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41 Zach Blair, Rise Against
42 Buddy Guy Buddy Guy George "Buddy" Guy is an American blues guitarist and singer. He is an exponent of Chicago blues and has influenced guitarists including Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page, Keith Richards, Jeff Beck, John Mayer and Stevie Ray Vaughan.
43 Zakk Wylde, Black Label Society Zakk Wylde, Black Label Society Zakk Wylde is an American musician, singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and occasional actor who is best known as the former guitarist for Ozzy Osbourne, and founder of the heavy metal band Black Label Society.

No way he is 54 on list. He is top 5 for sure. Popularity or talent here?

44 Corey Beaulieu Corey Beaulieu Corey King Beaulieu (Born November 22nd 1983) is an American musician and actor, known for being the lead guitarist and backing vocalist for the Heavy Metal band Trivium.

Insane shredder, should be higher on the list - bobthefish225

45 Killrbuckeye
46 Angus Young, AC/DC

I think this dude super ugly... but a beast guitarist! I also think his duck walk is cool

Number one. At his age no one could keep up with him...

Thunder struck on highway to hell!

V 1 Comment
47 Tom Morello Tom Morello Thomas Morello is an American musician, singer-songwriter and political activist. He is best known for his tenure with the band Rage Against the Machine and then with Audioslave.
48 Michael Angelo Batio Michael Angelo Batio Michael Angelo Batio also known as Mike Batio or MAB, is an American heavy metal guitarist and columnist from Chicago, Illinois.
49 Kerry King Kerry King Kerry Ray King is an American musician, best known as a guitarist for the American thrash metal band Slayer.
50 Jake Pitts Jake Pitts Jacob Mark "Jake" Pitts is an American musician and record producer best known as the lead guitarist of the rock band Black Veil Brides.

Whether you like Black Veil Brides or not, the band is irrelevant, his guitar playing skills are by far superior to so many artists out there. Possibly one of the best new guitarists and maybe able to keep the title of a true "guitar hero"

51 James Root James Root V 1 Comment
52 Mick Thomson Mick Thomson Mickael Gordon "Mick" Thomson is an American heavy metal musician. Born in Des Moines, Iowa, he is best known as one of two guitarists in Slipknot, in which he is designated #7.
53 Richie Kotzen

Virtuouso guitarist who has exploded back on the scene with The Winery Dogs

54 Tim Stewart
55 Brad Paisley

Brad Paisley can play variety of genres apart from his legendary chicken pickin. He is on par with John Mayer if not better when it comes to Jazz. Plus he has mastered thumb pickin in the style of Merle Travis and also have roots in blue grass. His guitar album "Play" focuses more on his guitar works a recommendation for every guitarist.

Brad Paisley has the best finger movement and finger picking skills in all of country music and possibly of all music in general.

56 Mark Tremonti, Alter Bridge Mark Tremonti, Alter Bridge Mark Thomas Tremonti is an American musician, singer and songwriter, best known as the lead guitarist of the rock bands Creed and Alter Bridge.
57 Daron Malakian Daron Malakian Daron Vartan Malakian is an Armenian–American singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and record producer.
58 Lucas Mann, Rings Of Saturn
59 Phil X

Phil is a beast with a guitar.

60 Phil Keaggy

Just find him and listen...

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