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221 Crawl - Entombed

The circular riff crawls into my brain and won't let go. Satan! Help me!

222 Turned Inside Out - Obituary
223 Find the Arise - Obituary
224 Morbid Visions - Sepultura
225 Disengage - Suicide Silence

For god's sakes Suicide Silence is NOT death metal. They are deathCORE. Big difference.

226 Anti-Tank (Dead Armour) - Bolt Thrower

First of all, bolt thrower are the masters of death! No satanic or gory themes! And that's the reason that the 'first light' is so low in this! Anti tank their best song simple amazing riffs and with karl willets perfect voice! They had no weak album! Bolt throwers rules!

227 Septuagint - Obscura
228 Deliver Me - Parkway Drive

This is nowhere near death metal

The most amazing song forever! It must be in the top 10!

229 Counting Skies - Be'lakor
230 The Stillborn One - Necrophagist
231 Entombment of the Machine - Job for a Cowboy
232 Winds of Creation - Decapitated

There is 165 songs in this list but only one decapitated song?! Kill me! This is awesome track from their debut album.

233 No Love Lost - Carcass

Bill Steer, thank you for that beautiful solo you played in this song. - GREYBOYY

234 Enemy Within - Arch Enemy

I don't reall know why but I only saw Nemesis and We will rise by Arch enemy here. And in my opinion, Nemesis is a far better song than We will rise. by the way this thing here is epic. Listen to this song Enemy Within by Arch enemy. Its totally awesome

235 Bludgeoned to Death - Suicide Silence V 1 Comment
236 Dead Eyes See No Future - Arch Enemy

This song is so epic. It's so awesome. One of my favourites. This should come up the rankings, somewhere between top 10. Again this is better than We will rise in my opinion.

237 Ravenous - Arch Enemy

This song is so kick ass. Shows some signs of brutality and yet its awesome

238 You Only Live Once - Suicide Silence

Wow this is great. It's a must listen. The melody is great

239 My Apocalypse - Arch Enemy

This is one great song that must fit in. Its got a great melody there and the rhythm is great. It should be in the top tens in my opinion

240 Icons of Evil - Vital Remains

Brutality and melodic guitar riffs my favorite vital remains song

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