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Italy, in italian Repubblica Italiana, is a unitary parliamentary republic in Europe. more.


To my swiss friend that has commented, I just want to explain that Italians go back to Italy for holidays and to meet the friends and family after one year of hard job in Switzerland. They want to see some sun shining! They are Italians not pure Swiss, maybe the second generation will have more Swissness. About the added value, they come to work, not to robber, it is not a added value. Did you visit all the countries where Italians emigrated? I did with many and they create an added value!
You are very racist with your comment! Swiss have spoiled you with all the dirty money from the world, also Italian money that you accept without checking where it comes from. What Italy gave to the world and what Switzerland gave? I know many swiss and fortunately they are not all like you.

Here in Switzerland we have lots of Italians who immigrated with us for the last 150 years.
Each year and that for generations most of them, and by entire families are returning back to their own country (Italy). That shows how much they are not integrated and how much they do not want to really stayed in Switzerland. Those people do not give any added value to our country. They just refuse to be pure Swiss.

And we guess that this stupid and arrogant way to do is not only visible in Switzerland but also in major countries where they have migrated all along the ages.

So they just come with their food pizza and pasta, eat just that and never try to tend to be Swiss.

Most of other migrants from Asia, Africa and South-America for example are much more respectable people and therefore much to be respected.

And Italians will never accept in their own country someone doing the same as they are doing.

For this reason Italians are very racist, in despite ...more

I'm from Italy and I visited many countries in my life, each country has beautiful places to see, but here in Italy it's really incredible how many beauty there is literally everywhere, even near my hometown there are lot of wonderful places that I still have to visit (I'm from sardinia), I'm sure one life would not be enough to see everything is worth to see in Italy. - bobboni

Not so famous, overestimated, should be not more No 100.

World it's plenty of really beautiful country.

Italy is called a modern country, but it's only old fashion, bad infrastructure, dirty cities, rubbish everywhere in countryside, only Italian food that demonstrate a really bot open country.

Migrants have no jobs and are only wandering the streets lost, and Italian are so rude, so unpolite, so arrogant.

Number 1 yes, but number 1 of the worst country.

I love Italy, I go there every year. After the first time I've been there I left my heart there forever. I am Armenian and I consider Italy as my second homeland. Italy is full of art, history and what's the most important it is filled with love and warmness of it's people.

I've been to Italy and it's easily one of the most beautiful countries in the world with a variety of different foods, landscapes and attractive old buildings. Also it has some of the most beautiful cities in Europe like Florence, Rome, Milan and Venice.

Italy is one of the most beautiful place on earth, yet one of the worst ever in terms of living. No jobs, a lot of corruption, NO free-press, a government that resemble a private company more than a people institution and still, people there keep electing the same people since more than 30 years and have no guts to try to change things.

You will find in Europe other country not overrated like Italy.

Italy is probably the most amazing country in the world (and that is coming from an American). From the canals of Venice, to the David statue in Florence, to the alps of Lombardy to the Vineyards of Tuscany to the Pizza of Sicily and finally to the Colosseum In Rome, Italy has any type of travel someone could want.

Italy may not be perfect. Well it is absolutely not. But it is simply bellissima. No other country in the world can offer what Italy has to offer. And Italians are the best. Just try to be their friend and you'll discover an unprecedented warmth (with the exception of big city though, where immigrants are transforming Italians in a nation of racists and xenophobic).

Italy has the richest history in the world and far by the best to visit. Rome, Pisa, Venice, Florence, Naples, the cities are endless. This is the starting point of the Renaissance. This was the capital of the Roman Empire.

Mountains, sea, rome, venice, sicily, naples, florence, the alps, lakes, food, girls, sun, beaches, beauty everywhere, the people, the opera, the joy, life, art, culture, history. In no other country you can find so much. Other Europea countries are nice but boring, in Italy everything is new and WOW!

Italy is so beautiful, no words can describe perfectly this country. People are so warm, you feel like in another world. If you visit Europe, Italy is the only place you cannot miss! - Pew

Italy its more representative with venice and its amazing flowers, canals everything in Italy its awesome. God Bless Italy

It's just a common country San Marino is better and Moldova Estonia Georgia Armenia Ukraine United Kingdom and most European countries

it seems one can easily spend two weeks in this country and still not see all there is to see. I think Italy, as a country, offers the most bang for the buck. I'm going as soon as I can!

I love Italy there food is the best and Portugal and Spain should be on this list

Please. Germany? Netherlands? Come on, no other country in the world has so many beauties! Highest number of UNESCO sites, two thirds of WORLD'S art, best language in Europe, Florence, Rome and Venice. Come on!

I'm going there in the summer! Never have been there but, LOVE Italian food, love the culture, and I think it's gonna be a cool place.

Italy? Don't know exactly where to locate this country, but I'm sure Italians don't even know where Wisconsin is located, I will never have a thousands miles of flight for actually visiting what? Better stay and visit the USA continent.

Great people and amazing food. Nice sunny weather and beautiful beaches and cities. Oh and great atmosphere from night life to football!

Italy is simply the best country I saw

When I visited Italy it was very nice

Best food in the world, beautiful beaches, great places, cool cities... that's Italy. I would love to go there

I love Italy specially venice and all its wine products wouldn't to actually go it's an amazing country

We Italians are the best!
Germany is full of racist people. Due to past experience, my mother's cousin used to be a taxi driver in Berlin. Whenever he would pick up a passenger, the passenger would immediately come forth to the taxi and start yelling and cursing. Most of the times the passengers would not even pay! German people certainly do not welcome foreigners, so if your ancestry is not from Germany, or if you do not appeal to look German to them, then do not go to Germany.