Top 10 Best DJ Tiesto Songs

The greatest titles from the one of the biggest DJs ever.
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1 Adagio for Strings Adagio for Strings Cover Art

Out of all the genres that I listen to, which is a lot, this is possibly the greatest song of all time. Credits go out to Samuel Barber for releasing the original, and Tiesto for absolutely nailing it! Every time I listen to it, I lose it. It puts me into a whole new world! Without a doubt Tiesto is the greatest DJ to walk the planet. Long live the greatest DJ in the world!

Although this track samples a classical composition meant for tragic events (like the Vietnam War), the overall atmosphere of this track would make you temporarily lose touch with reality. Its heavily distorted synths, rapid progression lasting 9 minutes, and complex scale structure drives your brain chemicals into a state of trance. To allow further loss of identification with the matter around you, listen to this track while on MDMA!

Such a big emotional connection to this. Every time I hear this song I go to another dimension, where there are no worries or stress. It is just a masterpiece

It just drives me crazy every time I listen to it! It makes me dance as if I am listening to it for the first time. Great track to play all night long for the best DJ in the world

2 Urban Train Urban Train Cover Art

This song is literally the greatest song of all time. Extraordinary synths and amazing feel. Absolutely no song can top this. Tiësto is the music king (besides Metallica). We need more songs like this (even more songs like this probably couldn't top this).

Also known as "Suburban Train", great tune - this is the song that originally turned me on to Tiesto. Much better than his newer stuff in my humble opinion.

The superb trance song from his first album "In My Memory"

The Live Versioni with the Children Of Prpheus Choir makes me cry!

3 Red Lights Red Lights Cover Art

What's? Alright the people who rate up the too ten really need to hear this song because it's just amazing! Great vocals with amazing beat!

I think this should be the top 1 even though Adagio for strings has a nostalgic value this song can be heard on a loop.

Come on, Vote for it! It is such an amazing song with beautiful vocals! Those beats are sick! I Just love this song!

This song makes you feel that you left you left earth and went to another planet.

4 Traffic Traffic Cover Art

First Tiesto' track I've ever heard. The best choice for driving in a big lively city at summer night!

Traffic is Number 2 only because Adagio for strings is so GOD

It's better than other beatz it should be on the top

Traffic should be number #1

5 Elements of Life Elements of Life Cover Art

Love you Tiesto seen you in Rio on your world tour about 8 years ago. I was just about to leave about 5am, I'd made my way from the front to the back ready to leave when you dropped adagio for strings so I went running back into the middle like a nutter muscling my way back into the thick of it to get my final & most awaited dance!

This is epic! There's no other Dj who is capable to do something like this!... It's just amazing.. All.. The drums.. The melody.. He is just the best dj ever

Best song to work out to in the world. Hands down. It will make you feel like you are doing something profoundly epic!

Not only BEST Tiesto track but best trance track ever made by any DJ... this is simply out of this world! Adrenaline pumping track! Tiesto at his best!

6 Silence

This is the greatest trance song of all time, and is also a prime example of Tiesto at his best - closely followed by Adagio for Strings!

I'll just say this, This song was voted the greatest trance song of all time. But some how it's Tiesto's 27th greatest song?

Is this supposed to be some kind of a joke?! Silence at 28? This should be top 3 at least.

This should be number 1. Simply one of the best euphoric trance song ever

7 Maximal Crazy Maximal Crazy Cover Art

I first heard this track in the Hardwell documentary "I Am Hardwell." He was basically performing in Breda and he asks rhe crowd to simply sit down and when the 'maximal crazy' part drops, my gut closed up, my eyes welled up and my brain released a euphoric hormone. It's funny how so many people out there think that electronic music is emotionless. This track made me happy. It was such a rare moment.

I would do almost anything to see this song live, I mean listening to it and imagining being in a huge pumped up crowd and just losing it to this song... it would be one of the most amazing things I can think of. Best song in my opinion with Adagio For Strings right after.

It is the best song I have ever heard in my entire life, if I had to chose one last song to listen to before I die I would honestly chose this song it is amazing the drop is the best.

The best song ever you'll hear. No remix can ever replace the standard of the version Tiesto has set. Keep up the work Tiesto. You totally killed this one.

8 A Town Called Paradise A Town Called Paradise Cover Art

Amazing music! Loved it.

9 Just Be Just Be Cover Art

My opinion the greatest electronic execution in modern history

This and Elements of Life are the best

Why rated so low? It should be number 1!

This is one of the best by far

10 I Will Be Here

20? Really? This is insane. This song is probably one of the songs in the history of DJing.

It gets me tripping...

Simply stunning!

The Contenders
11 Century

Best song of Tiesto I ever heard shall be in top 5!

Hey this is good! Doesn't deserve #45

Should be up at top 10

12 Love Comes Again Love Comes Again Cover Art

This is the best

One of his best

Tiësto + but = absolute perfection

13 Lethal Industry Lethal Industry Cover Art

This one was a milestone so a crystal clear number 1 and it hasn't lost one bit of it's awesomeness

All these years later and it's still a banger.

Lethal industry is number 1

14 Dance 4 Life Dance 4 Life Cover Art

This song rocks and has some of the best beat patterns ever.

Love you Tiesto. This one is just awesome to listen

Why d hell is this not #1

Best storyline of a Tiësto song

15 C'mon

It's a powerful, energetic party blaster that must be heard. Yes, it depart's from Tiesto's original trance, but that does not means its terrible. It's a great song at parties and feels like no other song I've listened to.

Greatest song ever by Tiesto, by Busta Rhymes and Diplo. I Love It. Great rap by Busta, and great beat by Tiesto and Diplo... Just listen it

Best best best & best hats off you tiesto

One of the best song by tiesto n diplo.

16 The Only Way Is Up

Best tiesto song ever

17 Zero 76

Yup this is a winner, even the stillest of stone cannot help but dancing to this awesome epic song

The best song ever when you hear it you are completly on heaven, everybody have to listen this song

Is the best song! Its amazing :')

I gurantee it's the best song eber made. I personally think it hould be placed as number one

18 Escape Me Escape Me Cover Art

This is probably the most powerful song to boost up a day's energy

How is this 17 How

19 Forever Today Forever Today Cover Art

This song is better than Adagio for Strings (Adagio for Strings is still a fantastic song). Twelve minutes of epic electronic music (there is an orchestral part in the beginning which is spellbinding).

The best track in electronic music. Period.

Amazing song with amazing versatility.

So uplifting and mesmerizing.

20 Chemicals

The drop for this song is awesome. The mix of Tiësto and Don Diablo is perfect.

21 Wasted

I like it better when were wasted. Amazing hook. I'm sure with time it will make the top ten list.

Why don't it be in the top tens? Heck!

Dis song deserves to be in top 10 come on guys vote for dis song

One of the best tiësto song ever

22 Secrets

Love this! Always makes me want to jump and dance! Love it!

Such a good song. One of my favorite songs ever!

This should be number one

I like this song a lot

23 In The Dark

Amazing! Should be second just after 'Adagio for Strings'.
This is the first song I heard by Tiesto. It made me explore other compositions by him.
Download it if You haven't you'll feel a connection with it!

Best lyric song besides Break my Fall on the album Elements of Life (one of the best albums ever).

It is something which explain the word of my soul. And after hearing this track I've git completly adicted of tiesto the greastest dj
Thank tiesto great job

Beautifull song... Never will forget this time in my life

24 Anywhere for You

The remix is absolutely amazing

25 Take Me

One of the best songs from tiesto. Surprised to see it here. Please vote it

This is the worst site because its voting based

The best times to song I've heard!

This is awesome It should in top 10

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