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1 Will Smith Will Smith Willard Carroll "Will" Smith, Jr. is an American actor, comedian, producer, rapper, and songwriter. He is best known for his acting career overall. He has been in many popular movies, These include, but are not limited to, the Men in Black lineup, Pursuit of Happyness, and After Earth. He is often referred more.

Will did comedy and drama better than any main character of a T.V. show that I've ever seen. He brings the laughs, yet he knows how to make a scene golden like when his father left again without explanation causing Will to just break down for real which is crazy! Deserves an award for that

will smith, I swill smith, what else can be said? he is amazing, he's awesome, sweet, cool, funny, great personality, I mean hey.. will smith, he is great

Will smith is number 1 because he's awesome some of the things he says is really funny

Will came from Philly all the way to Bel Air and literally changed the dynamic of Uncle Phils household. He was so silly and charming to not admire even from first glance.

2 Carlton Banks

He's just so funny! He's so sensitive, and he has some incredible dance moves! The carlton dance is legendary, but have you seen him now? He REALLY let himself go...

Has anyone noticed his dancing? He is AMAZING! He is so good. Adding that with his intelligence and corny lines, Alfonso Ribeiro was obviously having fun with the character.

Carlton is the real mvp! Funniest dude ever

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3 Uncle Phil or Philip Banks

Come on everyone, Lets help Phil throw Jazz out of his spot.

His evil laugh is one of the best and he's the voice of reason, well a lot of the time.

The comically serious big man of the house. But a great dad nonetheless.

Rip Uncle Phil. You went too soon.

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4 Jazz

Jazz stays getting thrown out the house! Laugh out loud

I love Jazz but why is he in front of Uncle Phil?

5 Geoffery Butler

Geoffrey's quotes are just too hilarious! Especially when making fun of Uncle Phil!

Funniest guy ever. Honestly. HE comes up with the best comebacks.

I love Geoffery's sarcasm, it's so funny

Geoffrey and his fat jokes kill me every time!

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6 Hilary Banks

Spoiled, stupid, and so mean to Geoffery, but still so awesome! - ilovekelly75

Very dumb, yet at the same time, complex

7 Ashley Banks
8 Aunt Viv or Vivian Banks
9 Nicky or Nicholas Banks
10 Tyriq Johnson

It's just awesome how he appears to be a rival of Jazz, also he's HILARIOUS!

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11 Vy Smith

Where is she from & is she married. ?

12 Trevor

"And now on a lighter note, our previous weatherman, jack, has died. "
Chuckle chuckle chuckle.

13 Aunt Helen
14 Fred Wilkes

OK, he was only in, like, 2, but it's funny if you notice him! You know that tramp in the pool hall when will gets hustled playing pool? Well, it's not hard to notice unless you have a memory of weird things, but in the episode where will misses out on a basketball scholarship, FRED IS HIS HAIRDRESSER! It was so freaky! I also put tyriq on because he's a legend. "and 10 for his manager! "Sorry, fred quote in the pool hall. Funny. - Mushroom99

15 Lou Smith

OK I hate this guy he actually made me cry when he left Will AGAIN
GAAH but he's a character so I guess he needs to be on here so PLEASE DON'T VOTE because HE MADE ME CRY! - Mushroom99

No way, he is the worst character ever. When he left will again, Will just broke down, And saying you're too scared to be a father is inexcusable to walk out on your child. - Connor360

16 Janice Smith
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