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41 Goku vs. Bills

WHAT! WHY? WHY... ISN'T IT IN THE TOP 10'S? This fight is a work of art. The panning and tracking of the fight with the camera is just amazing. The 3d-ish graphics of the landscape breaking and getting destroyed is just as good. It shows at last that Goku doesn't always necessarily have to win. The emotion and the characters, IT'S ALL BEAUTIFUL! Going to vote this on to first place!

This fight is ' monumental! That scene where Goku and Beerus were ripping through the clouds while unloading furious punches at each other with a kickass song in the background was incredible and was enough to make this one of the best fighs in the entire series. There was also character development in this fight, the writers delved deeper into Goku's character and made him seem disappointed in not being able to become stronger by himself, it's really cool stuff. Also, (SPOILER) Goku loses! Yes! You heard me, he lost! Two times in a row! And it's awesome. Believe it or not but Goku admitting defeat to Beerus is possibly one of the best Dragon Ball moments ever.

The best fight in dbz history till date. Can't wait for next movie.

This fight is underrated.

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42 Piccolo vs. Frieza

I thought this was better then when he fought 17

43 Vegeta vs Android 18
44 Goku and Piccolo vs Raditz

This fight was America's first real taste of Dragon Ball Z. The fast-paced action was something that American audiences weren't used to at the time. Also, the fight was unique by the fact that the main hero dies at the end, which came as shock to an audience that is accustomed to the main hero surviving in battle.

This was an interesting fight, indeed. The main hero teams up with his archenemy in order to stop the bad guy, which happens to be his own brother. I know Raditz is evil, but he is my favorite character, and I would have liked to see him come back and have a change of heart.

When raditz was the strongest villan for 5 episodes it was blood pumping for piccolo and goku to fight raditz this fight deserves to be in the top ten list it is the most epic fight ever

How is this not #1? It had everything, hero (Goku), villain (raditz), bad guy, who helps hero (piccolo), emotions, starts all & everything.

It is SBC's only big moment, Goku's first death, piccolo turning good, introduction to saiyans etc with a great fight sequence.

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45 GT Goku vs Omega Shenron
46 Goten vs. Trunks

I adore this fight most as this is the one that the two cutie's friendship was born

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47 Gogeta vs. Janemba

This fight was awesome! It was amazing to see vegeta and goku connect and destroy janemba

Awesome nobody stood a chance against janemba, not even ssj3 goku. But gogeta made it look rediculously easy, plus that line that goes "every force you create has an echo, your own bad energy will be your undoing. "

48 Goku vs Krillin (22nd World Tournament)
49 GT Goten vs Baby (In Civilians Body)

A battle that 1. Caused Gotens girlfriend to be afraid of him and leave him. 2. Showed quickly goten can beat someone down and 3. That civilians should never attack a saiyen hybrid. - Hero-Man1532

50 Krillin vs Piccolo (World Tournament)
51 Goku and Vegeta vs Goku Black and Zamasu
52 Gohan vs. Broly
53 Trunks vs. Frieza

This is what made me like trunk so much because it took him like five minutes to kill Frieza and it took Goku like ten episodes

This fight is why out of all of DBZ, Trunks is, by far, the most SWAG!

54 Goku vs Captain Ginyu

Ginyu totally got Goku it was so good that the writer had to include the frog just to save Goku from total humiliation. Epic fight and really funny.

This was THE fight of the Ginyu Saga, and for the first part, it was great as it was just Goku vs Ginyu in hand to hand combat, no ki blasts. Then Ginyu releases Goku to keep the fight fair much like Goku does. Overall, a great fight in Dragon Ball Z.

55 Goku vs Omega Shenron

Hey guys omega shenron whooped goku ssj4 and vegeta ssj4. Then how isn't this on the top 20

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56 Vegeta, Krillin & Gohan vs Recoome

Recoome was a powerhouse and decked Vegeta with his Recoome Kick, Recoome Death Driver, Recoome Elbow, and Recoome Eraser Gun; incapacitated Krillin with a kick; thrashed Gohan with his Recoome Bomber and busted his neck after smashing him around before being halted by Goku's thunderous strike.

Vegeta shows all his fierceness in this combat

Yes, a lost battle. But hey, they was the Team Three Star! - rUb

57 Goku vs Hit
58 Vegeta vs. Majin Buu
59 Vegito vs. Buuhan
60 SSGSS Goku vs Golden Frieza

Old rivals fighting once again in forms reminiscent of their fight on Namek. Only down side is at the end of the fight but other than that it was very enjoyable.

Where is vegetas name in this? But, even if vegeta did not get mentioned here, it was an all around amazing fight.

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