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1 Hero

Makes Me Cry every Time!

I can be your hero babe...
I Can kiss away the pain...
I will stand by you forever
You can take my breath away...

Total awesome...

Hero is a word that's contents all of the movie stars.. but it role in somebody's life means a lot than what it actually says.. this particular song describes it all what it actually says... and Enrique is the right person to forward this say with his heartwarming voice...

Great lyrics with superb music I was so much amazed when I heard this song for first time. Its my all time favorite. Everyone should litsen this song specially if you're in love. What a heart touching way to explain love.

I'm crazy for this song... I just Love it... The best song ever ever made... whenever I hear this song it remind me of somebody... I wish I could this song for her.. really.. I love you Komal, More than anything..

I just wanna hold you... Yuo can take my breath away... I'll LOVE YOU till the day I die... ever and ever Forever... I can be your Hero... ;(

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2 Tonight

Amazing... Just amazing!... A day doesn't pass of mine without hearing this one!

I never leave 4work without hearing this song, but the fact is I love all of enrique's songs because they make a lot of sense and I just cant control my tears while listening to hero...

Its an awesome song! It gets me groovin every time I listen it! Love this song...

Amazing... Just amazing
Amazing... A day doesn't pass without hearing this song!
It's an awesome song...
I love this song very much
It has an amazing music and has great lyrics, awesome video and everything. I love every of Enrique's songs by the way
This song is the best one by Enrique.. Just love it.. And the second should be somebody's me as voted. Hero is not a good song, as compared to tonight. Its really awesome

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3 I Like It

This is the best song..

Enrique Is the best singer here...
This song is stuck to my head!

It is a really super song. It has got nice music and even feat of Pitbull is nice. Really Enrique Is the best singer of mine

This song is awesone.! It's the best song of Enrique Iglesias. I LIKE IT very much!

I LIKE IT! this song is stuck in my head! I LUV IT! :D ENRIQUE AL THE WAY SUN! - lyere1

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4 Somebody's Me

This song just makes me feel like there is someone out there who likes me too!

Absolutely heart touching song with great lyrics.. Enrique at his very best in this song.. Every time I listen, feels like heaven to me.. Must be his best song ever...

"Somebody dreams about you every single night.. Somebodys me"... I think this is better than hero... The song touches your soul.. Enrique is super awesome!

Was is & always the best song for me

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5 Dirty Dancer

The original with usher is like the best dance song ever. Why didn't they make that one the official, even now it is being bought more on iTunes. It sounds awesome itself. LOVE THIS SONG, keep it up enrique


Why you have not vote this song this is one of the best song this song diserve in list of top 10 song of enrique. This music is awesome dood.
I always want dance this song. Awesome song

It is an amazing song I love it it really brings a smile to my face he is very very talented and always will be if you are not a fan you should be

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6 Addicted

Amazing... a day doesn't pass without hearing this song!
it's an awesome song...
i love this song very much

I'm Addicted to this Song... Its really very fantastic... Must listen to it...

Such a wonderful song really.. Just different from the others.. This song definitely makes people addicted to it.. It should be among the top three I guess..

This is an awesome song I have ever heard... It takes us to heaven while of listening to the song... Such a great lyric it is... Especially the line "there's storm in my head.. It lies on my bed... "extremely heart touching...

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7 Bailamos

OMG... ! AwEsUm MaN... ! ItZZz Da BsT SoNG EvR... ! I jSt LuV Ds SoNg'S WiLd WiLd WeST VeDiO... ! EnRiQuE LuV U mAn... !

A beautiful romantic song. It is the song which made him popular. It should be on top 5...
much better than "i like it" & "addicted".

wow! dude! this song rocks!
tonight we dance... wow! dude awesome.. must listen this song and watch the video! guys!

Easily the best song he has other than Hero.

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8 Escape

You can run you can hide you can't escape my love nice lines and great song

You can run
You can hide
But you can't escape my love...
One of my most favourite songz...

