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61 Mystic Gohan vs Super Buu
62 Goku vs Lord Beerus
63 Vegeta vs. Gohan
64 SS4 Goku vs Nova Shenron
65 Goku vs. Cooler

Most bad ass line was
Salza-"This is lord Cooler you imbecile, Wake up. You should be honored to be at his mercy.
Cooler "What mercy..."

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66 Tien vs Goku V 1 Comment
67 Chilled vs Bardock
68 Android 18 vs Goten and Trunks
69 Olibu vs Pikkon

Probably the best directed battle of the whole series. It builds up with slow, but powerful moves, then builds its tempo with trading strikes. Then, with everyone being totally blown away, the fevered pitch is decided. Pikkon wins, and Olibu becomes his friend. Great Directing!

70 Goku and Vegeta vs Whis
71 Vegeta vs Android 16

Listen to Vegeta's dialogue and you'll know why... Not an epic, amazing fight like Goku/Frieza, but the one liners were amazing.

Wait what? When vegeta had battle with android 16?

72 Vegeta vs First Form Frieza
73 MD64 Vegito vs Omega Shenron
74 Goku vs. Pikkon

The fighting itself wasn't that impressive, just the sheer buildup.

75 Mr. Popo vs Goku

The ONLY time Goku got his ass handed to him! It was so funny I could watch it 1000 times. Goku never ever laid a finger on Popo and that was for 3 years being totally dominated. If it was not for Popo Goku would not be who he was.

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76 Goku, Vegeta, Trunks, Piccolo vs the Androids (#13, #14, #15)
77 Kakka Carrot Cake vs Freezy Pop

Kakka carmen electra became real super sand

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78 SSG Goku vs. Beerus V 1 Comment
79 Dr. Gero vs. Vegeta
80 Vegeta & Trunks vs Cell
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