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41 Could I Have This Kiss Forever Could I Have This Kiss Forever

what a good collaboration of enrique's voice and whitney's.
he sounds sexy :) absolutely sexy at the beginning.
and I love the guitar sound. never got bored by this song

The best ever song of him.cannot believe in this grade!

God.. One heck of a song from enrique. Love this song to death

Oh it's just so romantic...I'm crazy about dis song...💘

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42 Turn the Night Up

The Dark Horse of Enrique's new 10th album. A good song, not perfect but still something not to ignore. Very nice beat. I believe this was a unique song! At least top 15

To compare it to Tonight..., it has a much better set of lyrics, but a much worse production, especially that drop. *shudder* Candidate for worst drop ever. - WonkeyDude98

What a song guys. One time hear this song then you can't live without hear this song. Awesome I think this so go to top ten list.

Really cool song I always hear it more than 30 times a day

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43 I'm Not In Love


Reaally great song... Will be particularly liked by singles..!
I love the rhythm of this song...

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44 I'm Your Man I'm Your Man

One of the best song I have ever heard. Just listen to it.

Just love you for this song... Kisses.

45 Miss You Miss You

How this can be possible. This should be in top 10 list I don't know how they judged this what ever listen this song and you will love it. One of the best works from Enrique.
Enrique Iglesias told to The Insider about recording the album
"Sometimes I take a pill to sleep, or two or six. But I guess that is the way it goes - when you put three years into making an album, you also become a bit of an insomniac. I have always been more of a night person. I never lay vocals onto any song before eight or nine at night. I always work at night. I go to the studio at six or seven in the evening and leave again at six in the morning. So in a way the album was done by night. "

When I miss my first love Abir, I here the song. He is no more in the world.

Oh.. This is such an amazing song.. I remembered my boyfriend while listening to this song.. Absolutely beautiful...

Common man. I don't know how they have chosen the list. It must be in top 10. Amazing song. Seriously

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46 It Must Be Love


I've never heard a better chorus. The way Enrique has put it up makes me put it on top of all his songs!

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47 I Have Always Loved You I Have Always Loved You

"And when you call it makes me cry
We never made time for you and
I If I could live it all again
I'd never let it end,
I'd still be with you
God, I miss you" I just love this part...

Just love it... The lines "I have always loved you, there's never been anyone else" touches my heart!

Its the best enrique's song I have ever listen. I think if you are born as human the you must hear this song

Best of all..makes me cry each time I hear this song..

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48 Don't Turn Off the Lights Don't Turn Off the Lights

What the hell is this song doing so down here its should be in the top 5 Hell! Top 3... Is such a great song... Great melody and lyrics and the chorus is so good.. It just sets the mood right.

This should be at least in top 7. Guys vote this song.

Awesome song in my life

Love this song, it makes me feel so amazing!
Definitely one of my favorites from him, love Enrique!

49 Little Girl Little Girl

No one can hear she is all alone..
This little girl closes her eyes..
All that she wants is someone to love..
This track is really beautiful will be loved by girls who have not found love of their life..

What! This must be in the top 5..great song by enrique

! This song is amazing it should be in at least top 15! Its beautiful!

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50 Don't You Forget About Me Don't You Forget About Me

Just listen to it. simply amazing

This song is th best of all...i like it..

51 Duele el Corazon Duele el Corazon

Enrique showed up who's the boss now

I Don't understand Spanish but man this song can't get over it. Just Awesome!

This song is my favorite Spanish song.

This song made me crazy

Spanish song

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52 You and I

I love this song... Guys please vote this song... It should be at least under 20

This new song of 'THE ENRIQUE' is one of his best..

Be with your loved one, day dreaming! , his voice gives me life.

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53 I Will Survive I Will Survive

This song is very near to my heart. It's lyrics and music is very wonderful.
It is a very inspirational song. The reality of the life is reflected from this song.

54 Wish You Were Here (With Me) Wish You Were Here (With Me)

This songs makes me very emotional and the clip is also awesome

I wish this song would be always with me

55 Alguien Soy Yo Alguien Soy Yo V 2 Comments
56 Ayer Ayer

Come on man listen to the song you will love it... I love the beats in the song

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57 Physical

Its awesome songs I love to hear it :P

Maan damn god it should be on top

Wondering why this song is not in top ten...

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58 Come n Go Come n Go

Enrique & Pitbull! I'm sure everyone has heard this song! I'll make the girls go...

59 Si Tú Te Vas Si Tú Te Vas
60 El Perdedor El Perdedor

This is the most romantic, sad song. Really by listening this song I cried a lot.

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