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101 F**k Your God - Deicide
102 The Egoism - Fleshgod Apocalypse

FLESHGOD APOCALYPSE are ' Brutal! Listen to The Forsaking and you'll know what I'm talking' about!

103 Lost to Apathy - Dark Tranquility V 1 Comment
104 Slaves Shall Serve - Behemoth

Incredible song. So brutal and powerful.

Pathetic how Rammstein is number 1 when its not even metal.

One of the most brutal death metal songs it should be higher

105 The Jester Race - In Flames

This is the epitome of mdm. A classic. This In Flames was badass. I miss this sound. The melodies in this album

106 Black Star - Carcass
107 Guardians of Asgaard - Amon Amarth
108 Cry My Name - Bloodbath V 1 Comment
109 Dead Embryonic Cells - Sepultura
110 Beneath the Remains - Sepultura
111 Story to Tell - Death
112 Battle Cry - Devoid

This song totally blows my mind man... For all those who criticize the Indian death metal scene... IN YOUR FACE... Jai Bharat... Proud to be an Indian - Metallicalover284

113 Jotun - In Flames
114 Chopped In Half - Obituary

This is a death metal gem, I really don't get this list.

115 Infecting the Crypts - Suffocation
116 Stones of Sorrow - Nile
117 Bleak - Opeth
118 Born Dead Buried Alive - Hypocrisy
119 Left to Die - Death
120 Erase - Gorefest
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