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1 Brown/Black

OMG.. My Colour as well. Yay!

I have black curly hair kinda like taylor swift and it looks pretty nice if I don't say so myself, but it would look even better if the person had fair skin, it really compliments black hair and dark brown hair and personally I think it would compliment coloured eyes too.

My hair is Brown-red(I just realized now). And they are natural. If you thought of dyeing your hair into blond or using high lights/ombre, don't do it! You're better off with your real hair colour because High lights, hair dyes, ombres, and stuff like that won't make anyone prettier than pretty but faker than fake(no offense but I personally think so) - MLPFan

I am a natural blond and my hair is very like and I think blonde hair is best for natural blonds, It looks fake on everyone else.

I love how everybody is voting for a certain colour all because it’s their hair colour. I have brown hair, but that’s not why I voted for this. I voted because I think black hair looks really nice, and brown hair is pretty good too, but black is my favourite. - 3DG20

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2 Red

I absolutely love red hair! It's very rare to have natural red hair, so you are Very lucky if you do! It also makes you look fiery and passionate, literally brightens the room when you walk in! Stunning

its the coolest hair color by far

It's nice color, I have blonde hair and I fits in blonde but I really like red hair. It looks awesome on girls it's beautiful!

I think bright red hair looks super cool. - 3DG20

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3 Blonde

Blonde hair is lovely and beautiful, but yet SO overrated. I get the reason people voted for brown hair is probably because they have it ( don't get butt hurt I have brown hair too) but everyone loves blond hair. It is gorgeous but I don't get why people totally obsess and overrate it, I mean, it's not some magical thing that will make you live forever and fly, and it can't give you the ability to marry dan Howell either.

Blonde is an incredibly rare hair color, as in fact about three quarteres of the human population is black or brown haired. It also looks pretty amazing, and women nowadays are always dyeing their hair blonde.

Blonde isn't rare you can find blond people everywhere its true that brown/black hair is more common but if you want rare go for red hair - Carri796

I really like all different colors of hair, there all great in there own way, but I have to say I'm rather offended by all of the blonde jokes, I don't believe any color, blondes included, is superior, it's how you take care of it

I am always told that my hair is gorgeous and my hair is blonde!

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4 Black

I have blonde hair and green eyes and I think black would suit me lol

Black hair is actually the first ever hair color on earth

Am I the only one who had vote Black Hair. - Princesssmooth

I love black hair thank god I was born like this. The best hair color on Earth I vote for Black hair. It looks great on LEGO Minifigures.

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5 Dirty Blonde

When you have dirty blonde hair, you get blonde hair with brown highlights in the summer and blonde highlights in winter, while in spring and fall, you have golden hair. When you get your hair wet, it looks really dark but it dries darker without blow drying and lighter with blow drying. Braids show up really well and have so much detail! I love my hair!

When you talk about dirty blonde that my hair. I am the only blonde in my family because my dad use to have blonde but I naturally darkened to black and my mom is brown haired and my sister use to have blonde hair but it darkened to dark brown and I have a mix of my dad and moms hair so I am a blonde with different shades of darker blonde and brown hair and it is not get any darker and when my hair is wet you can see the color difference - lbelle0527

Dirty blonde is the best, especially with blonde highlights! It looks good in the water (I'm a surfer) and it looks good at a club or school dance!

I have dirty blonde hair and I love it!

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6 Strawberry Blonde

I have hints of red in my hair... but it's starting to darken.
I'm totally dyeing my hair this color when it turns brown.

My hair colour. I used to not like it cause everyone called it ginger and ugly. But it's rare so I'm lucky and now I like my hair colour

Is the best color hair everyone compliments it and spends a lot of money for highlights like it this is by far the most beautiful color hair

I have strawberry blonde hair.

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7 Maroon

I would LOVE to have maroon hair! - HyenaLover

This would remind me of a certain band...

It's really sexy! Bleach blonde is a little trampy, because it's obviously fake.

How is bleach blonde obviously fake and maroon isn't? some people are born with really pale blonde hair but no one is born with maroon hair - pjo

Lol cool

8 Blue

My hair is black and blue and I love it! The black makes the blue look so much brighter, so if you're going for blue, black looks best with it.

Is that even I thing LOL

I wish I had light blue hair. My parents would say no. - Cyri

Blue would be nice! Blue is my favorite color

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9 Gold/Brown

I've known people with golden brown hair. It's a honey brown normally, but it looks golden in the sun. Golden brown hair looks especially nice if it's wavy because it looks warm and cute and it frames the face nicely.

