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81 Trunks vs. Cell

Future trunks attacks head on and his transformation to ultra super saiyan is epic! How can you not love future trunks?

Which one? the USSJ vs Perfect Form one or the Future Cell vs Future Trunks one?

82 Gogeta vs. Janemba

This fight was awesome! It was amazing to see vegeta and goku connect and destroy janemba

Awesome nobody stood a chance against janemba, not even ssj3 goku. But gogeta made it look rediculously easy, plus that line that goes "every force you create has an echo, your own bad energy will be your undoing. "

83 Zarbon vs. Vegeta

The most brutal and nonstop action in one single episode. Zarbon transforms into a monster and pounds the daylights out of Vegeta with multiple roundhouses, pinwheel kicks, a relentless headbutt combo and a savage piledriver. Vegeta doesn't even have a chance to fight back as Zarbon annihilates him to the brink of death. By far the most brutal and savage fight in the series; much more devastating and powerful than an entire saga of fighting. Zarbon dominates this battle most of all; it's the only time we see a villain completely butcher a hero without allowing the hero/protagonist to have a chance. Best fight, hands down.

This was the absolute most brutal fight in the entire series. It is the one instance where the antagonist doesn't even allow the protagonist a chance to fight back. Zarbon annihilates Vegeta senseless and leaves his battered body after a multiple headbutt combo, simultaneous roundhouses, a deadly piledriver, a rapid succession of knees to the gut and numerous cyclone kicks. This was the worst beating laid down onto a character and Vegeta was a ragdoll the entire time. Zarbon is the deadliest and best warrior in Frieza's military.

Zarbon beat the life out of Vegeta, and every minute of it was enjoyable.

This fight was intense; Zarbon gave Vegeta the most severe beating and he deserved it.

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84 Vegeta vs Cell

Vegeta owns Cell then Cell owns Vegeta.Pretty good fight.SSJ Grade 2

Super vegita owned second form cell, and. If cell dared to test vegita's most powerful move, final flash, tjen he would've killed cell.

85 Android 16 vs Imperfect Cell

In this fight, android 16 showed androids 17 and 18 and Tien that he is BEAST! Cell got pwned so many times by 16 and that 18 and 17 looked like somebody who finds out there wife is pregnant!

86 GT Kid Goku vs Omega Shenron
87 Goku vs Baby Vegeta
88 Trunks, Goten and Hercule vs Bio-Broly
89 Kid Trunks, Goten, and Hercule vs Bio-Broly
90 Goku and Piccolo vs Raditz

This fight was America's first real taste of Dragon Ball Z. The fast-paced action was something that American audiences weren't used to at the time. Also, the fight was unique by the fact that the main hero dies at the end, which came as shock to an audience that is accustomed to the main hero surviving in battle.

This was an interesting fight, indeed. The main hero teams up with his archenemy in order to stop the bad guy, which happens to be his own brother. I know Raditz is evil, but he is my favorite character, and I would have liked to see him come back and have a change of heart.

When raditz was the strongest villan for 5 episodes it was blood pumping for piccolo and goku to fight raditz this fight deserves to be in the top ten list it is the most epic fight ever

How is this not #1? It had everything, hero (Goku), villain (raditz), bad guy, who helps hero (piccolo), emotions, starts all & everything.

It is SBC's only big moment, Goku's first death, piccolo turning good, introduction to saiyans etc with a great fight sequence.

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91 Krillin, 18, Goten, Trunks and Hercule vs Bio-Broly

A Z Fighter, his wife, the grandson of one of the best sayians, and the best character in all of DB vs a reincarnation of Broly. HOW IS THIS NOT AT LEAST #3?!?

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92 Goku vs Goku V 1 Comment
93 Goku vs Odeus Da DestruiƧao
94 Abdullah vs Ugly Man

Ugly man best character on the show bar none

95 Abdullah SSJ vs Taimoor SSJ2 (Abdullah Saga)
96 Goku vs. Gotenks V 1 Comment
97 Yamcha vs Hero (Kami)

This was one of the most surprising fights in the history of Dragonball it deserves to be mentioned. Funny and cool and not expected at all. Yamcha loses to a nerd!

98 The Z Freedom vs Grunge Werewolves
99 Videl vs. Spopovich

I love the way spopovich kicking videl butt

100 Goku and Vegeta vs. Kid Buu

Taking turns fighting Majin Buu, AND Earth helping Goku! Only problem, they think they're helping Mr. satan.

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