This was supposed to be at the top of the list

Please guys vote this song...

This song is the best one by enrique.. Just love it.. And the second should be somebody's me as voted. Hero is not a good song, as compared to tonight. Its really awesome

Best of the best

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9 Finally Found You

Best! Enrique and his songs just never change.. You know you can trust a song when you know its from enrique.. The lyrics.. The video.. Everything is so sweet! It's a must listen guys..

I finally found this AWESOME song!

Can't stop listening to it for continuously 3 days! :D ITS AWESOME!

The most energetic song... I'm kinda addicted to this song and the way Enrique has sung it!

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10 Bailando

I learned Spanish because of this Song, you have to listen to this song, you will love it (It must be the Top 1)

One of the best songs why is it not even in the top three?

This song prove that (Enrique Iglesias - The King Of Latin Pop)

Unbelievable song! How come this song is not in the list. it must be added and put number 1!

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The Contenders

11 Why Not Me?

Awesome song just love it!
Enrique rocks!
Must listen your gonna love the song like anything
The lyrics are just so damn awesome

Lovely song man heart touching its lyrics and voice is damn good

The most emotional song tat touches everyone's heart.
Must listen! For all enrique fans

Awesome song! Lyrics are really awesome!... Enrique really rocks! I just can't stop myself from humming this song!... This song should be on top...

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12 Heartbeat

Man, it's so difficult to choose one of enrique's songs! All of them are absolutely breathtaking! Hero, somebody's me, I like it, tonight, addicted, rhythm divine, be with you... I can go on and the list would get longer. But still, heartbeat is definitely one in the top 5. So move this song up please!

its the one the best english pop song I have ever listen to... its just awesome... video is also superb and beautiful... perfectly matched with the song...

What can I say.. It's just awesome.. Make me fall in love with enrique. His look in this video is damn good. Enrique is the best. Love love love. Lots of love for him. His songs make crazy all the time. Heart beat is his one of the best song so I think this song should move up..

The way he sings is so sexy!

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13 Do You Know?

It has an amazing music and has great lyrics, awesome video and everything. I love every of Enrique's songs by the way

Simply the best! This songs is dedicated to me as per my feelings I love it more than any other Enrique's bests... It's code with deep feelings which was inside me and I have never thought... I'm the happiest from inside...

Actually first when I heard it after I left my friends it touched me a a lot... 'because the music is related to me! And the song is full of love emotion and the video is telling a story of love and for me it is just like hero's video beside of the girl

Great melody perfect lyrics nice videoclip

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14 Rhythm Divine

Rhythm Divine is awesome. One of the best songs I have ever heard. The tune is just plain AWESOME. I love this song plainly because of the tune. This should be in top 5 not 10th. YOU HAVE TO HEAR THIS SONG. ITS JUST PLAIN AWESOME enough said. =__=

Most Awesome song ever.. Can keep listening to it fr years together...

Totally AWESOME song. Another biggie from Enrique!... simply love this song... can't sleep without listening it at least once a day!

Rhythm Divine makes you feel alive, makes you feel passionate, even when I'm not in the best mood this song would just pump me up. It's even beyond words to describe, I guess this is one of the miracles of music. I've been listening to this song for years and I would just appreciate it more and more every time I listen to it.

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15 Tonight (I'm F*****' You)

Oh my god! Worth gold, diamond ruby like song is on 37th? Na

From tis song I became very very big fan of enrique actually I love to listen to his all songs

But tonight I'm lovin you...
Obviously the best of HIS songs!

Enrique's voice is so seductive in this song. Simply Beautiful. Love ya enrique.

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16 Tired of Being Sorry

Just amazing...
Love to hear to the song again and again...
Enrique's voice is just too good and the pain he tries to convey through the song is simply so touching...

you can never 4get this song...

I don't know why but I feel a special connection to the tune

Great song... Really touching... It's really lovely... It's one of my best song ever heard...

