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1 Enjoy the Silence

One of the best

This Song Is Awsome!
Has That Creepy Good Dark Atmosphere - viniot

An All Time Great Pure Classic Definitely there Number 1

Great song. - Userguy44

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2 Personal Jesus

Personal jesus, personal favourite

This song features the catchiest guitar riff ever. Depeche Mode is one of the most visionary bands in the history of music, side by side with the Beatles or David Bowie.

Reach out and touch faith.

a spectacular anomaly in depeche mode discoraphy... by far the best of the group and one of the top 100's of all time

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3 Policy of Truth


Policy of Truth is missing from a lot of the lists I look at. I think it's definitely top 5, even though Black Celebration is probably their best album.

Very good music and lyrics... You just get strange feeling when you hear that beautiful music... So consuming...

May favorite. glad to see it so high on chart

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4 Never Let Me Down Again

The live version from 101 makes you feel so alive.

A good song, no more! Respect DM

Right in the middle of the heydays and right the best song of 'em all! Music For The Masses made a timeless statement that will only vanish with the demise of the World.

One of the best songs but clear, Violator Album was the best.

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5 People are People

Probably my favorite Depeche Mode song. It's such a busy song and those synthesizers must being doing 15 different things at once. That part before the chorus sounds so cool and I just want to get up and dance to this whenever I hear it. The vocal harmonization and the layers come together perfectly. Those are some deep lyrics too. - Coatsy

Great song! Should definitely at least be in the top 10!

a classic - mneilan

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6 Strangelove

The spirit of DM is in this song!


It is strange that this song isn't higher up

One of the most known songs...

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7 Precious

If you understand the backstory behind this song, then you'll understand why it's in the top 10 Depeche Mode songs of all time.

Come one this should be number one...
Just listen to it than you know why...

What a beautiful song! Love Martin's amazing songwriting as well as Dave's vocals! Just so dynamic.

I searched it just today... I heard it as many as years ago when it was first on MTV in India. It's the Best...

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8 Walking in My Shoes

The best, nothing else to say

I think this is actually one of the best songs ever written!

This is in my top 5 songs of all time. Great sound, great mixing, great lyrics.

I always get goosebumps when I listen to it!

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9 In Your Room

So much emotion. So much texture. Chillingly sexual.

My pick. Captures DM's essence.

It is the best song by Depeche Mode ever. The ambiance is awesome and the vocals are superb. It is very a soulful track. I never get enough of listening this song.

In Your Room is an incredibly dark song and has a great emotional impact on listeners. What I enjoy the most about it is the depth the instrumental on the album version holds. Best song from SOFAD full stop!

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10 Stripped

the best

Wow, just awesome.
The dark atmosphere of this song combined with Dave low vocals really makes this song epic

I am a die hard Depeche fan. This is my favorite. From the Black Celebration album. Truly a perfect piece of work. - Fiver1

Epic and very early and close to the synthpop times

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11 It's No Good

It's No Good, Its Wonderful!

The synths sound fresh today.

WHAT!?! how is this so far back? should be in top 5. So should "Policy of Truth" and "I Feel You" along with #1 and #2, which should stay exactly where they are.

A relaxing song with a little dark side on the chorus.. With a twist.. Love it.. But the video its not as good as the song but still one of my top 5 favorites..

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12 Everything Counts

Not in the top 10! This is my favorite Depeche song ever

Probably their best track, definitely best 80's track

I've liked this song since I heard it in Grand Theft Auto Vice City Stories.

The grabbing hands, grab all they can! I love to sleep to the reprise version haha it's so peaceful

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13 Just Can't Get Enough

Masterpiece! Can't get that out of my head that notes!

Needs to be much higher.

Could there be 2 better songs that this and New Order's Blue Monday? And this from an Iron Maiden fan...

Fantastic great up lifting song

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14 World In My Eyes

The Beat and Sound, is so pure Depeche and Perfect for long Drives

Great song. I adore it

This song is great should be in top ten.

That beat...excellent!

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15 Blasphemous Rumours

The only problem I have with this raking is that Blasphemous Rumours isn't in the Top 10.

This song shook my when I listened to it for the first time. And it did so again and again.

Says what we are all thinking in tragedy.

One of their best songs.

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16 I Feel You


Very hard dm song gaghan super voice in this song and sound powerful

Great Song!

Great song! Sets the tone for the entire "Songs of Faith and Devotion" album : passionate, lustful and irreverent.

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17 A Question of Time

Definitely should be in top ten!

18 Behind the Wheel


Easy the best song!

Very underrated record thou was never gonna be easy to pick a favourite.. - Lesley777

Very underrated. One of their best songs, definitely top 10 in mi opinion.

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19 Shake the Disease

This is #1 all time for me.

This one is really really underrated.

Good intro! The best song of Depeche Mode for me

My top 5 in general

Blue Monday - New Order

Shake The Disease - Depeche Mode

A Pain That I'm Used To - Depeche Mode

True Faith - New Order

Mysterious Ways - U2

Seriously? This one deserves the top 5.

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20 Wrong

The best one.

This song in the WRONG place):(

The best. The awesomeness in this song is in the 'bizarre-nonsense' feeling it gives to you for listening.

