haha those guys were a mess. Mike Tyson's Tiger jaja in their bathroom.
Can't Wait to see the 2nd part!

3 Superbad Superbad Product Image

I've seen all the movies on this list and I think this is not only the funniest but the best made. (and I don't like Michael cera)

This movie is hilarious don't remember one time where I wasn't laughing

Simply the best one!

4 Borat Borat Product Image

So Nostalgic, brings back memories from 2006 when I went to Cyprus

Borat practically invented racist humor.

What is this sites? Is this facebook? I like!

5 Step Brothers Step Brothers Product Image

Why are you so sweaty? I was watching cops, classic line from a classic movie!

This is a funny movie, unlike Knocked Up.

6 Wedding Crashers Wedding Crashers Product Image
7 Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle Product Image
8 The 40-Year-Old Virgin The 40-Year-Old Virgin Product Image

This movie is pretty good, unlike that garbage movie Knocked Up!

Finally. People giving love to this classic 😉

This movie is so effin funny!
#1. 40YOV
#2. Shaun
#3. Borat

9 Bruce Almighty Bruce Almighty Product Image

This is a funny movie

10 Tropic Thunder Tropic Thunder Product Image

This movie deserves to be mentioned and remembered at all times, not Knocked Up!

LOL A movie about a movie

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11 The Simpsons Movie The Simpsons Movie Product Image

Love this one

12 Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby Product Image

It won the Academy Award... For greatest movie, ever made

I haven't seen the whole movie but from what I can it's hillarious.

13 Kung Pow: Enter The Fist Kung Pow: Enter The Fist Product Image
14 Dodgeball: a True Underdog Story Dodgeball: a True Underdog Story Product Image

"If you can dodge a wrench you can dodge a ball! "

15 Nacho Libre Nacho Libre Product Image

Can't you see she is nuun, epic.

16 Garfield: The Movie Garfield: The Movie Product Image

Are you sure about that?

17 Shaun of the Dead Shaun of the Dead Product Image

Why is this not top 3?!
These other films are just so similar to each other Shaun of the dead is so brilliant funny and so much better

Best movie! Great date movie, buddy movie, this movie has it all!

Love this movie simon pig so dam funny respect man

18 21 Jump Street 21 Jump Street Product Image

Masterpiece of a comedy movie, unlike Knocked Up.

Y wasnt this higher up?

19 Scary Movie Scary Movie Product Image

this movie was the funniest idont what you people talking abouut

20 Pineapple Express Pineapple Express Product Image

This movie is great and funny, better than Knocked Up!

Best Comedy movie: Pineapple Express
Worst Comedy movie: Knocked Up

21 Ted Ted Product Image
22 Mean Girls Mean Girls Product Image

Mean Girls > I know who killed me

23 Napoleon Dynamite Napoleon Dynamite Product Image

Eh. Overrated. Way too overrated.

One of the most popular indi films ever.

24 Shrek Shrek Product Image
25 School of Rock School of Rock Product Image

Jack Black has so much energy, he carried the whole movie.

One of the best Jack black performances

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