I have golden brown hair and I love it! I really don't care if it's not rare or anything like that, 'cause it looks really pretty. And, do you know what's even cooler? If you have golden brown hair and the sun hits it, it literally looks like it's on fire! Golden hair is awesome.

My hair. I love it and wouldn't trade it for any other color. I love having light brown hair with golden highlights naturally! - PianoQueen

My hair is golden brown and I have green eyes.

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10 White

Spike white hair nice for summer glow and tan so yea

EW No y would u dye this white u would look old!

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11 Metallic Silver

I wanna have that hair it's perfect for pop stars and I have blound highlights can you imagine? It also would look perfect with my wavy hair!

12 Gold

Ever heard about this hair color before

Gold hair is like a blonde with a little mix of orange.

Okay, so I have this color hair but it’s also more blonde than brown

13 Gray

That means my mom has pretty hair! - funnyuser

Why? It would make you look old

I love gray hair

That looks old.

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14 Orange

If you really want to wear a purple costume, you really should dye your hair orange.

Sweet! Even though its unpopular, its cool!

15 Dark Blonde

I have medium length dark blonde hair.

16 Turquoise

This has always been my favorite color hair. I have black hair and it's so boring! I want turquoise. Its just so pretty. Reminds me of a beautiful mermaid.

17 Silver

I think this is a really cool interesting hair color and I wish could have it

18 Dark Brown

This is obvs the best hehe

19 Purple

I want to dye my hair dark/light purple - RoseCandyMusic

Benjamin B. Bowersock - Only purple-haired person in the WORLD!

Liar ihascupquake has purple hair. stupid people nowdays...

20 Black/White

I have black hair with a white streak. I love it because no one else does anything like this, everyone wants to stick with the traditional black, brown, or blonde.

As a male, I would know, I used to be blonde. - MeowMix

Reminds me of a skunk

Well, sounds a little great. - Yepi

Well,sounds a little great. - Yepi

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21 Platinum Blonde

Love this color of hair! It really just gives this light feeling, and when it's natural it is even better. A great hair color. Bye!

Such an underrated hair color!

I only like this color hair when it is natural - Disneylover

I like women with this hair color

22 Bronze
23 Pink

I like this hair colour my mom dyes her hair this and it's so nice silky and smooth

24 Cyan
25 Light Silver Purple
26 Light Brown

This is my hair color and I think it's quite nice. - KilljoyWithAPen

My hair is light brown with green streaks. - Catlover2004

My color of hair. - Anonymousxcxc

27 Lilac
28 Chocolate Brown
29 Light Maroon

So pretty love so adorbs

30 Purple/Black

my friend has this hair color itz pretty sick I must say

31 Medium Brown

My hair color, well mine's light brown, but close enough. - Anonymousxcxc

This is my hair color and I’m dying it platinum blonde soon.

32 Brown
33 Bleach Blonde

This is my color

34 Ginger

I love ginger hair!

I have ginger hair and it is beautifully bright! 😁

35 Lime Green

I think it is bright and pretty

36 Blue/Green

This should be #1. Look at the pictures people.

Look up pictures. Then you'll know.

37 Ash Blonde
38 Auburn

Mmm... number 32? Well I'm just glad it made it on the list... of course blonde beat it by a landslide and the people who voted brown HAVE brown hair I bet

I love auburn hair. It's shiny like blond, youthful like red, and elegant like brown. This hair color is really beautiful!

Such a pretty hair colour... It should be higher on the list

I have been looking for the name of the color of my hair, it's called deep auburn!

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39 Mint

Bleached blonde with mint tips is beautiful!

40 Towheaded Blonde

A.K.A. naturally platinum blonde hair - NicholasYellow

41 Cerise
42 Dark Blue

My Hair Colours at the bottom dam. - PatrickStar3

43 Green

OMG green is the best! Everytime you see someone with green hairs I'm sure you say wow he has nice hairs. Look at Fat Mike from NOFX, he has green and black hairs, they are so nice! - pageg

44 Sandy Blonde
45 Lightest Blonde
46 Auburn/Gold
47 Ombre

I have a dark/light brown ombre, so adorable!

48 Redish Purple

It is a absolute beautiful color I love it

49 Light Gray
50 Powder Blue
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