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21 We Own the Night

WHAT the HECK is this one doing here?! 24! Noo.. FML... This is my favorite Tiesto.. The beat drops are amazing! Luciana's nailed it as well.. People VOTE.

Come on what are you guys doing this is THE BEST by tiesto

What? What is this song doing so low down?

Just one word awesome

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22 Chemicals

The drop for this song is awesome. The mix of Tiësto and Don Diablo is perfect.

23 Welcome to Ibiza

Why this is not on the top of the list?

How is this here? It should be way up in the top 10!

This one should be on the first place!

This should be on top!

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24 Secrets V 1 Comment
25 Anywhere for You

The remix is absolutely amazing

26 Take Me

One of the best songs from tiesto. Surprised to see it here. Please vote it

Best song! Tyler grey too did a good job. And, tiesto is tiesto. :D Vote gor it guys, this song deserves more.

The best times to song I've heard!

This is awesome It should in top 10

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27 Magic Journey

A Magic piece from his first album In My Memory - MatrixGuy

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28 Who Wants to Be Alone Who Wants to Be Alone

A masterpiece of the master

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29 In My Memory

Is my favorite song of all times! Thank you, tiesto

This song is really amazing, every sound make me feel in peace

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30 Athena

You gotta be kiding me... Y is this AMAZING AMAZING and also AMAZING song way down here?... I'm shocked

31 Break My Fall

Nobody? Really? :O Maybe its not the best, but it hurts me to see it at 55!


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32 Insomnia

The best one ever, surprise to me that it wasn't even on here. Start listening to it once and you will replay it several times, which makes you so addicted. A must listen to Tiesto fans!

It's amazing! It has an amazing beat. That's a music fo parties with dancing!

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33 Close To You

It is one of the greatest songs of all time. I dunno why people don't like it as much as I do. Its like from God himself.

34 New Life On Ibiza

Are you guys for real?! This should be way up on the charts

It is the best song evah!
Can't think of it being on no 21...
Please guys gimme a break...
I would say that this song rocks..
It was the only Song that made me like tiësto.., cool song guuyuyfjffg

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35 Chasing Summers (Miami)

One of the best for a beach party and very nice song to hear

Please tell me why this is down here? So beautiful

Absolutely one of he's best should be in top 5!

Duh. This has to be in the top 10.

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36 Hell Yeah!

If come on and Maximal crazy had a baby it would be Hell Yeah, this song has to be with them

An amazing song it is! It should be in top 5. I like its rocking beat. Hell Yeah!

It should be No1 with no doubt. Best song I have ever heard. Powerful bass

These people really don't know to place this song... Really hell yeah

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37 Everything Everything
38 Feel It In My Bones

Its amazing how is this not in the top it really relates to your emotions and awesome to listen in beats

This is a master piece with the angelic voices of tegan and sara

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39 Suburban Train / Urban Train
40 Get Loose
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