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81 Goku and Vegeta vs Omega Shanron
82 Android 16 vs Imperfect Cell

In this fight, android 16 showed androids 17 and 18 and Tien that he is BEAST! Cell got pwned so many times by 16 and that 18 and 17 looked like somebody who finds out there wife is pregnant!

83 GT Kid Goku vs Omega Shenron
84 Goku vs Baby Vegeta
85 Trunks, Goten and Hercule vs Bio-Broly
86 Kid Trunks, Goten, and Hercule vs Bio-Broly
87 Goku vs Goku V 1 Comment
88 Goku vs Odeus Da DestruiƧao
89 Goku vs. Gotenks V 1 Comment
90 Yamcha vs Hero (Kami)

This was one of the most surprising fights in the history of Dragonball it deserves to be mentioned. Funny and cool and not expected at all. Yamcha loses to a nerd!

91 The Z Freedom vs Grunge Werewolves
92 Videl vs. Spopovich

I love the way spopovich kicking videl butt

93 Goku and Vegeta vs. Kid Buu

Taking turns fighting Majin Buu, AND Earth helping Goku! Only problem, they think they're helping Mr. satan.

94 Goku SSJ4 vs Super 17
95 Z Fighters vs Cell Juniors

This was actually a fight including all the Z fighters fighting against the Cell Juniors and yes... I said EVERYONE! It's really nice to see all the characters working together to defeat a mighty foe. - AmythestDiamond

96 Omega Shenron vs Broly and Kid Buu
97 Goku vs Piccolo Daimao
98 Bardock vs Chilled

I love when Bardock goes Super Saiyan and whoops his butt. Go Bardock!

99 Naruto vs Sasuke

Nary to is not in dragon ball z like what?

V 3 Comments
100 Krillin, 18, Goten, Trunks and Hercule vs Bio-Broly

A Z Fighter, his wife, the grandson of one of the best sayians, and the best character in all of DB vs a reincarnation of Broly. HOW IS THIS NOT AT LEAST #3?!?

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