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81 I Feel Loved
82 World Full of Nothing
83 Corrupt
84 Tora! Tora! Tora!
85 Sacred

Love Martin's religiously themed songs (where themes of sexuality and sacredness always meet and blur).

86 New Life
87 Now, This Is Fun
88 Goodbye V 1 Comment
89 Soft Touch

From delta machine album, good rhythm and beautiful voice lyrich

90 Ice Machine
91 Come Back

Really not a gross out song! Probably, even, one of the most underrated songs.

92 Something to Do
93 Any Second Now (Voices)

This and the instrumental edit in the bonus tracks of Speak and Spell are, to me, the best things that Depeche Mode have ever done. It's minimalistic, yet meaningful and amazing. This was also the very first Depeche Mode song I had heard, when I was 5. It is an incredibly underrated song and it should be much higher! - djc

94 Agent Orange
95 Nothing's Impossible
96 Shine
97 I Am You
98 Stories of Old
99 It Doesn't Matter
100 Pipeline
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