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41 Useless

I love when Gore comes in the chorus for just a phrase or a word. "All my bringing you DOWN! "

The only good song on Ultra! Love it

Cool, as always.

42 The Things You Said

This has to be one of the most beautiful, dark and melodic songs that I have ever listened to. Why is this not higher on the list, or on the top 10?

I've always admired Martin's singing. This song is perfect for showcasing that!

This is an outrage. No lost of DM'S top ten can exclude The Things You Said!

43 Dangerous

Best DM song ever! How ever it was only on Violator's B side.
It carries deep fealings. Clearly the best DM song ever!

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44 Somebody

I cried so many times to this song, true I was in high school then but it's still one of the very few to move me so.

This is definitely underrated. One of the best songs of DM.. I want somebody to share share the... Great effing song!

45 Photographic

People do not vote for this because they probabily have never listened... It's abosolutely one of their best creation... The beat is great with a wide range of modules, the bass is good as well, maybe the lyrics can be considered just normal. You shouldn't miss it if you like 8-bits songs!

Is featured in the movie: the last horror film! Awesome dance music!

It's a great song in any version!

Brilliant song. Brilliant beat.
Featured in The world we live in and live in Hamburg!
Excellent for driving to, along with Painkiller.

46 Sister of Night

Scary but beautiful at the same time. Shame we won't hear Dave singing it live.

47 Sweetest Perfection

Come on people. This is a great song. It should be more higher

Really translates well an addict's feelings. Great song.

48 Home

The guitar gives me shivers every time.

Great song and great album

The best performance of Martin L. Gore as lead singer

49 Fly on the Windscreen

I think that it's ABSOLUTELY STUPID that it couldn't be decided as a single just because it's first line was "Death is everywhere" People of the 80s!

50 Rush

One if my favorites. should at least be in the top ten.

Probably THE most underrated song of Depeche Mode... would have been interesting to see DM going that way after Songs of Faith and Devotion...

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51 New Dress
52 The Dead of Night
53 One Caress

Seriously, nobody likes One Caress? I think it is certainly one of top 5 or three from DM. It is great song though the video is weird.

As a late discovered of Depeche Mode, I don't know their complete catolgue (though I do have it) and so far, even after going through the top 30 on the site, this song is still my favourite.

54 A Question of Lust

Why is this in 76th position?!

Does anyone like Black Celebration?

Come on!

Best song by Martin Gore on third best album (Black Celebration)

HOW IS THIS HERE?! This song deserves better! Honestly!


55 But Not Tonight

Depeche mode was my first musical love, and this to me their best track - so at odds with much of the rest of their work, it is more powerful for it.

One of their few songs that have a rather optimistic message and tune about it. However, it's still a cool song! This would make a fine '80s classic! 😉

56 Secret to the End
57 Soothe My Soul

This song is intense and exceedingly sensual. I love the dark atmosphere that consumes the listener at 3:45. Great song!

58 Lillian

Look what you've done, Lilian!

59 Peace

Such a brilliant song, and video, just great... I don't know why is so underrated. Deserves more attention for sure.

One my favorite Depeche Mode Songs. I think this is the most underrated song in history.

60 My Secret Garden
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