Very powerful and groovy, wonderful bass line

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21 Halo

Why is this so low? I should! be top 5! One of their best songs

How come this awesome piece of music, is this down on the top 10?
This is insane! It's one of the best songs in 'violator'

Grat intro also... ><

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22 Suffer Well

A plea for help to all those who have had family with addictions.

A mesmerizing song! The darkness wields a lot of hope.

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24 Freelove

One of the best beats ever by Fletcher. Gahan kills it.

What? It's the best

Best song since Violator

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25 Black Celebration

One of my favorite songs ever

Incredible song, one that's even better live. Such a fantastic portrayal of making the best of a bad situation, there's a beautiful tension in the synths.

Musically, this is my favorite Depeche Mode song

This is THE BEST song hands down...

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26 Waiting for the Night

Takes me to a dark time in my childhood I cry to this song every time I hear it. This song means so damn much to me, and when performed, absolutely beautiful. Love DM forever!

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27 Barrel of a Gun

Only #27!? I just have to vote for this. Ultra is an excellent album, onecof the best. This song is so dark, so aggressive, but at the same personal, emotional. This song and album are underrated!

The darkest, the deepest, but also one of the bests. The music video is also a masterpiece

The darkest, and most depressive DM song, but also one of the bests. Always sends shivers down my spine

First song that brought me into the Depeche Mode world... never looked behind after...

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28 John the Revelator UListen to Sample
29 A Pain that I'm Used To

Such a creepy song. Should be the theme song for the T.V. show Dexter.

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30 Should Be Higher

This should be higher.

This song is suitable for a 12 inch maximum edition

A masterpiece from delta machine album, good rhythm and beatiful voice lyrich

This song "should be higher" (ba the boum! )!

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31 Master and Servant

How in the unholy spirit is this not higher up? This song makes me feel like a king.

What... Why isn't this in the Top 10. What the hell is wrong with you people and who's voting? Teenagers? This is one of their best songs.

Classic Depeche Mode song, extremely surprised this wasn't on the list!

One of the best

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32 Get the Balance Right UListen to Sample
33 Little 15

I kept scrolling and scrolling thinking surely I've gone passed it. Some Great songs above but this has to be in their top 5 for me.

Surprised this isn't higher. Far more compelling than "Enjoy the Silence". One of their most moving pieces of music.

Provoking song. Unlike anything.

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34 It Doesn't Matter Two

A great mini-masterpiece that serves as nothing more than an interlude in Black Celebration in my opinion, but it is one of their best indeed.

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36 Dangerous

By far DM's best song ever, it's just nasty!

Best DM song ever, it's just nasty!

Best DM song ever! How ever it was only on Violator's B side.
It carries deep fealings. Clearly the best DM song ever!

Ooo spooky.

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38 Useless

I love when Gore comes in the chorus for just a phrase or a word. "All my bringing you DOWN! "

The only good song on Ultra! Love it

Cool, as always.

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39 Dream On

This song definitely shouldn't be here, is not the best, but is a great song that let me relax whit a different beat that the rest of their songs, so dream on that this song should be down here.

This is easily a top 10 song. I will just assume most of us already voted before we saw this song or simply forgot. Thinking like this will help me sleep better at night.

Why? Just why? Haven't people heard this song?

40 Photographic

Absolutely hypnotic track. Can't get tired of it

This crushes each of the 47 misplaced above.

People do not vote for this because they probabily have never listened... It's abosolutely one of their best creation... The beat is great with a wide range of modules, the bass is good as well, maybe the lyrics can be considered just normal. You shouldn't miss it if you like 8-bits songs!

Is featured in the movie: the last horror film! Awesome dance music!

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41 Heaven

This is one of the best songs of Depeche Mode that I've listened in a while totally catching tune

This song should definitely be in the top ten. - PositronWildhawk

This is THE BEST song of Depeche Mode! ♥

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42 I Want You Now UListen to Sample
43 Sweetest Perfection

Come on people. This is a great song. It should be more higher

Really translates well an addict's feelings. Great song.

44 If You Want

An underrated, great sounding song on Some Great Reward. Alan's magic is operating here to great effect.

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45 Martyr UListen to Sample
46 Fly on the Windscreen

I think that it's ABSOLUTELY STUPID that it couldn't be decided as a single just because it's first line was "Death is everywhere" People of the 80s!

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47 Somebody

I cried so many times to this song, true I was in high school then but it's still one of the very few to move me so.

This is definitely underrated. One of the best songs of DM.. I want somebody to share share the... Great effing song!

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48 The Things You Said

This has to be one of the most beautiful, dark and melodic songs that I have ever listened to. Why is this not higher on the list, or on the top 10?

I've always admired Martin's singing. This song is perfect for showcasing that!

This is an outrage. No lost of DM'S top ten can exclude The Things You Said!

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49 Sister of Night

Scary but beautiful at the same time. Shame we won't hear Dave singing it live.

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50 But Not Tonight

Depeche mode was my first musical love, and this to me their best track - so at odds with much of the rest of their work, it is more powerful for it.

One of their few songs that have a rather optimistic message and tune about it. However, it's still a cool song! This would make a fine '80s classic! 😉

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