Top 10 Guitar Models of All Time


The Top Ten

1 Gibson Custom 50th Anniversary 1959 Les Paul Sunburst Reissue Golden Cherryburst Electric Guitar
2 Fender Custom Shop Stratocaster Pro Relic Electric Guitar
3 EVH Eddie Van Halen Frankenstein Replica Electric Guitar

Eddie van halen guitar is sick:D. Nothing can top it idk y everyone is voting for a stupid gold top les Paul? :(


4 Gibson Flying V Electric Guitar

LOVE THESE GUITARS! If I were on stage right now and had a pick of any guitar, I would choose this purely because they look so nice. - Tobzz

This baby can shred, rock, PLAY ANYTHING! and is really attractive

5 Gretsch Guitars G6128TDS Duo Jet Electric Guitar With Bigsby
6 Gibson Custom VOS SG Custom Electric Guitar with Maestro Tremolo
7 Rickenbacker 360 Electric Guitar

"The sound of a Rickenbacker 12-string is a sound in it's self." -George Harrison

8 Fender Telecaster

The telecaster is a versatile classic. It has a unique design with a great sound that has lasted through the ages. Merle haggard and Johnny greenwood of radio head both play them. Enough said

The greatest guitar ever. I have one that has amazing sound.a tiny little paint chip witch makes it look somehow even me awesome and half of rock music was made on the tele

9 PRS PS #2032 Private Stock Single Cutaway Hollowbody 1 Electric Guitar
10 Gibson New Pro 6 Neck Guitar and Bass Triple Neck Double Neck

The Contenders

11 Gibson Custom Mahogany Explorer Electric Guitar
12 Jackson Rhoads

Best guitar I have ever owned. I will never stop playing jackson guitars. Best feel and sound, and if you know what your doing you can make them sound better than a gibson les paul.

13 Ibanez Prestige
14 Gibson Firebird X

It's the best guitar I have ever seen! Its really light and comfortable an plays rally fast. It sounds awesome and you feel like a pro while playing on it! - winner333

15 Fender Jaguar
16 Brian May Red Special
17 Jackson King V
18 Fender Mustang
19 Dean ML
20 Fender Stratocaster
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