Poets of the Fall


Poets of the Fall is such an underrated indie band. They are versatile, they write their own songs and on top of that soundtracks for games, songs for other musicians, and they've done remixes of their own songs. The songs they wrote at the beginning of their career still sound as fresh as they did back in 2005. All their albums have a distinct Poets of the Fall style, but every time they release new material, they manage to reinvent themselves and show us something different and amazing. I wish all the best for them. May they keep rocking for another decade at least!

Best band in the world, not just in Finland! The lyrics are real and mean something to people all over the world.
But it's not just the lyrics that capture one's attention, it's also the music, which fits the vocals so perfectly.
I even traveled to Finland from the USA to see this band, and there is no other band I would ever do that for!
The Poets of The Fall are awesome!

I have finally found my musical the One.
I have always hoped to find a band that would speak to me with deep and touching lyrics, enchanting voice, powerful melodies, strong backgrounds and magnetic charisma on stage. Now I don't have to search anymore, because such thing really exists, with all those qualities. All that and much more is Poets of the Fall.

One of the most talented bands that I have personally come across. Their ability to write lyrics that hold such passion, meaning, and life is such an under-utilized thing in the music industry, as of late. To have such a band that stays true to themselves without bending to the follies of things around them, is at best, one of the qualities that makes Poets of the Fall one of the best bands to follow.

Poets of the Fall are the most intelligent, talented, and hardworking guys in the music industry. I have so much respect for this band. The melodies, harmonies, textures, instrumentals, production, lyrics, vocals - everything is done so perfectly and professionally. Hands down my favorite band ever.

Well, there are true Poets. I really love to go as deep in the song as I can - and they let me to do that. Every second of each song is a masterpiece, created with extremely big love to the music. And Poets are still 'normal', they're not acting like a big rock stars. I'm full of respect to them.

Undoubtedly Poets of the Fall is deserves to be one of the best alternative rock bands in the world. But its true that they are the most underrated band today. Marko's voice quality is gigantic and has the ability to sing the songs of different genres. How many bands can do that?

Poets Of The Fall is THE most awesome band in my life at the moment. The lyrics are not the average meaningless ones you find in most of the populsr songs today. There's a reason they're called poets of the fall. They both display ability to change, to write songs, to sing and to give amazing melodies. And Marko's voice is, of course, yet unbeaten. They make songs of all different kinds, and are highly underrated. My favourite band.

I wouldn't be alive without this band. Every time I listen to one of their songs, I feel like I'm taken to a completely different time. The lyrics get so personal it's heartbreaking and beautiful. Listening to their music, you get the feeling that you're looking at something deeply personal. Listening to their songs is like reading their souls.

Poets of the Fall is a perfect name for a band whose talents go beyond the norm. Their music is powerful and moving, and often times I find myself connecting to the beautiful art they create. The lyrics alone are unlike I've heard in any other band, and they excel in any genre they perform.

I have become more creative and inspired since I heard Poets of the Fall. This band doesn't have a bad song, either. I can listen to them when I'm sad and they always pick me up. And, I have never looked for airfare prices to Finland before because if I have to I will travel to see them.

One of the best modern rock bands to exist, they are extremely underrated. The song lyrics have sheer depth and make us imagine and think about the meaning of life. Listen to Late Goodbye, Given and denied, Change or maybe any of their songs. They are consistent and I have never heard a bad song from them and I never will!

Poets of the Fall have the most meaningful lyrics that I've ever heard. Music seems to flow with them so easily. They have superb vocalist in Marko who sounds great even without any instruments.

Poets of the Fall are one of the most underrated bands in the world. Their music is made for all generations. Their poetic lyrics along with the rock music makes a great combination. Just give them 10 more years... They will be on the top.

I love this band. Can't say enough about how great they are. Marko is magnificent; his instrument is his voice, and he stands well on his own, as does each member of the band in their specific talents. They come together beautifully to be the Poets Of The Fall.

Poets of the Fall is just pure magic! Their lyrics and music just grab and pull the listener in and KEEP you there. Hooked after hearing one song. They are truly an amazing band. I started with Lift and have never looked back. You fall in love with them.

One of the greatest rock bands ever invented. Unique melodies, soul-searching lyrics, phenomenal vocals. They are talented artists, every one of them. Their music quality is second to none.

If you ask me, I will always tell you that it is the most underrated band all over the world. Great music combined with extraordinary good lyrics. But what makes them so special?
I mean, there are other good Finnish rock bands I like to listen to. Like HIM or The Rasmus, E.G.
But the Poets really are special to me. There is something about their music that found a way straight into my little music heart and tuched me deep inside my soul.

True musicians, songwriters, composers, the total package. I have yet to hear a song from them I don't like. These guys kick serious ass.

Pure art. Music of great quality and lyrics full of inner sense. Exellent performing on stage. They are like a breath of air for me. I listen to many other music groups of different styles, but Poets are much more than "just a music". They came straight into my soul and changed my attitude to life.

I'm Indonesian and I recognized them as the greatest band ever, I've been listening from the very first song Late goodbye to the latest and my current favorite song the distance. So Please Vote for POTF, make it more acknowledged from around the world, so the world can hear the real music

Best of bands. Their lyrics and music are unsurpassed. I has almost given up on finding any good new bands to listen to, then I was introduced to the Poets Of The Fall. WOW! They are amazing. I will always vote for them because they are great.

I think they should be at least in the top 3... Enchanting music with top Quality music... They and Artcell are the only bands that always give me maximum pleasure... Every single song of them is special... Hands up!...

I am from India, and I am a music lover and definitely they deserve to be in number 1, they have great vocalist marco who I think one of the best voice I ever heard of. With love from My country to poets of fall

Poets of the fall is Awesome. Such a talented band I have never seen in my life. They really create Amazing Songs, Amazing Lyrics. Meaningful and passionate.. its really speechless awesome