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1 Just a Day

So good, bouncy tune, great lyrics, gets you pumped up for a night out

Brings back amazing memories of Gran Turismo 3!

Can't believe this is so low. I came on this list expecting it to be at least number 3 - wolphert

Such a good song!

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2 Buck Rogers

Its an awesome song! Just love the tune and the lyrics. I first heard this song in the movie "Behind The Enemy Lines" and have been a fan ever since.

Its an awesome song by Feeder. I first heard this song in the movie "Behind The Enemy Lines". Its aawesome, the music the lyrics are superb!

The ultimate driving song!

It just is

3 Just the Way I'm Feeling

I just love this song, to be "feeling a moment", "buck rodgers", "shatter", basically all the songs within the singles album are great! Plus they're from Newport like me. Go Feeder. RIP John Lee.

This song would definitely be in my top three Feeder tracks with 'Feeling a moment' and 'Buck Rogers'

Such a great chill out song

Beautiful in lyrics and music!

4 Piece by Piece

Deserves SO MUCH more recognition, so glad it got to number 4! Thought I was one of the only ones that liked it.

Best song of feeder, brought me too this band. Should be in the top 3.

Amazing Intro, catchy riff. Definitely one of my top 3 feeder songs.

Definitely underrated. Great song.

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5 High

To be honest none of the songs on here are my favourite feeder songs... Although all of these are really really great songs too! I love high too, such a chilled out song and fantastic lyrics

Brilliantly executed in the late 90's one of the initial songs off the polythene album that has led so many to built up a cult following not to miss the video really good one!

Got to be number 1. I was a bit late to Feeder hearing Buck Rogers on the radio when it came back. Wish this was the first sing of theirs I heard. They would have fitted in nicely with the early 90s alternative scene

Great tune which illicits memories from when I was younger! Not necessarily the getting high, but the chilling with friends!

6 Shatter

Grunge perfection!

7 8:18

I was pleasantly surprised to find this often overlooked gem of a poprocksong at number 6! Indeed, fantastic hook and best off the album. - Agent_Cooper

8 Paperfaces

Such a brilliant song, should easily be in the top 10 - Lotus128

9 Descend

Why's this song so low. It's so atmospheric and awesome. I can't stop listening to it every day.

10 Seven Days in the Sun

The Newcomers

? Feeling a Moment

It is the best song of Feeder. beautiful lyrics and great music

First song I ever heard by Feeder and none of their others have come close to being better. Love most of their songs too.

Really great feeling,.. Absolutely wonderful. Superb!

Couldn't stop listening to this..

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11 Forget About Tomorrow

My First Feeder Song..
Just love it..

12 Yesterday Went Too Soon

One of my favourite songs full stop. Awesome lyrics and brilliant vibe. Love it 100%

My favourite Feeder song of all times. So powerful and sad at the same time.

So good, been my ring tone for over 10 years!

One of my top 10 songs ever!

13 Tender

Great Song. Just Love it!

14 Come Back Around

A lot of power to this one. Feeder make very very good pop rock. Nothing too fancy but packed full of tunes. This song epitomizes that for me

Cracking tune

15 Pushing the Senses
16 Oxygen
17 Turn
18 Suffocate
19 Comfort in Sound

From an amazing album this song sums up how I feel about music. Comfort in sound is just what it is you can leave this track on repeat.

One of their best for sure

20 Sunrise
21 Cement

A 5/5 single rating from Kerrang! Says it all... An absolutely brilliant song, and I cannot believe it wasn't already on the list.

22 Lost and Found
23 Burn the Bridges
24 So Well
25 Find the Colour
26 Tracing Lines
27 Sweet 16
28 Children of the Sun

After much thought this just beats Just the way I'm feeling and Quick Fade

Love this song it's been my ring tone for years

Brilliant song from a brilliant band

29 Insomnia

THE BASS INTRO! Excellent song, sounds like Nirvana a bit!

So amazing! would rank it in my top 200 songs of all time! FEEDER FOR LIFE

Great song

30 Borders

New stuff is class!

31 Moonshine

Whoa! #28 in the list is ridiculous. I don't disagree with the current top three but Moonshine is a great track from the Comfort in Sound album and one of my absolute favourite Feeder songs. It would easily get into my top 5 any day. Vote it up the list please people!

Just a beautiful song the type Grant writes so perfectly.

Best Feeder song hands down


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32 Love Pollution
33 Summers Gone

What a track, one of the best song on the best feeder album (comfort in sound). I'd probably say 2nd and 3rd best songs on the album are 'helium' and 'comfort in sound'. Their is no way this song should be so low down the list! Go Feeder!

34 Satellite News
35 Snowblind
36 Renegades

Great track. One of my favorite.

37 Morning Life
38 Swim
39 Eskimo
40 We Can't Rewind
41 Bitter Glass
42 Pilgrim Soul
43 Tell All Your Friends
44 Idaho
45 Tumble and Fall
46 Down to the River
47 Day In Day Out

One of Feeder's best songs, wasn't even on the list..

48 Miss You
49 Emily
50 Tiny Minds

How is it that nobody put this song on this list until I did? This song is epic.

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