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61 Visions from the Dark Side - Morbid Angel
62 Spheres of Madness - Decapitated

They didn't get very far before their drummer died, but this song, and this band are brilliant. Some of the heaviest and darkest music iv'e ever heard

My first death metal song, so I'm mainly voting it for nostalgic purpose haha

I saw this live before a meshuggah concert and.. WO amazing stuff

Really heavy one! I love the riffs!

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63 War Eternal - Arch Enemy
64 Shadowfear - Vader

This song is incredible and deserves to be higher than #229... - Metal_Treasure

65 Deform In Torture - Scent of Flesh

One of the best death metal songs ever!

66 Once Upon the Cross - Deicide
67 Crush the Industry - Dethklok
68 Rise to Power - Crimson Shadows
69 Pit of Zombies - Cannibal Corpse
70 Slaughter of the Soul - At the Gates

I'm more the melodeath-guy and in my opinion this song is epicness pure. - Flav

71 World Scum - Soulfly
72 Twilight of the Thunder God - Amon Amarth

Amon amarth is an Epic melodic death metal band have to appreciate their music

Way better than Pursuit of Vikings

Embrace of the Endless Ocean

Should be #1!

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73 At the Left Hand Ov God - Behemoth

This is best death metal song by far!

I think it should get a spot in the top tens - nooreldeen

Behemoth awesome... Best death metal band in the world

I don't's so low here..why?
This song is insane... - Ananya

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74 Nemesis - Arch Enemy
75 Cast Down the Heretic - Nile

This song deserves to be higher

This song is amazing, one of my favorite by Nile. Drumming! - Metal_Treasure

76 Resonance - Decrepit Birth
77 Trigger - In Flames
78 Pierced From Within - Suffocation

Should be at top 10. Those riffs just rips ears off!

79 Conspiracy of Silence - Fleshgod Apocalypse
80 In Your Face - Children of Bodom

Feuer Frei, is a great metal song; but you need to know that Rammstein (and the song) aren't death metal, they are industrial metal
by the way, CHILDREN OF BODOM are the kings of death metal! - rock2metal

You have to headbang to this. Simple riffs always make you headbang the hardest. Hardcore lyrics too

Is melodic death metal, which is better - rock2metal

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