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21 Transtar Dagger GT-LS

The future of super cars this American beast tops out at an incredible 315 mph (507kph)
From 0-60 in 1.2 seconds

22 Lamborghini Veneno

Come on guys I have won each and every race in it it has to be number 1 one just kidding don't have one but a great car

Fastest car in the world right behind the Bugatti Veyron

Veneno should be in the place of that stupid murcielago

This is not the fastest car in the world.

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23 Saleen S7
24 Ferrari F50
25 Lamborghini Aventador

Great car, look it up, should be top 10.

It's the 2 fastest Lamborghini

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26 Lamborghini Aventador LP900 DMC V 1 Comment
27 Dodge Viper

How come this list couldn't include the Viper!

28 Aston Martin V12 Vanquish
29 Nissan GTR

Its so nice its so fast I love it

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30 Audi R8
31 Bloodhound SSC

Fastest Car Ever! Goes over 1000 mph!

32 Koenigsegg One

Kids who are a fan of race cars are liar's they say that the One-One car is one of the fastest race car ever.

A really fast car can go to 62 mph in 2.5 sec an has a top speed of 288 mph 481 khm

Really fast car
Should be Infront of Buggatti Veryon

These are not opinions these are facts! Just because the Bugatti Veyron is number one doesn't mean it's the fastest Koenigsegg one to one is the fastest car in the world because they have a top speed of 288 mph

33 McLaren P1

McLaren P1 should be in the Top 5 at least. come on you guys...really? Do you know why the P1 needs an automatic adjustable spoiler? Because it is made out of carbon fibre and travels so fast that if it didn't have it, the care would lift of the ground and literally be skipping across the track. - hockey787

34 Lexus LFA
35 Thrust2
36 Vector Avtech WX-8
37 Porsche 911 GT3 RS

It may not be the fastest car but it is still a good fast car and it has good looks

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38 Mercedes-Benz CLK GTR
39 Bugatti EB110SS
40 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution
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