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17 Be with You

Love this song.. Amazing one.. Makes me cry often... Want to be it top five..

When I heard this song for the first time... I fell in love
Enrique was in belgrade 2 years ago and that concert was amazing!

This is the best song of Enrique... Music, vocals everything is just too awesome.! It should be somewhere at top ten.. Just listen to it guys you'll just love it... Thanks Enrique for such a beautiful song...

Without doubt not only the best song from enrique it is also his most best selling song in U.S...I think it is the best song in the world since the first time I heard it! No day without hearing this song!

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18 Takin' Back My Love

Wow this song just rocks. And I also think ciara's voice is similar to vanessa hudgens...

---> If I Had Nothing Would You Want Me To Stay

Awesome Song
Most PLayed In My Playlist And Still On Top..

This song's music makes me go mad... Ciara's voice is rocking as ever

Best of Enriqueig

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19 Away

Oh I love this song! It should be at least in top15.

Awesome song with heart touching lyrics...

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20 Heart Attack

It's the best song ever that I've listen..

What? Somebody's gonna tell me they don't like this song.. Well, they probably didn't hear it. Trust me it should be among the top. Top 5 maybe

Too good and heart touching song!

Can't stop listening to this song... Believe me guys this is an awesome song and ya better than hero.. If you listen to this song your definitely gonna love it..

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21 Naked

Such a good song! The tune which comes in between is so great! This song just makes me dance enrique just rocks it even though this is a song by dev without enrique this song was nothing! He just nails it! Please vote for it guys you will regret if you don't vote for it!

It is the best of Enrique..
Need to be voted because it is far better any other song of him.
Guys please vote...

Guys come on...
This deserves to be listened and voted.
Greatest music & the tune in this song is amazing.
Best of the best and should at the top...

Vote! Vote! Vote!
Best of all and deserves to be in the top...
The tune in this song is amazing...
Can't get out of my mind.
Amazing song.

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22 Ring My Bells

This should be 2nd one on the chart I just love the sound it's chorus just stuck in my mind

Ring my BElls

This song should be the first... I'm listening dis for a long time... But still it's my favorite... The meaning of the song visualize me a different world... I guess that feeling is not just mine, but for any other who love this song... Love his voice very much...

I love this song very much! The beat is AMAZING and its just awesome. I probably listen to this song everyday... Along with all of Enrique's other songs because I love him. A lot.

Best song

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23 Can You Hear Me

Man this should be at least in top 5, really makes me sing loudly every time I hear this one...

This is by far the best Enrique Iglesias song. Hero comes second, but Can You Hear Me is another thing entirely. Absolutely awesome.

Simply amazed what the hell voters are doing it should be in top 5 if not in top 5 it should at least in top 10 yo

I love this song! Every time I warm up for soccer I listen to this song because he sang it at the World Cup. And I have loved it ever since I heard it. Great song, should be up there. So Vote it Up! Ca

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24 Maybe

Meaningful and awesome lyrics...

Come on it is the best song of of the most beautiful song ever created - sumanrocksu

This is my favorite song of his, I love it.

This should be in the top three, this one is a masterpiece I consider it my favorite enrique song

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25 Mouth to Mouth

What all the lines are same

It's just super awesome... Loved the song... Enrique rocks as well as Jennifer too... Loved them

Just love it! Very nice combo JLO and enrique! Great song! Keep it up!

I like this song because it so much romantic wow feeling arising in me while m listening it. Good job Enrique sir

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26 Stay Here Tonight

If you sing this song with an acoustic she will stay every night with you. It should be in top 5 at least. Enrique has a sweetest voice in this one

This is song is so beautiful- Emotions spring out on listening to it! 38th spot, seriously? It deserves to be in his top 5 songs.

The most awesome song ever... It should be in top 5..

I love this song!

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27 One Day at a Time

Amazing song...

