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21 Shake the Disease

Good intro! The best song of Depeche Mode for me

My top 5 in general

Blue Monday - New Order

Shake The Disease - Depeche Mode

A Pain That I'm Used To - Depeche Mode

True Faith - New Order

Mysterious Ways - U2

Seriously? This one deserves the top 5.

This one is really really underrated.

The most underrated 80s song.

22 John the Revelator
23 Black Celebration

Incredible song, one that's even better live. Such a fantastic portrayal of making the best of a bad situation, there's a beautiful tension in the synths.

Musically, this is my favorite Depeche Mode song

This is THE BEST song hands down...

24 Waiting for the Night

Takes me to a dark time in my childhood I cry to this song every time I hear it. This song means so damn much to me, and when performed, absolutely beautiful. Love DM forever!

25 Barrel of a Gun

The darkest, the deepest, but also one of the bests. The music video is also a masterpiece

The darkest, and most depressive DM song, but also one of the bests. Always sends shivers down my spine

First song that brought me into the Depeche Mode world... never looked behind after...

Awesome song, provoking lyrics. Should be much higher in the list. Underrated. Ever feel like "God"'s watching you or asks you to be something you're not? Then answer him with this song!
"I never agreed to be your holy one."

26 A Pain that I'm Used To

Such a creepy song. Should be the theme song for the T.V. show Dexter.

27 Little 15

Surprised this isn't higher. Far more compelling than "Enjoy the Silence". One of their most moving pieces of music.

Provoking song. Unlike anything.

28 Halo

Why is this so low? I should! be top 5! One of their best songs

How come this awesome piece of music, is this down on the top 10?
This is insane! It's one of the best songs in 'violator'

Grat intro also... ><

29 Master and Servant

What... Why isn't this in the Top 10. What the hell is wrong with you people and who's voting? Teenagers? This is one of their best songs.

Classic Depeche Mode song, extremely surprised this wasn't on the list!

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30 Satellite
31 Martyr
32 Where's the Revolution
33 It Doesn't Matter Two

A great mini-masterpiece that serves as nothing more than an interlude in Black Celebration in my opinion, but it is one of their best indeed.

34 Going Backwards
35 Angel
36 Dream On

This song definitely shouldn't be here, is not the best, but is a great song that let me relax whit a different beat that the rest of their songs, so dream on that this song should be down here.

This is easily a top 10 song. I will just assume most of us already voted before we saw this song or simply forgot. Thinking like this will help me sleep better at night.

Why? Just why? Haven't people heard this song?

37 Suffer Well

A plea for help to all those who have had family with addictions.

A mesmerizing song! The darkness wields a lot of hope.

38 Heaven

This is one of the best songs of Depeche Mode that I've listened in a while totally catching tune

This song should definitely be in the top ten. - PositronWildhawk

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39 I Want You Now
40 Higher Love

Takes you to another dimension.

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