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1 Long Hair

I love long hair. True people might say 'Curly hair is best' and all. But I will forever love long hair. On my opinion, hair doesn't have to be extremely fun to be good because every hair style are pretty on their own ways - MLPFan

I used to have long hair, but all it did was bother me. I hated it! So I cut it so it reaches just past my shoulder.

I'm a guy and I've had long hair since I was fifteen. I just like having long hair, its cool. Laugh out loud

I will say long her is nice though I like straight hair, I have short straight hair which is comfortable👍 - Alba01

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2 Mohawk

Love the mohawk and respect it

It's the best

it symbolises swagness

I olny vote cuase that thes harestile scuks, I note try to gt tis ate toop,

3 Curly

Curly hair is so beautiful and nice when it fits so perfectly some people. It's easy to straighten them, and then eventually they curl back. They aren't anymore like "just hair" but a part of you

I have curly hair and none in my school do, only me so I think this PERFECT hairstyle should be know better... Can everyone please vote for this amazing hairstyle

We both have curls they rock... Be proud of curls gurls

Curly hair is so pretty and touchable

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4 Ponytail

My hair is long and wavy. I usually wear it loose but I wear it in a ponytail on hot days or when I go jogging. - Britgirl

This is my favorite!

5 Pig Tails

I always wear my hair in piggy tails. It makes me feel younger and more energetic. - Catlover2004

I'm wearing pigtails right now!

6 Afro

I wish I didn't have an afro because for me it's REALLY hard to brush. I wish I just had regular curly hair.

It horrifying to see such a hairstyle

I have a mini Afro I have not cut my hairs since Chrismas eve 2015 and its August 5 2016

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7 Emo

My hair is emo and I'm just obsessed with side bangs X)

8 Spiked
9 Pompadour
10 Braided Pigtails

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11 Dreadlocks
12 French Braid
13 Perfect Ballet Bun
14 Messy Bun

Yea those messy buns are perfect so yea deal with it it's the best to be honest

Half down messy bun is awesome

15 Buzzed

I've always wanted the half shaved look

16 Braids, Down
17 Updo
18 Faux Hawk

Oops. I meant to put what I said in buzzed to this

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19 Hair Buns
20 Classical Braid
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