Alternate History: If The New World Discovered The Old World

Turkeyasylum As many of us know, in the 1500's, there were colonial and imperialist movements in Central and Siuth America. At this point, much of North America was still being taken over. We had a leader conquer the entire Aztec empire (Modern-day Mexico), another leader conquer the Inca (Modern-day Peru). The last conquering of the Native Americans could be considered as far as Andrew Jackson's Indian Removal Act or the Oklahoma Landrush. This was much because of an accident by Christopher Columbus who sailed onto an island in the Caribbean thinking it was India. He called the natives there "Indians" thinking he was in India. This is where the term for native Americans known as "Indians" came from. But let's say the New World discovered the Old World (which for those who don't know consists of Europe, Asia, and Africa)? I've got three possibilities.

1) The Aztec Empire was known to be around in the 1500s, until it was taken by Spanish conquistadors. They had thought a god of theirs called Queztalcoatl would arrive on the SAME DAY the Conquistadors arrived and destroy their civilization. Possbly, late in the evening some Aztecs may have taken some weapons, sacrifices, and food on a voyage. They weren't very knowledgeable of traveling ships (I din't even know if they had compasses), so they wound up in Europe while trying to flee to South America. There in Europe, they trade many things: Spices, resources, foods, disease, etc. Remember, Europe did not have industrial weapons until the mid to late 1700s. This would be the start of the discovery. At this point, neither side was very developed, but Europe wanted to follow the Aztecs back. The Aztecs somehow get back to Tenochtitlan, and the Europeans see the civilization, and the rest happens normally. But let's say the clock turned forward a bit...

2) In the 1800s, I would bet the Aztecs, the Mayans, the Iriquois, and the Inca, alongside other native Americans would have developed many of the things Europeans developed. They probably would have an industrial revolution of their own, including the development of ships. The civilizTions would eventually reach Europe, who wants to drevelop Africa, but then a secondary superpower of the world equal to them arrives. The Native Americans developed more dangerous guns, more advanced technology than the Europeans did. The Natives even had progress in science. They make peace at first with trade, but that wuickly turns to conflict. The Natives successfully carve out much of Europe, but save the African civilizations because the war would start over the Europeans colonizing Africa. Or, the Europeans would win and the Native American civilizations would be colonized briefly. But maybe more recently...

3) After WW2, Europe was in shambles. Most countries' buildings were destroyed, and because America wasn't there, many of the weapons would be nonexistant. The Allies would have won in 1947 after Hitler turns on both his Axis countries. The Native Americans stroll along, with many inventions even the Europeans didn't have, These would be leaders who wanted to find different land, feeling the world was to small. They introduce many things to them, chocolate, sugar, and calanders are a few instances, but them it turns to the Natives colonizing Europe for slavery. At this point, the Natives never had Enlightenment, and for that, they set up a monarchy. However, new ideas get introduced to the Natives, and revolutions of most of the ideologies take place. This would be a world of entire alternate countries, with most of the land and politics being controlled by the Natives. Europeans would have their first independent country in 2004, and would be struggling due to opression from the Natives, similar to what the Europeans did ti the Africans.

Hope you enjoyed the post. I was bored, so I decided to make another AH because I hadn't made one in a while.