Its really very nice... Must listen to it...
Good lyrics... Akon and enrique sing nice in this song

Awesome song...
I don't know how this song is on 25..
Should be at least in top 10.. Very good lyrics..
And enrique the way he is pronouncing lyrics..
Loved it.. So good music..

Very nice song. I like it very much. Very good lyrics. Akon and enrique sang it very nice. Everyone should hear it. My favourite song. It should be on top 1. Very nice song.

I go mad when I listen to his songs... Love his songs...

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28 Loco

Oh! God why is this down here? It's the most beautiful song Enrique has ever sang! - glambert

I don't understand Spanish, still hear it almost everyday.. Nice song

The best Spanish song

I Think it is best. It makes me happy, makes me lover, makes me cry... Its majic.

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29 Push

O boy I love this song! Enrique and Lil Wayne just rock together... Not a single day pass without listening it. Relaxing beats

Listened to it once and fell in love immediatly. Great video too! God I love this guy

Really catchy, makes a person wanna tap his feet!

Extraordinary song. It should be in first place fantastic beats

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30 I'm a Freak

Really a great Foot tapping song... Gets you in Grove just as like a FREAK!

Great song to fill your mind with excitement. It drives me crazy the beats of this song. Best song to be played in a night party. Girls are hot! Should be on top 10

Good song but not as good as hi usuals!

Should be on the top!
This song is pretty amazing...
Like usual pitbull too rapped well! - glambert

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31 Roamer

Heart touching song. Really very nice one. I like it so much...

Truly this is the best one, the masterpiece gem of ENRIQUE and perhaps the best English song I've ever heard. I don't why I am so much besotted with this song.

One of the best song I have ever heard in my entire life... This should be in top 3

Heart warming song... One of his best...

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32 Duele el Corazon

Enrique showed up who's the boss now

I chose this one because it never gets annoying. Listened to it well over 150 times by now. - galaco

I Don't understand Spanish but man this song can't get over it. Just Awesome!

This song is my favorite Spanish song.

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34 Cuando Me Enamoro

I heard this for the first time in a Spanish class and I loved it! It makes me smile every time I hear it The perfect song to listen to in the car and sing to.

It's such a nice song.. It's fun and during listen this song I think how I'll feel when I'll fall in love..?

Song just gets you in that mood, listen to it over & over

It makes me feel like I'm flying

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35 I Will Survive

This song is very near to my heart. It's lyrics and music is very wonderful.
It is a very inspirational song. The reality of the life is reflected from this song.

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36 There Goes My Baby

This is my first enrique song which has an everlasting impression on me love it

Nice song of his new album

What the hell is this song doing on #74 its disgusting that this song is at 74th. This song should be at top 5. This is the best song of his new album. Its music is lovely and enrique sing very well this song. you should listen the song first...

Enrique Should Have Made The Video Of THis Song It Could Have Been More Popular!

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37 Subeme la Radio

It should be among top 10.. one of the best song

The song is too good its just awesome... I always hear the song

Subeme la radio is the best song of enrique iglesias & me

Sexy voice as ever awesome music beats n lovely song

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38 Wish I Was Your Lover

Mind blowing music and enrique's voice is the best after Michael jackson...

Yes enrique's voice is the best after Michael JACKSON! Enrique rocks!

Yeh, it's a full filled with a true lover's feeling and enrique voice with this heeling music encourage every lovers positively.

An awesome song... Mind blowing music, great lyrics... Simply fantastic voice, just creates the mood, to listen it again and again...

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39 Si Tu Te Vas


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40 I Like How It Feels

I just love the Voice of Enrique and that whistling music in the background!
Its one of his awesome songs and it should be on top! - rishabhtiwari

Awesome music and awesome song, especially the whistling part. Vote for this song guys. It deserves to be at least in top 10!

At 22?... This song deserves to be at least No.3... It's much better than "I Like It"

This is just awesome! I really like how it feels to listen this song

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41 I'm Not In Love

Great rhythm and sang well


It Should be on Top of the list!

