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61 Broken Broken

From delta machine album, with a good sound and rhythm

62 Sweetest Perfection

Come on people. This is a great song. It should be more higher

Really translates well an addict's feelings. Great song.

63 Lie to Me Lie to Me

One of their most underrated songs from perhaps their best album...interesting how a phrase from this song became the album's title "Some Great Reward".

64 If You Want If You Want

An underrated, great sounding song on Some Great Reward. Alan's magic is operating here to great effect.

65 I Feel Loved I Feel Loved
66 World Full of Nothing
67 Corrupt Corrupt
68 Sacred Sacred

Love Martin's religiously themed songs (where themes of sexuality and sacredness always meet and blur).

69 New Life New Life
70 All That's Mine

New 2013 song from depeche mode, from the album delta machine it's a bit silence but with good singing voice, sound and rhythm

A beatiful song, with agood rhythm from depeche mode new album

V 1 Comment
71 Now, This Is Fun Now, This Is Fun
72 Goodbye Goodbye V 1 Comment
73 Soft Touch Soft Touch

From delta machine album, good rhythm and beautiful voice lyrich

74 Ice Machine Ice Machine
75 Leave in Silence Leave in Silence
76 Come Back Come Back

Really not a gross out song! Probably, even, one of the most underrated songs.

77 See You See You V 1 Comment
78 Something to Do Something to Do
79 It Doesn't Matter Two It Doesn't Matter Two

A great mini-masterpiece that serves as nothing more than an interlude in Black Celebration in my opinion, but it is one of their best indeed.

80 Nothing Nothing
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