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41 Buddy Baseball Cap V 2 Comments
42 Dark Conjurer

Wow,I've seen some of these comments on these hats,And they really don't give good imformation about how it's a good hat. So I'll just do mine

1. The hat Dark Conjurer can be good use for clans
2. It haven't been that popular,So nobody would really want it,Even though it looks cool on your character (Just try it in catalog heaven)

3. The Desc when you go to the hat "He calls them forth from the darkness to the light...will they obey his summons? "

4. There are good owners,So if you have enough RAP to get this you could easily get it because there are good amount of owners and one of them might accept your trade - GuitarHeroLover25

43 Cinnamon Hair V 1 Comment
44 Knights of the Splintered Skies Winged Shades
45 Inaugural Top Hat
46 Black Iron Warhelm of Pwnage

Best. Hat. Ever. No arguments.

So epic like 112 sales

47 Kitty Ears V 1 Comment
48 Canie Beanie
49 The Maker Fedora V 1 Comment
50 Hooded Cloak of the Astral Isles

Awesome mesh with new texture

Looks nice, and its cheap.

51 Naruto Headband
52 GoldenHeadphones

Very stylish and cool looking

53 Surgery Hat
54 Bluesteel Domino Crown

This is the key to the clock right behind Domino Crown, Because Red Domino Crown is to evil and not on the royal crowns side. Bluesteel is valuable material, Rare to get. This Domino Crown is the Golden Domino Crowns sidekick, secretary, Buddy!

Another nice domino crown. Just you know, pure steel edition.

Looks nice, and it's a lot cheaper than the Domino Crown.

V 1 Comment
55 Nerd Glasses V 1 Comment
56 Red Sparkle Time Fedora

How isn't this first

57 Leopard Fedora

Cheap, and makes you look like a pimp. Where are my hoes? -

Great for the cities, glad to own this hat!

58 Dominus Astra

Its just 2kool4school

59 Rainbow Shaggy
60 Narwhal Hat
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