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41 Service for a Vacant Coffin - Autopsy
42 Plague Bearer - Bolt Thrower
43 Voice of the Soul - Death
44 Bloodlines - Dethklok
45 Sacrificial Suicide - Deicide
46 Beneath a Dying Sun - Fleshcrawl
47 Scars of the Crucifix - Deicide

My personal favourite Death Metal song. Deicide are EASILY one of the greatest Death Metal artists about. They helped shape what it's about whilst never trying to copy anyone (not even copying Cannibal Corpse who helped make Death Metal what it is today! ). So, this has to be close as it's simple DEATH METAL!

This epic song makes my brain hurt after head banging against a wall, then you have to head butt the next christian you see!

This Riff Is Probably Written By Chuck Norris

This song is my definition of death metal!

48 Visions from the Dark Side - Morbid Angel
49 The Violation - Fleshgod Apocalypse

Classical music + Death metal? PERFECT!

This song is awesome. Drummer F. Paoli is sick! - Metal_Treasure

50 War Eternal - Arch Enemy
51 Deform In Torture - Scent of Flesh

One of the best death metal songs ever!

52 Once Upon the Cross - Deicide
53 Crush the Industry - Dethklok
54 World Scum - Soulfly
55 No Remorse - Cannibal Corpse

This is actually written by Metallica in their first album kill em all

This song is awesome! Should definitely be number one, without a doubt... This is also my favourite cannibal corpse song, hands down - metal666slut

What's a cover song doing here. There are so many brilliant CC songs other than HAMMER SMASHED FACE

56 Pit of Zombies - Cannibal Corpse
57 Slaughter of the Soul - At the Gates

I'm more the melodeath-guy and in my opinion this song is epicness pure. - Flav

58 Take This Life - In Flames

Amazing song that got me into death metal.
The only reason Remstien is first is cause all the death metal fans are split but metal fanss see rammstien and vote for it. The real winner so far is only the weak but this song tops it in my opinion this and we will rise

EPIC song. feuer frei isn't even death metal. And no remorse is a metellica song. The cannibal remix dosn't even deserve to be on here. - killerkiwi23

I'm disappointed... Where were the dark tranquility fans in the midst of this list?

It's the best melodeathsong ever made I love it how it switches between anders clean vocals and brutal shout-scream-growls

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59 Spheres of Madness - Decapitated

They didn't get very far before their drummer died, but this song, and this band are brilliant. Some of the heaviest and darkest music iv'e ever heard

My first death metal song, so I'm mainly voting it for nostalgic purpose haha

I saw this live before a meshuggah concert and.. WO amazing stuff

Really heavy one! I love the riffs!

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60 At the Left Hand Ov God - Behemoth

This is best death metal song by far!

I think it should get a spot in the top tens - nooreldeen

They were Black Metal, but now they kind of sound Death Metal. - SirSkeletorThe3rd

Behemoth awesome... Best death metal band in the world

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