Reaally great song... Will be particularly liked by singles..!
I love the rhythm of this song...

42 Move to Miami

Lyrics are pretty bs, but I like it just for the beats and vibes. - Itzsoh

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43 Love to See You Cry

A beautiful song by enrique. Love the music and lyrics. I just can't stop myself from humming this song. This song should be in top ten.

It's a pity people don't know that this is that song which everybody has heard but doesn't know the name of. The chorus is perhaps Enrique's most memorable chorus. I remember spending months trying to find the name of this song and it was such a revelation when I realized that it was Enrique who really sang it. My favourite song by a mile.

It's totally Superb
The thing I most like is his Voice... It's kinda soft in this one. Never mind the Lyrics.. I'll never do it because it's too awesome

Best Enrique Iglesias Song Ever! Love the Lyrics. It definitely should be in Top 10.

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44 Lost Inside Your Love

Takes me in too deep!
Great song, all time favourite, it has always touched my heart!

It is obviously the best song of Enrique... Its just epic. I just can't stop myself from listening this song. It reminds me of her.

Great song love the feel in the song love you Enrique...

Exactly. Lost inside your love Enrique. You're simply the rockstar. The magician of the stage.

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45 Heartbreaker

Amazing song.. not very popular maybe because of improper marketing of the song.. but definitely one of his best... I suggest everyone to give it a try at least.. you won't regret.. - anurag290391

I love this song a lot! Its heart touching and I must say really great beats, I mean creative composition and music. Must give it a try. I don't know why it doesn't have high ratings!

Lovely song. Incredible voice. Love the way he has shown his emotions in that song. Very nice to hear it. But how it cannot be in top 10 list! I wonder.

One real great song that went straight under radar. I don't know why but it's one to actually try. It's all about the lyrics! At least in the late teens. Great Song

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46 I Have Always Loved You

"And when you call it makes me cry
We never made time for you and
I If I could live it all again
I'd never let it end,
I'd still be with you
God, I miss you" I just love this part...

Just love it... The lines "I have always loved you, there's never been anyone else" touches my heart!

This song is so emotional and always makes me cry...
why is this not on top of the list. it deserves much more attention

Its the best enrique's song I have ever listen. I think if you are born as human the you must hear this song

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47 Don't Turn Off the Lights

What the hell is this song doing so down here its should be in the top 5 Hell! Top 3... Is such a great song... Great melody and lyrics and the chorus is so good.. It just sets the mood right.

This should be at least in top 7. Guys vote this song.

Awesome song in my life

Love this song, it makes me feel so amazing!
Definitely one of my favorites from him, love Enrique!

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48 It Must Be Love


This is the most beautiful song ever. Just love it.

I've never heard a better chorus. The way Enrique has put it up makes me put it on top of all his songs!

What the hell it should be in top 3

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49 Miss You

How this can be possible. This should be in top 10 list I don't know how they judged this what ever listen this song and you will love it. One of the best works from Enrique.
Enrique Iglesias told to The Insider about recording the album
"Sometimes I take a pill to sleep, or two or six. But I guess that is the way it goes - when you put three years into making an album, you also become a bit of an insomniac. I have always been more of a night person. I never lay vocals onto any song before eight or nine at night. I always work at night. I go to the studio at six or seven in the evening and leave again at six in the morning. So in a way the album was done by night. "

When I miss my first love Abir, I here the song. He is no more in the world.

Oh.. This is such an amazing song.. I remembered my boyfriend while listening to this song.. Absolutely beautiful...

SImply awesome lyrics by Enrique. I think this is the best song if you missed your lover

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50 Say It

I just love this song and I think this song should really be in the top ten list. I really love all of Enrique's songs but this one's special because it's so magical and listening to this song, it makes me feel really good! It surely deserves to be in the top 10 list.

One of the best enrique songs...

Great song... must listen

I just love this song

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