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1 Africa Special

There's just something in this special that no other special can mimic, whether it be the fact that the guys were easily at their funniest in this special no question in my mind or possibly the fact that it had just the right amount of car breakdowns and catastrophes to not make it seem to repetitive but this in my opinion is not only the best special but the best Top Gear episode and one of the best pieces of T.V. this country has every created.

This was like the best special yet. I mean playing Toto Africa on that same continent describes the land a lot and the way some of the shots are shown with the 3 cars moving near the cameraman feels like a 70s exploration movie.

This is the episode that made me realise that I desperately wanted a Subaru impreza

Absolutely hilarious two-part episode! Best special, no, best episode yet! - PositronWildhawk

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2 Bolivia Bolivia Bolivia, officially known as the Plurinational State of Bolivia, is located in western-central South America.

Probably one of the best specials alongside Botswana and maybe Patagonia

Death Road made my heart skip a few beats especially when Clarkson had to go around that guy by the waterfall and when James had to use torches to see where he was going. The funniest parts were Jeremy sinking, Hammonds fear of insects and when his Donkey died - Danielsun182

They actually acted as a team and were quite suprised themselves because of it. The high altitude mountains brought the team spirit up... not to mention James' "Please don't leave me" to Hammond while on the Death Road

It is more tense compared to all the others

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3 Vietnam

Soundtrack alone makes this the best special add that to the spectacular scenery, epic adventure, the unexpected twist to finish and the ghost of the vietnam war hanging around its one of the finest bits of T.V. the bbc ever created and not a car in sight!?

Watching Jeremy suffer for a whole hour while riding a terrible scooter was one of the funniest moments not only for the viewers but also the other two who love bikes - Danielsun182

Loved it was would say that this and the Africa special are in the same league. Always loved Top Gear, never gets old- hope the new series can fill some big shoes.


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4 Botswana

The best Top Gear Special by a country mile!

Botswana gave Hammond his favorite special car of them all, Oliver - Danielsun182

This is in my opinion the best episode as I think it, s so funny the way that richard hammond forms such an attachment to his little friend oliver all the while the others were laughing at him.

This is clearly the best one!
"Oliver" and crossing the salt lake was legendary

5 Middle East Special

The episode we were introduced to the new Stig in one of the funniest ways I can imagine - Danielsun182

One of the most interesting specials.The final bit with the presents especially.


How can anything beat the bit where they're chased out of the petrol station?

I've just remembered, I've actually got loads of petrol.

The best part was when Jeremy removed the cow from his Camaro - Danielsun182

The best part is when they are buying their cars and Clarkson encounters the "Persion" with the guns so funny!

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7 North Pole

Epic... to utilize an overused idiom.
But, it's a fitting descriptor. No?
When was the last time you drove a custom Hilux over a frozen sea?

Could easily be the BEST top gear special, it just has the top gear trio at their best, if you are going to watch any special, watch the polar special!

Truly one of if not the absolute best of the specials!
Top gear in it's prime!

Another episode where Top Gear pushing motoring onto another new level when Clarkson and May were the first to drive to the Pole - Danielsun182

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8 USA Special 2
9 Burma

It's. Super

This is the best Top Gear special I have watched,. Both 2 is really funny - chriZ12

This was a very good special why is this not on the list?

This is a slept on one. It has it all really.

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10 India

My favorite part was when Hammond riped apart his front end of his Mini with the winch - Danielsun182

A lot of people say this isn't good. I literally don't get that! - PositronWildhawk

Easily the best one, so funny

Ending was the best

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11 Top Gear UK Winter Olympics
12 Australia Special

The last topgear special, and one of the most exciting, 3 amazing cars, the m5, continental gt and a Gtr, raging across australia while they eat BLOODY HOT RING BURNERS Lol

13 Patagonia

Probably the best, we know the tense finale but the scenery all round was stunning

One of the best top gear ever. it was ashram about the misunderstanding but apart from that very good.

The cars were great the guys were at there
best the journey was one of the most challenging yet. People seem to use the ending and 'misunderstanding' to criticise the episode when actually it just added to the epic choas this special was. This is easily my favourite!

14 East Coast Road Trip
15 Albania
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