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61 Para Qué La Vida Para Qué La Vida

My favourite song.
I don't understand the language, then also I like it.
It's the best song of enrique.

62 Live It Up Tonight Live It Up Tonight

Everlasting and awesome song... By enrique iglesias

63 Say It Say It

I just love this song and I think this song should really be in the top ten list. I really love all of Enrique's songs but this one's special because it's so magical and listening to this song, it makes me feel really good! It surely deserves to be in the top 10 list.

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64 You're My #1 You're My #1

Beautiful Lyrics! A truly soulful song. Enrique has sung this song with all his heart! "You bring me up when I'm feeling down, you touch me deep, you touch me right... "

Lyrics are so beautiful, and his voice, it adds some MAGIC, very touching and sensual. Must be in top 10 at least. Its of my favourite. Do hear it..

This is an evergreen song. This song should be in number 1. This song is so touching every time I listen to it I get carried away...

It's the best of the enrique

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65 One Night Stand One Night Stand V 2 Comments
66 Everything's Gonna Be Alright

What the hell is this it should be on top

67 Free Free
68 Sweet Isabel Sweet Isabel
69 I Can't Get Enough V 2 Comments
70 Only You
71 The Way You Touch Me The Way You Touch Me

Wow... Its really a energy booster... When your girl.. Moves out with.. Whatever happens is said awesome.. The way she touches me.. Makes one to live beyond death..! You enrique iglesias... I wonder why they missed it on top...!

72 3 Letter Word

Alive, alabao and she be the one (the best songs of enrique

The best songs of enrique:alive, alabao and she be the one

73 Baby Hold On

Awesomeness energenetic voice performance of Enrique best of best

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74 Donde Estan Corazon Donde Estan Corazon
75 Coming Home Coming Home V 1 Comment
76 No Me Digas Que No No Me Digas Que No
77 You Rock Me You Rock Me

Awesome song! What is it doing "here"!

78 Quizás Quizás

Why isn't this #1? Have you LISTENED to this song? This is one of my favorite songs, period. The melodies and his voice tug at my heartstrings whenever I listen to it. You can hear the emotion in his voice.

Best song of Enrique, no kidding.

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79 She Be the One She Be the One
80 If the World Crashes Down If the World Crashes Down

I just love this song

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