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21 Blue Snipers Visor

I always wanted this hat - wrests

This hat is just perfectly epic.
I don't know why a lot of people don't like hats from 2007-08


22 Uncle Bunny's Top Hat

I don't have it but it's cool I want to know how to get it.

Lol uncle bunny that's awesome I wish I had it though.

so awesome but uncle bunny has not left yet o_O

23 2010 New Year's Top Hat

Really? Really? Its just a stupid cheap ugly asf hat that should be gone. Go die in a hole noobs

24 Traffic Cone

The Traffic Cone hat goes great with the Retro 3D Glasses!

Goes GREAT with Cute Orange Sparkle Time Traffic Cone Overalls (The catalog item spelt overawls)

25 Clockwork Shades

Honestly don't know why this hat isn't on the list.
It may be pricey, but it goes with practically every hat.
Looks retro but stays classy.

These are amazing, just amazing

It looks nice.
The shade texture, and by the way...
Why doesn't anyone just vote this?!

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26 Perfectly Legitimate Business Hat



27 Orange Banded Top Hat V 1 Comment
28 Uncle Sam's Top Hat

77 existed 3 years ago + most are collected by rich famous people who won't sell.

29 Bighead

It a classic hat and it good with a Tie.

Lol it's so derpy - MrMobs

Ahhh, reminds me of old Roblox. The good ol' days. I honestly wouldn't mind if they made it old Roblox again, or made another version of the game to keep as old Roblox! In fact, I'd love it!


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30 Erik Cassel's Hat

In loving member of Erik!

R.I.P - doodie

RIP Erik :(

31 Sword Pack

Its beast, and at first you look at it, you think: 'bo-ring! '

then you try it, its your favorite.

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32 Dominus Empyreus

cool hat

Hot af fap material-tonyflame0

Are you kidding me ROBLOX? 30 MILLION ROBUX?!?!?
Meh. Just trade it for 50k USD and use the 10M for something else

33 Timelord

It's the best hat for bandit hat. And if you have white clothes with it. It will look great! I tell you best hat in the game!

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34 Headrow

I has it its pretty dank

Come on guys it gotta be Headrow.

35 Wicked Top Hat
36 Darkseed the Fallen V 1 Comment
37 Bucket

Awesome. Looks good with brown hair. Enough said.

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38 Naruto Headband
39 Ghosdeeri

This is really rare like the other hats that cost over 40,000. RooBuck (Robux) This hat is really big and also change the color Black or white of your head so it won't be that bad or wear an Ninja mask of light so that you don't need to change the color of Person.

This thing is sick, it was only in a gift for 31k robux of Halloween 2014. it sould come back on sale! It's a white pumpkin with antlers and it projects blue flames out of the top of it!

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40 Blackvalk

Basically, the goth valkyrie helm.

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