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61 Stone

Get Stoned! Stay Stoned! And get back to STONE age!

62 CMX

I'm surprised this band is not on this list yet.

Originally named "Cloaca Maxima" after the grand sewer of Rome, this band was formed in 1985 in Tornio, but since then the band has "migrated" to Southern Finland. During their long career they've experimented with various types of music from punk to progressive rock, so regardless of what type of music you like, this is definitely a band worth checking out.

Lyrics are mostly in Finnish, but the music is generally so good that the vocals of A.W. yrjänä can be considered just another instrument.

63 Lapko
64 Before the Dawn Before the Dawn
65 Darude
66 22-Pistepirkko
67 Suurlähettiläät
68 Steve N Seagulls V 1 Comment
69 Oranssi Pazuzu
70 Nicole
71 Reflexion
72 For My Pain
73 End of You
74 Private Line
75 Raaka Aine
76 Ghost Brigade
77 Lodger
78 Kiuas
79 Demilich Demilich Demilich is a death metal band from Finland which formed in the early 1990s and consisted of vocalist/guitarist Antti Boman, guitarist Aki Hytönen, bassist Ville Koistinen, and drummer Mikko Virnes.

How can this not be on here already? Demilich are an essential for any fan of death metal or even metal in general.

80 Dolorian

There is a strange and very unique quality to this band. They have an ability to create a very grey and void atmosphere, unlike any band I've experienced so far. This band is easily in my personal top 3, and certainly no list of either doom metal or Finnish bands could be complete without them.

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