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21 The Croods The Croods

I think Emma Stone would be a good voice for Roll Light from Mega Man: Battle Network series.

This is one of the funniest films I've seen. If your looking for an animation comedy I would definitely recommend this film. - Froglamb

The Croods was very good! It was very well written and the monkey was hilarious!

This film was so brilliant and funny. This should be so further up the list - Froglamb

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22 Bee Movie Bee Movie

This really deserves to be higher up the list as it is hilariously funny and I laughed at every single bee related pun (and there was a lot) since they were clever every time. Barry's relationship with Vanessa was quite creepy alright but the movie was still heart warming and shows you that how sometimes the things you want aren't necessarily what you need. It showed us we should not be greedy but also to fulfil your dreams and don't just go with the status quo, follow your dreams. I really enjoyed this film and still really enjoy it now.

The comedy of Jerry Seinfeld keeps me coming back for more. Patrick Warburton's character is hilarious. I see something new in the elaborate backdrops every time I watch.

Are you kidding me the bee movie is the greatest movie of all time. Ever heard of a Jerry Seinfeld? Or a Renee Zellweger? Or I don't know Matthew Broderick and Patrick Warburton and Oprah Winfrey and John Goodman? Well they are in the movie, you goobuses. The box even says, "Bee Movie is an A." I am glad to see, however, that the trashfires that are Madagascar 2, Antz, and Puss and Boots are higher than this classic film, which is only at 22. Can we please at least get ahead of the cinematic fecal matter that is The Croods? Larry King even showed up for this movie you slammer-jammers.

The greatest anime of the world - Cartoonfan202

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23 Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted Madagascar 3:  Europe's Most Wanted

Nice movie, even background score firework looks like its just made for the movie scene only!

Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted is a flawless, revolutionary comeback to the Madagascar franchise. I am betting Katy Perry and Alex the Lion are in love with each other. If they were in each others' realities, bestiality would then be liable to happen.

Should Be Higher. Best Movie Of Madagascar Trilogy - Ardan

This one is the funniest Madagascar movie

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24 Kung Fu Panda 3

Dreamworks so far has sort of been cursed when it comes to third movie installments because shrek 3. And Madagascar 3 were the worst in the series. I hope this does not happen to Kung fu panda

This will be much better than the prequels.

Excellent movie. Excellent Trilogy.

It was good until it got to the end: Po enters a spirit place, sees his master's master and gets something that makes him win a fight and give powers to pandas... they sing a chessy song and it ends. But like I said otherwise it's good.

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25 Mr. Peabody & Sherman

Witty, comedic and heartwarming, Mr Peabody and Sherman managed to capture my heart ever since I saw it. It really deserves the Oscar!

This movie deserves a lot more respect. It's not only funning and has very well played acting, but the story is as good. I would this easily in the top 3, maybe higher.

This movie is deserving to have an oscar

Also underrated. since I love time travel stuff, this was a win for me - Cartoonfan202

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26 Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit

This is so much better than a majority of the movies on the list but I guess it's lower cause another studio made it

Technically produced by Dreamworks, but not enough people think of it as a Dreamworks movie. Really deserves more respect though. - Knucklewood

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27 Shrek Forever After Shrek Forever After

This is my favorite Shrek movie of all time why do people give it so much hate it's awesome.

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28 Penguins of Madagascar Penguins of Madagascar

It is really funny and cool this should be in the top 20

So cool, but it was sort of forgettable - Cartoonfan202

I love THIS moVie iT was FUNny aND aDOrABLE SHOuLD be IN thE toP Ten.u7k

29 Home

This is my favourite movie. I really love this movie. The story is really heart touching. And I love all the songs of this movie. I want to thanks to the creator of this movie that they presented it. I like its animations, graphics and best of all story was awesome.

I agree with the person the person that stood up for this moving I love it

So good! Plus, the person who plays Oh also plays Sheldon Cooper, one of the funniest characters of all time - Cartoonfan202

This movie should n't be on the list, it was in fact one of Dreamworks' worst movies of all time, everything in that movie made no sense.

