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201 Blinded by Fear - At the Gates
202 Funeral Thirst - The Black Dahlia Murder
203 Fire From the Sky - Shadows Fall

I know shadows fall are thrash metal/metalcore, but this song has a nice death metal sound to it

204 Until I Feel Nothing - Carnifex
205 All Hail the Fallen King - Chelsea Grin
206 Satan's Curse - Possessed
207 Party With the Devil - Attila
208 Analysis Paralysis - Napalm Death

This is grindcore not death metal

209 Crawl - Entombed

The circular riff crawls into my brain and won't let go. Satan! Help me!

210 Turned Inside Out - Obituary
211 Find the Arise - Obituary
212 Morbid Visions - Sepultura
213 Anti-Tank (Dead Armour) - Bolt Thrower

First of all, bolt thrower are the masters of death! No satanic or gory themes! And that's the reason that the 'first light' is so low in this! Anti tank their best song simple amazing riffs and with karl willets perfect voice! They had no weak album! Bolt throwers rules!

214 Septuagint - Obscura
215 Deliver Me - Parkway Drive

This is nowhere near death metal

The most amazing song forever! It must be in the top 10!

216 Counting Skies - Be'lakor
217 The Stillborn One - Necrophagist
218 Entombment of the Machine - Job for a Cowboy
219 Winds of Creation - Decapitated

There is 165 songs in this list but only one decapitated song?! Kill me! This is awesome track from their debut album.

220 No Love Lost - Carcass

Bill Steer, thank you for that beautiful solo you played in this song. - GREYBOYY

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