Goku vs. Frieza


The most memorable and legendary of the DBZ fights. It's a shame they over-did the "power" aspect in the future DBZ sagas. Frieza was supposed to be one of the most feared warriors in the universe, and by the end of the DBZ series his power was dwarfed in comparison to others. Same goes for the Super Saiyan transformation; it was overdone. I understand Gohan unlocking his potential and reaching SSJ2, but the fact that Trunks and Goten as children reached SSJ, and SSJ3 emerged, it undermined the whole rarity and significant aspect of ascending to SSj in the first place.

Well there is a lot of good fight besides this one but this one has to be the best one is like frieza the ruler of the universe rule over other planets around the universe he killed all the saiyans and their planet veggeta and he killed all those namekians and vegeta bardock gokus father and king vegeta and krillin so is finally time to put an end to his terror and the baby saijan who was sent to earth before planet veggeta exploded he will one day grow up to defeat frieza and avenge all those who were killed by frieza as goku grew up he fought strong adversaries like king piccolo veggeta etc but without any doubt frieza is his ultimate test as he finally turns into the legendary super saijan and fights frieza alone in namek as is about to explode as namek is ready to explode is an epic place to batle with lighting volcanoes hurricanes etc is just epic and finally goku beats the ruler of the universe and avenges everybody

The build up of this fight is anime at its best. This has to be one of the most well scripted seasons ever NO FILLERS! This season has to be the reason I have a passion for this show. It is villains at its most evil and hero's at their greatest. I could go on for days but to sum it up the strength and tenacity potential comes out for his friends... Simply the most amazing

This was an incredible fight just seeing how this fight was turning infinite.
This is and excellent, but excellent fight.
I never get bored of this fight.

There were a lot more intense fights after this (Goku VS Majiin Vegeta, Gohan VS Cell, Goku VS Cell, etc) but the tension in this fight was amazing and Goku and Frieza were almost evenly matched, making this fight the pinnacle of the entire series. I do like the Android and Cell Saga but to me, the end of the Frieza Saga is the ideal ending, like with Goku finally embracing his heritage as a Saiyan and (at least then) dying to save the universe...

The Most Awesome Fight In DBZ History. It Is the longest, The Best, And It Features The Most Popular DBZ Character vs the Most Coolest, And Definitely the Most bad-ass Villain in DBZ

This is the best fight because it's the longest also its set on another planet so id vote for this one but all the fights are incredible also when Goku turns into a super saiyan is epic I've watched the hole dragon ball z 6 times an I'm 14 an it never gets old

THE BEST! No question. It's also one of the longest (it takes up almost two full manga books), and it leads to Goku as a Super Saiyan. The androids would have kicked their asses if they hadn't fought Frieza in the first place. AWESOME BATTLE AND I LOVE IT!

Became an extremely enticing fight. Goku finally achieved Super Saiyan for the first time, and Frieza came to match with his own power. The overall fight was awesome and I'm glad I had the liberty to be around when that episode came out.

This was the most titanic battle in all of Dragon Ball Z history. Two powers of near equal strength clashing and with it the destruction of an entire planet in their wake. The fighting moves were unprecedented and simply amazing.

Goku was the only one strong enough to defeat this tyrant. If it wasn't for him, Frieza would have wiped everyone out. And it was an extremely difficult battle. We also see Goku turn Super Saiyan for the first time.

The first time Goku became a SSJ, a different man. The legend made the SSJ more awesome and great when his rage pissed off Frieza.

Let's see here: it's the longest fight, it's the most important, and the villain is arguably the coolest and definitely the most evil in DBZ history! Conclusion: it should be the winner.

The fight was brilliantly designed and the events before hand really led up to it over all this fight is the best one in dbz and Goku vs Frieza was a brilliant idea it was a great battle.

It was an awesome fight. I love how Goku defeated Frieza after becoming a super sayian, and showed how amazing he is. But the best part was how cool he looked after his transformation. And it was epic how King Kai thought Goku would lose, but he proved him wrong.

The best, most detailed of all DBZ fights. In fact, it should have been the last DBZ fight, since Frieza and Goku killing each other is much more satisfactory than what ensued.

An amazing, long tour-de-force of good and evil duking it out. When the main hero fights the thing that destroyed his race, you know things are largely epic.

Goku vs Frieda is without a doubt the number one fight. Totally awesome

The best fight DBZ ever had. Not just because Goku turned SS, but because of how phenomenal it was. The fight had everything, fist fighting on the ground, in the air, underwater and the blasts that DBZ is famous for, like the Ka-Me-Ha-Me-Ha. Just the best fight ever, with the greatest antagonist ever.

Goku is much stronger than frieza that is exactly what he proves in the match up. He breaks frieza leg but he regenerates. This is the first time he becomes super sayian.

I like this because it had Goku fighting Frieza longer than any other fight I like the others this had a lot of fighting

One thing: frieza made goku do the best transformation ever

Artwork and story were intense... Frieza was merciless.. And cunning.. Frieza killed everyone in his path...

The Most Epic Fight in the whole series one of the reasons I started watching the series!

The best fight of all time. Not even Cell, Buu etc. Can give a so good and so beautiful fight.