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30 Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas

This is a very good movie, the animation on the the villain eris with her hair is really impressive, the story has some good adventure, action and some good comedy, it's a movie that adults, teenagers and children can enjoy and there are some jokes that all ages can understand. This movie should have been in the top 10.

I love the animation in this movie. It will wow you with spectacular colours and action.

If spectacular animation and a thrilling/underrated story aren't enough to get you hooked, then take this instead: Brad Pitt is the main character.

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31 Despicable Me Despicable Me

Although the humor is similar, this is not Dreamworks either.

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32 Turbo Turbo

I thought dreamworks ran out of ideas when this came out, but compared to other crap like 'The Nut Job' (Which is a clone of over the hedge) this movie is ok but how to train your dragon 2 is amazing and I want to see peabody and sherman. - Harri666

When I saw the trailer for this, I thought it was a joke. Then I actually watched the movie and I thought it was amazing. - OhioStateBuckeyes

Turbo has my Favorite movie music ever, That Snail is Fast!

A cliché plot, but it's one of my guilty pleasure films. It's funny as hell and executed wonderfully that it became one of my favorite DreamWorks animated movies next to KFP 2. - Mcgillacuddy

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33 Joseph: King of Dreams Joseph: King of Dreams

It has Batman, Ariel, and Luke Skywalker, a direct to video prequel to one of my favorite DreamWorks movies, and I love the Book of Genesis. The songs are okay at best, but the rest of this film is so underrated. It needs more love.

Joseph: King of Dreams is one of my favorite animated movies of all time. It was awesome and it is my favorite DreamWorks movie. - TailchaserFan10

I honestly enjoyed this more than Prince of Egypt. I love these stories.

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34 Shrek the Third Shrek the Third

Just like how in the Shrek franchise Shrek 1 and 2 are good and Shrek the Third and Shrek: Forever After suck, Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga and Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time were outstanding Mario & Luigi games whilst Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story and Mario & Luigi: Dream Team were both horrible. No wonder Shrek: Forever After and Shrek the Third were both not put on the list! Because they were not decent.

Bowser's Inside Story and Dream Team were no where near bad games the were both great

Hate this movie, it Sucks major butt

Kesha and Gwen Stefani are my favorite and the best, both creative, unique and fun, though, taylor swift is the worst, boring, annoying, and rude. I wish gwen and kesha collab because both of them have good songs and steal Taylor's popularity and win more awards than her. I would be so happy if gwen and kesha were very popular and taylor swift retires.

I actually had the dvd of this movie. It was decent but it wasn't as good as the other Shrek movies - Cartoonfan202

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35 Wallace and Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit Wallace and Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit V 1 Comment
36 Frozen Frozen

This isn't even a dream works movie! It's a Disney. And how did spirit beat out The road to El dorado?!

Why is this here?! This is Disney you idiots

What is that big word above the title? It looks like it says 'Disney'...

Oh yeah! This is a Disney movie!...

So what the heck is it doing here?

Two words: disney movie - Cartoonfan202

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37 Epic Epic

This is not one of Dreamworks last good movies because Dreamworks didn't make it.

You see those words that say Blue Sky? That's because Blue Sky made it!...

One of Dreamworks' last good movies, before Mr. Peabody and Sherman, and then dying, it had a ton of adventures and a meaningful plot, good writing, and even good animation, it was special, no wonder it was epic.

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38 Wallace & Gromit V 2 Comments
39 Toy Story Toy Story

Who heck thought this brilliant Pixar film was made by Dreamworks?

Like frozen this film is not DreamWorks. This is Pixar's first feature length film. It's not DreamWorks - Froglamb

This was one of the greatest movie in the history of animation because it started the trend of CGI animation...BUT THIS IS NOT A MOVIE BY DREAMWORKS...IT'S...P...I...X...A...R.

This is pixar - Cartoonfan202

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40 Ice Age Ice Age

Another film not made by Dreamworks, but made by Blue Sky. Get it right people!

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