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41 Bald

I know that everyone will think I'm crazy for voting for bald. But I love being bald! I was diagnosed with Alopecia when I was nine, and to be honest, I loved it! Before I had Alopecia, my hair drove me crazy. It was always frizzy and all the girls in my class competed for who had the best hairstyle. I just stopped brushing my hair after awhile because I hated having to comb it, it hurt my head so bad! My mom forced me to, though. People with Alopecia lose their hair, and I've lost mine and it's probably not going to grow back. I wear wigs now, but since I don't have to brush them they're pretty nice. Being bald isn't as bad as it seems. Not even for girls!

42 Cornrows
43 Braided Behind Hair

This is so nice for family reunions and things like that

Mmm honestly my favorite

44 Mop Head

This is a sweet hair cut. It is a awesome haircut and it will NEVER get out dated. This is free, remember no one likes goodie goodie two shoes

45 Side Sweep
46 Bowlcut
47 Undercut
48 Blow Out
49 Straight, Down
50 Braided Bun
51 Side Ponytail V 1 Comment
52 Wavy, Down
53 Braided Brim
54 Fade
55 Farrah Fawcett hairstyle
56 Curly weaves
57 Messy pigtails
58 The Lob
59 Ombré bangs
60 Curly Bangs
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