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41 Amberian Dawn
43 Poisonblack

#33 Are you kidding me. This band is awesome hands down my favorite of all time period. Yes I do like Him the 69 eyes and many others but Poisonblack is magic. I hope you all listen to all of there albums. I was so happy I found out about this band a few years ago. I live in California trying to find Poisonblack merchandise shirts etc is not easy any help with that. This band rocks...

With JP they were great, with ville laihiala they are equal wonderful! Vote for them or for Sentenced but for true gothic metal, not for mainstream! Listen to their melodies, singing along with their beautiful lyrics- They are always there for me (Invisible, With her I die, Mercury Falling... )

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44 Swallow the Sun Swallow the Sun Swallow the Sun is a Finnish melodic death/doom metal band. They have a melodic, atmospheric doom metal sound.
45 Värttinä
46 Rain Diary

I love the combine of electronic sounds and rock/pop. New fresh breath in the great finnish music scene.

Awesome, even though their new album seems pretty much perfect their live performances are even better!

By far one of the most interesting upcoming bands from Finland!

47 Charon

Hey! Start voting for JP's unique voice, their meaningful lyrics and melodies that leave you speechless! They were and still are simply perfect!

48 Stam1na
49 Sturm und Drang
50 Moonsorrow Moonsorrow Moonsorrow is a pagan metal band formed in Helsinki, Finland, in 1995. Musically, the band incorporates elements of black metal and folk metal in their sound.

What the hell is Moonsorrow doing all the way down here in the 52nd position in the list? It deserves to be in the top five at least!

51 Kingston Wall

Are you kidding? Kingston Wall is the Best band ever was, not just only finnish bands.

Some of the best Progressive Music I've heard

52 Iconcrash
53 Turmion Katilot

Finnish Industrial music at its finest. Check them out if you can stand Finnish lyrics that is.

54 Katra
55 Tracedawn
56 Battle Beast
57 myGrain
58 Liekki
59 Stone

Get Stoned! Stay Stoned! And get back to STONE age!

60 CMX

I'm surprised this band is not on this list yet.

Originally named "Cloaca Maxima" after the grand sewer of Rome, this band was formed in 1985 in Tornio, but since then the band has "migrated" to Southern Finland. During their long career they've experimented with various types of music from punk to progressive rock, so regardless of what type of music you like, this is definitely a band worth checking out.

Lyrics are mostly in Finnish, but the music is generally so good that the vocals of A.W. yrjänä can be considered just another instrument.

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