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121 Death in Fire - Amon Amarth

What the ****? Kidding me? This song is awesome. Deserve to be in higher at least top 10. come on guys

122 Crimson - Edge of Sanity

Listen to this once and you will never forget.

123 Clouds Over California - DevilDriver

DevilDriver did not start off as Nu Metal, that was Coal Chamber. But Dez made a good name for himself in this band and this song is their absolute anthem

Devildriver, Started Out as "nu metal" but Quickly gained Intelligence and moved more into the MDM scene, Very Good, Drums not as good as PURE death metal, but fit perfectly into the song

124 Unquestionable Presence - Atheist

Unquestionably best death metal song.
Mad at the band name? Damn you

125 Scavenger of Human Sorrow - Death

Chuck the vocalist and guitarist, a legend, made his last master piece with this album, the drums are amazing, the guitar riffs and the cute bass have some groove, this particular song has a crazy intro and chorus on the drums, I loved it, hope you do too.

126 A Moment of Clarity - Death

The ultra fast blast beats is epic. - GREYBOYY

127 Angels Don't Kill - Children of Bodom

This and clouds over California should make out to top 10

Best song... Great music... Deserve more high ranking...

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128 Edan Maneh! - Plasmoptysis
129 Terminus - Dark Tranquillity

This is the DEFINITION of Melodic Death Metal! This is 'Where Death Is Most Alive'!

But why this is down here? :-(

All of you who are bragging about In Flames and CoB, listen to this!
Behold the king of Melodic Death Metal, Dark Tranquillity. - Nord666

130 Scrolls of the Megilloth - Mortification

The single most grizzly brutal song they ever made and everything death metal should be mortification. Rules! M/

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131 They Will Return - Kalmah
132 Eraser - Hypocrisy

Peter and his aliens sounds great :D

This should be in the top 20! >:O

133 Nymphetamin Overdose - Cradle of Filth

This is Gothic Black Metal, not Death Metal. - GREYBOYY

134 Heir Apparent - Opeth
135 Comatose - Chimaira

This should have been added ages ago. Feuer frei is a good song, but isn't death metal. This is death metal. EPIC -

136 Lethe - Dark Tranquility
137 Burn in Hell - Dimmu Borgir

This isn't death metal. It's symphonic black metal. Plus it's a Twisted Sister cover.

138 Judgement - Chelsea Grin

Only 1 min 12 seconds but it is still better than any song on this list.

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139 Bleed - Meshuggah

One of the best riffs and voice ever!

140 Oroborus - Gojira

Gojira is really awesome
Great lyrics, great voice, and this song isn't even the best of the album

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