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1 Enjoy the Silence Enjoy the Silence

This Song Is Awsome!
Has That Creepy Good Dark Atmosphere - viniot

I like all songs of depeche mode... I'm a big fan... but clear personal jesus and enjoy the silence are one of the best... I don't say more

I can't explain what this song means to me... I remember listening to it a lot on the radio when I was a child. I didn't know the artist's name and the title of the song at that time. Enjoy the Silence is a timeless song, whenever I listen to it nowdays, it feels like nothing has changed for 20+ years

Lovely song. Got me into Depeche Mode. - TheAwesomeBrosVotes

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2 Personal Jesus Personal Jesus

This song features the catchiest guitar riff ever. Depeche Mode is one of the most visionary bands in the history of music, side by side with the Beatles or David Bowie.

a spectacular anomaly in depeche mode discoraphy... by far the best of the group and one of the top 100's of all time

First Depeche Mode Song I heard, and definitely one of the best!

I like of depeche mode a but clear personal jesus and enjoy the silence.
I love you.
Theresa Rodroguez

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3 Policy of Truth

Policy of Truth is missing from a lot of the lists I look at. I think it's definitely top 5, even though Black Celebration is probably their best album.

Very good music and lyrics... You just get strange feeling when you hear that beautiful music... So consuming...

Amazing sounding song but the message is clear, 'truth' will always be subjective = proceed at your own risk...

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4 Precious Precious

Come one this should be number one...
Just listen to it than you know why...

I searched it just today... I heard it as many as years ago when it was first on MTV in India. It's the Best...

What a beautiful song! Love Martin's amazing songwriting as well as Dave's vocals! Just so dynamic.

I hope it's my eyes HE'S seeing through! Damaged and broken. GOD has a Master Plan that only He understands. I'll still keep room in my heart for two. I looove this song. Keep on keeping on DM! Always and forever a diehard devotee.

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5 Never Let Me Down Again Never Let Me Down Again

A good song, no more! Respect DM

Right in the middle of the heydays and right the best song of 'em all! Music For The Masses made a timeless statement that will only vanish with the demise of the World.

One of the best songs but clear, Violator Album was the best.

My favorite song of all the times

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6 Walking in My Shoes Walking in My Shoes

I think this is actually one of the best songs ever written!

This is in my top 5 songs of all time. Great sound, great mixing, great lyrics.

I always get goosebumps when I listen to it!

My Favorite Live Song

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7 Strangelove Strangelove

It is strange that this song isn't higher up

One of the most known songs...

Deserves higher rating. My absolute numer 1 favourite from them

The first song That I listened of DM. I was only 10

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8 In Your Room

It is the best song by Depeche Mode ever. The ambiance is awesome and the vocals are superb. It is very a soulful track. I never get enough of listening this song.

I am coming over and over back to Songs of Faith and Devotion. The best I would have to choose would be this one or One Cares. Of course then there is Walking in my shoes and Judas. Love the whole album.

Mood... Atmosphere... Incredible pain... Incredibly deep emotional impact.. It enraps envelopes and consumes you... The opening bass synth is a beast and the repeating chorus is blissful pain

Great song dark and powerful

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9 It's No Good It's No Good

WHAT!?! how is this so far back? should be in top 5. So should "Policy of Truth" and "I Feel You" along with #1 and #2, which should stay exactly where they are.

A relaxing song with a little dark side on the chorus.. With a twist.. Love it.. But the video its not as good as the song but still one of my top 5 favorites..

Excellent piece, hard and raw as the most representative of what Depeche Mode is,

One of my top 3!

It is written in a stars above

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10 Stripped Stripped

I am a die hard Depeche fan. This is my favorite. From the Black Celebration album. Truly a perfect piece of work. - Fiver1

Epic and very early and close to the synthpop times

Number one in my opinion. Brilliant and moving

Love this song. matter what...

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The Newcomers

? Blasphemous Rumours Blasphemous Rumours

This song shook my when I listened to it for the first time. And it did so again and again.

Says what we are all thinking in tragedy.

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? Behind the Wheel Behind the Wheel

Very underrated. One of their best songs, definitely top 10 in mi opinion.

Very melodic and beautiful song ever!

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11 Everything Counts Everything Counts

Not in the top 10! This is my favorite Depeche song ever

Probably their best track, definitely best 80's track

I've liked this song since I heard it in Grand Theft Auto Vice City Stories.

The grabbing hands, grab all they can! I love to sleep to the reprise version haha it's so peaceful

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12 Wrong Wrong

The best. The awesomeness in this song is in the 'bizarre-nonsense' feeling it gives to you for listening.

Very powerful and groovy, wonderful bass line

Awesome song... never heard that kind of sound before... not even close from any other band's sound... Very Depeche Mode'esque sound

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13 A Question of Time

Definitely should be in top ten!

14 People are People People are People

Probably my favorite Depeche Mode song. It's such a busy song and those synthesizers must being doing 15 different things at once. That part before the chorus sounds so cool and I just want to get up and dance to this whenever I hear it. The vocal harmonization and the layers come together perfectly. Those are some deep lyrics too. - Coatsy

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15 World In My Eyes

This song is great should be in top ten.

Just think this songs nails it (literally...and figuratively) Yeah, it's about s3x, but listen how it builds twice and the lyrics reflect that..

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16 I Feel You I Feel You

Great song! Sets the tone for the entire "Songs of Faith and Devotion" album : passionate, lustful and irreverent.

Why so low? , that song is one of the best of all time. Guys common give a some votes

Hey guys don't care. That's one of the best of them

Probably my favorite Depeche Mode song next to Enjoy The Silence.

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17 Just Can't Get Enough

Masterpiece! Can't get that out of my head that notes!

Could there be 2 better songs that this and New Order's Blue Monday? And this from an Iron Maiden fan...

Much better than The Saturdays remake

Needs to be much higher.

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18 Freelove Freelove

One of the best beats ever by Fletcher. Gahan kills it.

What? It's the best

19 Shake the Disease Shake the Disease

Good intro! The best song of Depeche Mode for me

My top 5 in general

Blue Monday - New Order

Shake The Disease - Depeche Mode

A Pain That I'm Used To - Depeche Mode

True Faith - New Order

Mysterious Ways - U2

Seriously? This one deserves the top 5.

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20 Black Celebration Black Celebration

Incredible song, one that's even better live. Such a fantastic portrayal of making the best of a bad situation, there's a beautiful tension in the synths.

Musically, this is my favorite Depeche Mode song

This is THE BEST song hands down...

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