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41 Ill Mind of Hopsin - Hopsin
42 Kill Her - Hopsin
43 So Disrespectful - 50 Cent V 1 Comment
44 What's Beef - Trina

Khia was only famous for a few weeks and decided to send for Trina to try get famous once more but Trina destroyed her 3 times in a row lmao - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

45 100 Miles and Runnin' - N.W.A.
46 Destruction of the Eiffel Tower - Ghetts
47 I'm an Animal - Jadakiss
48 To Da Break of Dawn - LL Cool J
49 Allame & Joker - Piyango
50 Back to Back - Drake

If you get killed literally "Back to Back" I don't care if you release No Vaseline 2.0 3 seconds after the Back to Back was posted, you still die after what he said.

This was literally the weakest baby Twitter beef ever, shouldn't be on here lol

I don't think a rapper has ever been bodied harder than Meek from this song.

Uhhh drake fans please go back to your basements. This track is one of the worst diss's ever please for the sake of being normal just gtfo. drake is horrible soft rapper

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51 Loose Change - Ja Rule

Very dope. classic diss track.

52 Succubi - Azealia Banks
53 Control - Big Sean

Kendrick slays so many rappers at once, including Big Sean and Jay Electron who are in the same track.

Kendrick slays so many rappers in this song, even big Sean and Jay Electron who are in the same track.

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54 Red Bandana - The Game
55 Brooklyn - Jay-Z
56 Stay Schemin - Rick Ross

Was targeted at Common... Drake really killed this one...

Definitely deserves to be in the top ten.

Rick Ross killed it with stay schemin

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57 Nasty - Skepta

Yes he dissed Devilman

58 Acknowledge - Masta Ace
59 The Ripper Strikes Back - LL Cool J
60 Pest Control - The Game

This diss should be in the top 5... The game killed Meek

The new Ether. The new 300 bars. He destroys Meek. - winter

I salute the game


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